Union of Civilized Worlds

Union of Civilized Worlds

Team Designation: UCW

Threat Level: Delta

Major Adversaries:

F'plrara Confederations

Skellarian Empire

The Universal Emperor

Base of Operations:

Caucus Star Center


Galactic Guard Courier
Galactic Guard Fast Cruiser
Galactic Guard Research Station
Galactic Guard World Surveyor
UCW Defense Force Deep Space Cruiser
UCW Defense Force General Purpose Carrier
UCW Defense Force Interceptor
UCW Defense Force Interdictor Cruiser
UCW Defense Force Landing Carrier
UCW Defense Force Orbital Base Station
UCW Defense Force Outpost Station
UCW Defense Force Quarantine Station
UCW Defense Force Star Base
UCW Defense Force Stasis Monitor
UCW Defense Force System Defense Cruiser
UCW Defense Force Transport
UCW Transit System Station

UCW Worlds:

Denpasar (Quarantined)
Kxzxn (Associate World)
Phazus Prime
Wyrmton (destroyed)

Other Worlds:

At'isi [Tiaeci]
Qliq (F'plraran conquered world)
Taklit (destroyed)

The Alliance of Three Worlds was formed a millenium ago when Glaug Rxn, Riiktiik, and Bs-Varg were threatened by the Karg Hegemony. While very advanced technologically, the Three Worlds also very advanced socially and were generally pacifistic. The expansion of the Karg was rapid and nearly surprised the Three Worlds. They were fortunate that despite their abhoration of violence and disdain for the use of technology in a violent manner, there was a small minority among them that were willing to fight to defend the rest.

The Karg were turned back and the Alliance began to look outwardly, something that did not fit well with the psychologies of their peoples. Still, the handful of defenders that defeated the Karg knew that they did so by only a narrow margin. The Galactic Guard was formed and they sent out scout ships seeking similar peace-loving sentient peoples. Within thirty years, a large swath of the galaxy was surveyed and nearly two dozen worlds joined the Three Worlds. The Alliance of Three Worlds became the Union of Civilized Worlds.

The Founding Worlds and other worlds whose populations are non-agressive and generally utopian (each according to their own) make up the Member Worlds of the Union. In addition, there are numerous worlds within UCW space who do not fit these criteria. Associate Worlds are those which are generally peaceful, but still have one or more major social issues that have not been ironed out yet. Finally, a small handful of worlds within UCW space are so aggressive that the UCW has determined them to be major threats to stability. Such worlds are under quarantine.

About 99.99% of the populations of the Member Worlds of the UCW are non-aggressive. Of the rest 99.99% are determined to be 'inwardly aggressive' but not outwardly aggressive. Essentially these people desire some degree of adventure and might put themselves in danger, but not others. Most of these people fulfill the roles of rescue workers, interstellar merchants, and liasons to other worlds. Some of them enlist into one of the Unions armed forces: the UCW Defense Force or the Galactic Guard. The specially talented among these might even become one of the Stellar Shield members. The remaining handful of people (approximately one for every one hundred million people) in each world are small in number, but some of them have both the energy and intelligence (or power) to cause problems for the Defense Force, the Galactic Guard, and even the Stellar Shield.

Associate Worlds have a larger population of 'inwardly aggressive' and even 'outwardly aggressive' people. Many of these worlds are striving for social improvement and have advisors from Member Worlds. Crime and conflict are higher on Associate Worlds, but not as high as on many of the Fringe Worlds. There is also a naturally higher representation of military personel from the Associate Worlds, especially those bordering the Fringe.

Politically, Member Worlds and Associate Worlds are both represented in the Caucus Assembly; with representation based on sentient population, and with at least two Caucus members per world. The Caucus Forum is composed of one Elector per Member World. A Chancellor is elected by the Caucus Forum and a Vice-Chancellor from the Caucus Assembly. The Chancellory Advisor Panel is selected by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor with approval by the Forum. UCW-wide legislation (which primarily involves membership and foreign relations) must pass both the Assembly and the Forum.
Area of Operations
The majority of the citizens of the UCW do not leave their homeworlds. A small minority (higher among Associate Worlds than Member Worlds) travels within the UCW as tourists. The military arms of the UCW also operate in UCW Quarantined worlds and the Fringe.
There are two major agendas for the UCW: 1) defense against external threats and enforcement of interstellar laws, and 2) internal political stability and social progress. For the first, the UCW Defense Force, Galactic Guard, and Stellar Shield are the three arms of law enforcement and external action (usually reserved only in defense or to prevent likely future problems). Each Member and Associate World also have their own law enforcement system for non-interstellar crime. The political goals of the UCW are worked out at Caucus.
The Union of Civilized Worlds is held as meddlers by their two neighboring expansionist empires, the F'plrara and the Skellarians. Quarantined worlds usually have a similar perception. Other Fringe Worlds have perceptions of the CW that run the entire spectrum from welcome to indifference to hatred.