Team Designation:

Threat Level:

Expanded Membership Details:

Mastermind (350 points)

Bull,  (250 points)

Dr. Feelgood (350 points)

Ortiz Triplets (300 points) each

Sleeper (250 points)

Science Agents, (125-200 points)

Headhunter Agents, (150 points)


Major Adversaries:


Mother Hen


Base of Operations:

Outside Wilmington Delaware.



 Mastermind (Team Leader)


Dr. Feelgood

Ramon Ortiz

Raquel Ortiz

Raul Ortiz




 In 1979, a team of low powered Ubers decided to battle with what was initially assumed a very ugly looking human who radiated an aura of death.  Three days later the bodies of the five Ubers were finally deemed uncontaminated enough for autopsies, and more importantly, identification.  The second to be identified was Prudence Hazel Anthony only daughter of Senator J. Huntington Anthony (R-NH.)    For the deceased woman’s brother, J. Martin Anthony, her death was not the result of the assault by the mysterious uberhuman, it was the result of her powers not having reached there full potential. 


For the next decade, Anthony continued in his studies of physics, biology, and genetics in order to find an explanation as to why some Uberhumans acquired superpowers and others did not.  It seemed as if the Ubergene was a natural progression in evolution and eventually all of humanity would have some level of superhuman capability. 


So why not advance the natural progression of the Ubergene a little faster then nature intended? 


Using his trust fund, Anthony, dubbing himself Mastermind and began recruiting likeminded scientists.  At first they operated in Africa using the guise of an ubiquitous humanitarian aid organization to cover the testing and treatment.  Fortunately in a third world climate testing was easy; the AIDS epidemic allowed for unquestioned blood tests. 


By the early 1990s, most of the Ubers who had been “recruited” were either dead or disposed of after being condemned to a persistent vegetative state.  The available supply was being rapidly consumed. 


At this point two things happened which would change the fortunes of Anthony’s fledgling organization.  First, he came across a rebroadcast of a Public Television documentary on a drug rehab clinic which preached a cure through prayer but was actually a cover for a religious fanatic looking for vulnerable recruits.  This gave Masterind the inspiration he needed and he packed up his relief organization and left for America.


After reaching American, he founded and incorporated Uberhuman Support Services which would help young Ubers come to term with their newly discovered genetic phenomenon. At this point Mastermind began recruiting psychiatrists to give his company a legitimate face when Dr. Feelgood approached him.  She had the psyonic manipulation abilities which helped USS Inc. reverse the success rate almost overnight. 


To date, USS Inc. has helped to develop the superhuman abilities of Bull, Mastermind’s bodyguard, and two of the Ortiz Triplets.   


At present, the Ortiz Triplets serve as “problem solvers” actually going out and silencing any person who dare tell the truth.  Dr. Feelgood is in charge of manipulating minds to either consent or forget what has happened to them. Sleeper with his biological clock stopped at late puberty acts as a promotional tool for USS Inc. among teens and young adults. 


There are two types of agents who operate for USS Inc.  First are the scientists, usually the young, the gullible, the greedy, or the utterly unethical.  The other group is the Headhunters who scour newspapers, the internet, tabloids, and on occasion, private records to find potential recruits.  Sometimes the headhunters establish cover programs, such as blood drives to test for the Ubergene and abduct Uber positive donors who are then taken to see Dr. Feelgood. 



Area of Operations

United States and Canada. 



On the surface, the goals of USS Inc. are to provide emotional, financial, and counseling services for young or not so young Ubers.  In truth, the scientists and counselors persuade the Ubers to allow them to experiment on the gene.  For those who survive the process, they are “convinced” to promote and, if necessary, defend USS Inc. 

The main goal of Mastermind is to have a personal army of the most powerful Uberhumans at his beck and call. 



For the most part, USS Inc. and J. Martin Anthony have a positive reputation.  Although USS Inc. does not receive any government funding, many powerful players in Washington are willing to give the late Senator’s son any backing he needs and will defend any “slander.” 


There are those who have escaped from the Delaware facility who for some reason only Mastermind knows, have not been neutralized.  Among these are Wires, a cyberkenetic, Hawk, an avian metamorph along with his new supporter, Mother Hen, and most recently, a telepath named Whistler.  Wires has devoted some of his energy to which paints an even darker vision than Mastermind could have ever intended.  The only reason for allowing the website and it’s creators to live, Mastermind needs it for inspiration.