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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Incident alert! Incident alert!

There is a confrontation between two unknown Ubers at current time; location: Black Hills, South Dakota, Longitude -103.67496, Latitude 43.92166.

No additional lives in jeopardy.

Property Damage: 1.8 cubic meters of iron-rich soil, two large specimens of pinus pinus of approximate heights 4.1 and 3.3 meters.

I have sent pertinent information to the United States Bureau of Land Management and the South Dakota Sheriff's Department. I have alerted the Field Team, but am awaiting word from local authorities before dispatching

Greetings, visitor, and pardon the delay.

You have logged in to S.A.G.E. One. I am the AI computer based in the S.A.G.E. Headquarters at Area 51. It is my job to assist in the operations of S.A.G.E.

The World Book is a collection of information that provides background facts that are critical for our understanding of how to react to the various paranormal threats that abound in this world, and even from out of this world. As our knowledge grows, we update the information regularly.

The information is divided into three sections.

  1. The Timeline is a repository of historical information, especially that which involves Ubers and other super-powered beings, presented in a chronological fashion.

  2. The Geographical Database is a similar repository of information of the various countries around the world. It has general census and economic information as well as a summary of politics, crime, and superhuman activity. We have placed the information in seven pages pertaining to the continents (and a seperate one for the North Africa/Middle-East region). Or you can go to an alphabetical listing of countries.

    Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

    Africa (Sub-Saharan) | Asia (South and East) | Australia and Oceania | Europe | The Middle East and North Africa | North America and the Caribbean | South America | Undersea, Polar, and Earth Orbit

  3. The Book of Worlds is a fact book of the various known alien or extradimensional worlds. In addition to astronomical information, it also contains political and ecological facts..

  4. The Encyclopedia is a repository of descriptive information, especially that which involves Ubers and other super-powered beings.

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