Unger Munitions

Unger Munitions

Team Designation: Unger Munitions, Inc.

Threat Level:

Expanded Membership Details:


Warren M. Unger (Warmonger) (350 points)
[Hunts only as a team]

Harold Unger

Harold Unger (100 points)
[Hunts only as a team]

Farren Unger

Farren Unger (100 points)
[Hunts only as a team]

Unger Munitions Armored Security Force

Unger Munitions Armored Security Force (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

L'Estrie Industries

Southern Cross International

Sterling House



Base of Operations:

Pheonix, Arizona




Warren M. Unger (Warmonger) (President of Unger Munitions)
Harold Unger (CFO)
Farren Unger (R&D)
Unger Munitions Armored Security Force (UMASF)
During the Second World War, Lieutenant Warren Unger was involved in the invasion of Berlin. His troops captured a cadre of Nazi rockets scientists that were hiding in the city. It was an ambitious Lieutenant Unger who faked the rreports of the deaths of the scientists while they were in his stockade. Using his contacts in the military, Lieutenant Unger was able to smuggle the scientists out of Germany. In exchange for his protection the scientists were made to work for Unger in America. For the scientist, Lieutenant Unger was a godsend.

The scientists found themselves in a most unusual place; Pheonix, Arizona. Using the technology gained from the scientists Warren Unger founded his company, Unger Munitions. The company started in the burgeoning field of rockets and secured several lucrative contracts with the government and grew from there.

Unger Munitions has since grown into a large corporation. Not only does the company produced weaponry for the United States military, but also for some other less desirable clients. Recently Unger Munitions has unveild a suit of powered armor for the United States military. However, the expense of the powered armor has prohibited mass production.

Unger Munitions guards its secrets closely, especially the fact that the company was built upon the efforts of possible Nazi war criminals. The company is also aggressive in its market strategies. Unger Munitions has been known to employee Ubers to deal with competitors and other problems. Again the company is very secretive and has yet to face any prosecution for their heavy handedness.

Area of Operations
The corporate headquarters of Unger Munitions is still located in Pheonix, Arizona. However, Unger Munitions has factories and offices all over the world. The main production facility is located in Oklahoma. Overseas, Unger Muntions has recently signed a contract with the President of Azambia to open a munitions factory there. The regeional international offices are located in Singapore, Melbourne, and Bonn.
Like most big corporations, Unger Muntions seeks to control their market. With their varied interests this means a rather large market. It's the way Unger Munitions goes about these goals that brings the company in conflict with other companies and possibly Ubers as well. Unger Munitions isn't above using strong-arm tactics to achieve their goals.
Unger Munitions is known for its' products: firearms, rockets, explosives, and lately powered armor. The company is known for its fire power, as the company often displays at trade shows. Unger Muntions clients include some governments the United States considers to be rogue states, such as Azambia. The company is also known for its aggressiveness. Unger Munitions won't allow competitors to stand up against them. Those who don't sell out often find their businesses visited by Ubers, in the pay of Unger Munitions. Unger Munitions only hires the best, and no competitor has ever been able to prove that it was Unger Munitions that was behind any attack by an Uber on their businesses. Those who survive a visit from one of Ungers Muntions Ubers quickly sell out.