Uber Squad of the People's Army of Nepal

Team Designation: UBER SQUAD

Membership Details:


The Voice of the People


Mahesh Paudel


Metal Girl


Red Mountain


Major Adversaries:

The Assembly

The Immortals

Gang of Five


Base of Operations:

Mobile within Nepal





Officially, the group is called the Uber Squad of the People's Army of Nepal. Foreign reporters have abbreviated this to the People's Uber Squad, and the name has stuck.

How it is that a modestly powerful Maoist insurgency in a very small country wedged between India and China gained so many powerful Ubers is a mystery. Though numbering only in the tens of thousands the People's Revolution of Nepal has four powerful super-humans working for it. It must be recognized that three of them are ex-patriots from other countries.

It begins with the Voice of the People, who just wandered into a rebel camp one day, and the rebels made the decision to welcome the odd creature with open arms. The Voice has been active in the Nepal for years, but has only recently come to the attention of the wider world.

The Voice is an avatar of Communist ideals and philosophy, but it may seek concession with the government as the people around it tire of Nepal's civil war.

The Voice was joined by Mahesh Pradal some years ago, who leads the group in combat while the Voice oversees the group's work the rest of the time. He's a Gurkha who's powers were a result of an experiment by the government and as yet unknown allies. Like the Voice, he's not in a mood to forgive the Nepalese monarchy anything, and is deeply sympathetic towards the Communists. Technically he's not a Communist himself.

Red Mountain and Metal Girl are very recent additions, and this has been both good and bad for the Communists, because it has brought the group attention from the wider world. Red Mountain is very much a Maoist, and Metal Girl embraces the feminism of the revolution while not being quite so enamored of the rebel's more radical beliefs.

Area of Operations
The People's Uber Squad operate exclusively in the countryside of Nepal where the Communist insurgency is strongest, with occasional forays into the cities. They might be goaded into pursuing an enemy past Nepal's borders, but the group would require a great provocation to do so. 

Each of the members seeks to protect the people of Nepal and protect the Maoist rebels. This would almost be a laudable goal except that they consider themselves soldiers, and have no problem killing as a soldier would. In any game involving this group it's important to emphasize the fact that they are guerrillas in an active civil war. Any student of history would also know that Mao's revolution had devastating consequences for China, and the success of Maoists in Nepal would probably be no prettier.


Among American, Chinese, and Indian intelligence services the People's Uber Squad is regarded with caution. They're unwilling to break Nepal's sovereignty (yet) but are deeply concerned by a group of powerful and mediagenic ubers promoting traditional old school Communism. The Nepalese monarchy and other conservatives within Nepal would like to see the People's Uber Guard dead, but are unwilling to take any assistance from China or India to deal with the problem.

Communists all over the world who know of the People's Uber Squad (and not a few of the more soft headed Communists in the West) see the People's Uber Squad as heroic revolutionaries.