Chronicles of Courage: Vigilance

GM: Neil M


Player Character:

Sidewinder played by Ben Trafford

Game Description
This is a story of a solo hero. While this hero keeps busy enough fighting crime in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are just some things that need to be done with a little help from a friend. Whether by chance or just from the fact that the villain is being sought after by another hero, the stories told here involve the central character and other heroes from all around Uberworld.

Note: This game is modeled after one of my favorite comics, Marvel Team-Up. In the DC Universe, the analog would be the Brave and the Bold. Marvel's Two-in-One is of the same type as well.

There will be one permanent PC. For each adventure, there will also be new guest PC(s). The PCs in this game will likely encounter top level threats and solve world-threatening crises.

Wherever there are men and women who work hard to earn a living, who work hard to make things better for themselves, their families, and their society, there are others who would rather take the products and proceeds of the work or satisfy their lust for blood or flesh. Whether by brute force or manipulation, these parasites of society abound and justify their actions by 'might makes right', believing that because of their special powers, talents, or intellect, they have the right to take what is earned by the others.

Yet, there are others who appreciate the hard work and love for mankind engendered by the productive members of society. These are the heroes; men and women with special powers, talents, or intellect, who cherish their gifts and strive to protect the meek from the mean.

No one ever said that it would be easy. No one ever said that there would be any reward other than the satisfaction of a job well done and the understanding that society is better off because of what they do.

These are the Chronicles of Courage. These are the tales of a hero, his/her allies, and the evils that they fight against.

Genre and Setting
The setting for the game, the Boston Metro Area, is a blend of old and new. It was one of the birthplaces of the American Revolution. In this day and age, it is at the forefront of technology. The locals and many nearby New Englanders tout the city as the center of culture, especially to their friendly rivals to the south.

Because of the warm currents moving from the Gulf of Mexico along the Atlantic Coast, this city had a generally mild, but four season climate typical of most of the Atlantic Seaboard. Because of this, and the calm waters of Boston Harbor, this city has always been a major center for trade.

This game will be played as a fairly standard superhero campaign (keep in mind that the GM is most familiar with the comics of the 1980s and early 1990s); rated PG

At least once per week, faster depending on the response time of the permanent PC's player and GM.
Building A Character For Chronicles of Courage
Much of this is open to discussion between the player and the GM.
Total Points: 450
Starting Points: 250
Maximum Disadvantages: 200
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 60
Required Disadvantages:
  • Hunted: (Archenemy) 8-, As Powerful [10 pts]
  • Psychological Limitation: Will Not Murder (or more restrictive attitude toward killing) [15+ pts]
  • Social Limitation: Secret Identity [15 pts]
Maximum Speed: 5
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 90 (65 for all others)
Maximum Total DCV: 9 (12 with skill levels)
Maximum Total DC: 15 (Find Weakness AP must be included in this calculation)
Maximum Total Defense: 35 (Damage Reduction must be compensated)
Minimum Points in Non-Combat Skills, Perks, and Talents: 20-30
Archetypes: Any of the following (including combinations): brick, energy projector, martial artist, powered armor, cyborg, mystic; possibly others if the character is exceptionally interesting
Other Requirements
  • Player of the permanent PC:
    • The permanent player must be very interested in the fictional writing aspects of playing. He/she should view this as if being both an actor/actress and a co-director of a cinematic series. The GM would like to take on the role of co-director and producer of the series.
    • The player must currently be GMing a Solo Uber game or an Uberworld campaign. If a prospective player is in the process of setting up an Uberworld campaign, this is also fine.
    • The player must not already have a PC in a Solo Uber game
  • Interactivity: The PC should be able to operate alone, but Psych Limits must not interfere with working with others
  • Out of costume: As this is a solo campaign, this character needs to be both a superhero and a member of society. Although most comic book superheroes have this to some extent, I really like the extent to which Peter Parker/Spiderman needs to balance these parts of his life.
    • Characters should have interesting non-superhero problems.
    • The character should have an interesting group of supporting NPCs; spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend(s), boss/co-worker/employee types, close relatives. These need not be DNPCs, but will enrich the PC's non-superhero life. These NPCs need not be set at the start, but the pool can be added to during game play by both the player and the GM.
    • In the end, though, the PC is a hero and the time and energy that he/she needs to expend for being a hero interferes with his life.
  • Guardian of the Bay Area:
    • The PC will be the center of uber-related buzz around the San Francisco Bay Area.
    • Currently there are no superteams based in the area. There will be other superheroes operating in the area and the PC will occasionally meet up with one.
    • The PC will have an archenemy. This can either be defined from the start (an existing Uberworld NPC villain or a newly written one) or can be listed as Mystery Archenemy.
Submissions for the central (permanent) PC must include all of the following (I will post an example to the Solo Uber mailing list shortly after the Call for Submission is posted):
  1. name of the Solo Uber game or UW campaign that you GM
  2. power scale (ex: 225+225, 150+150, etc.), archetype, character name
  3. background biography synopsis (should be interesting but not too convoluted)
  4. background story: a fictional piece describing a critical moment of the character's life
  5. personality description
  6. appearance description
  7. powers/skills/perks/talents description
  • Interested players are advised to send the GM a summary of their character before they dive into writing their submission.
  • A character sheet is optional for the submission. The player must be willing to work with the GM after acceptance to finalize the character sheet.
Recruitment of guest PCs:
  • the GM will announce on UW News and UW Forum when a guest PC is needed
  • the announcement will include requirements that will fit the upcoming adventure
  • characters can be
    1. a current PC played by the interested player (you must have permission of your GM)
    2. a heroic NPC from the Uberworld website
    3. a newly created PC (great for testing out concepts)
  • guest PCs will play for the duration of one adventure





Supporting Cast: