Volpe Crime Family

Volpe Crime Family

Team Designation: Volpe Crime Family

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Dominic “Aces” Volpe (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Sal “Big Sally” Volpe (200 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Giovanni “Geo” Volpe (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Irving “Irv” Silverman (100 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Leone Crime Family

Local Law Enforcement


Base of Operations:

America-East Coast




Dominic “Aces” Volpe (Capo)
Sal “Big Sally” Volpe (Caporegima)
Giovanni “Geo” Volpe (Sottocapo)
Irving “Irv” Silverman (Consiglieri)
The Volpe crime family got it start in the 20s when alcohol was illegal in America. Franco “Legs” Volpe was a part of Al Capone’s gang during that gangsters run in Chicago. He did a number of jobs for the mob boss, from running numbers to smuggling alcohol into America from Canada. When the Masked Avenger took down Capone, and his gang was been arrested all over Chicago, Franco left for greener pastures, with a sizable nest egg.

Franco settled down in Detroit and quickly set himself as a capo of his own family. During the years in Detroit, Franco became involved in union manipulation. The crime family grew greatly from the money skimmed from the unions, and from kickbacks. Franco became a very important member of the Detroit underworld, even running for mayor of the city on one occasion. These were the salad days for the Volpe.

Things took the turn for the worse when the Leone family branched away from Kansas City, and the lucrative stolen car racket. The Leone desired a piece of the automobile unions in the city. A gang war erupted, and several soldiers on either side were gunned down in the streets. A meeting was set up to settle the dispute between the Volpe and the Leone. It turned out to be a trap for the Volpe. Leone soldiers armed with automatic rifles shot Franco to death effectively decapitating the Volpe family. The Leone family took over Detriot, and promptly forgot about the Volpe.

Franco, however, had a son. Anthony Volpe was a captain in the United States army during World War II. Due to his Italian heritage he was along with the American forces that landed on Sicily during the war. Little did the military know about his mob background. Anthony was in Palermo when the news of his fathers’ death reached him. When Anthony returned to the States, he brought along a bride as well. Dominica Musculla, was a quiet Catholic woman who urged Anthony to avoid seeking revenge on the men who killed his father.

Anthony was deeply in love with Dominica, and agreed. However, the time after the war was tough, and the family, which later added their only son Dominic, moved to Argus City in New Jersey. While in Argus City, Anthony was approached by former members of his fathers’ gang. Together they reformed the Volpe crime syndicate. This time the gang concentrated on gambling, and prostitution. Later, the Volpe became involved in the drug trade as well.

The Volpe are now a major player in the mafia in New Jersey. About five years ago Anthony died from a heart attack, and his son Dominic had taken over the operation of the family business. Dominic made his mark in the business by arranged the execution of Beniamino Leone the capo of the Leoni syndicate, thus avenging his grandfather. Recently Dominics' son Giovanni has been given a place with the family. As the next generation of the Volpe crime family, Giovanni is special, because he has developed Uber powers.
Area of Operations
The Volpe crime syndicate operates mostly in New Jersey, and sometimes into Virginia or North Carolina. The family has learned from their past mistakes, and jealously guards their territory. The Volpe syndicate, are seeking to expand their territory into New York as well.
The Volpe crime family maintains several profitable casinos in New Jersey, and seeks to dominate other casinos in the state. They’re involved in all facets of the gambling trade, from rigging games, to providing prostitutes and or drugs to valued clients. The Volpe crime family are a wealthy mafia gang, and are set on maintaining their place in the underworld.
As may be expected, the Volpe crime family are considered a major player in the underworld scene on the East Coast. While not as big or as reputable as some of the New York gangs, the Volpe are quite wealthy. The FBI, Department of Treasury, and the IRS are aware of the Volpe crime family, but so far have been unable to bring any charges against them.