Team Designation: ZODIAC AGENCY

Membership Details:

Astrologer (460 points)

Prospero (459 points)


Arcane (257 points)


Sign (380 points)


Lady Luck (150 points)


Zodiac Agent (250 points)


STAR AGENTS Team Details:

Aquarius (350 points)

Aries (350 points)

Cancer (350 points)

Capricorn (350 points)

Gemini (350 points)

Leo (350 points)

Libra (350 points)

Pisces (350 points)

Sagittarius (350 points)

Scorpio (350 points)

Taurus (350 points)

Virgo (350 points)


Major Adversaries:

International Law Enforcement Agencies



Base of Operations:

Zodiac Base, Barbados

Various other bases across the world



Zodiac Jet

The Zodiac Agency was established to provide security to corporations and private individuals who did not trust the authorities and especially uberhumans. It has since widened its approach to include security work, retrieval work and even its own in-house experimental work such as when the Agency kidnapped Olympians during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in an attempt to activate the ubergene in its test subjects. The Agency is well respected amongst its former employers and operates in simultaneous operations across North America, Western Europe and most recently in Australia. While it works for employers in most cases, the Zodiac Agency is also interested in its own pursuits.
Area of Operations
The Zodiac Agency is currently based in Barbados after beginning in Dallas and moving to Mexico in the 1990s.  From their secret base in the islands, Zodiac operates across the world, predominantly in North America, Western Europe and Australia.  The Agency also has limited operations across dimensions, although they do not openly advertise this.
The Agency is interested in expanding its influence across the Mercenary world as well as pursuing its own agendas which tend to change every year.  In the past they have been interested in developing anti-uber weaponry, pursuing dimensional mining opportunities and even an attempt at creating a media empire.
Astrologer has established a very well regarded mercenary organisation.  The Zodiac Agency gets results, and does so without the use of uberhumans - something which distinguishes itself from competitors.