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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Reporting the Uber

Adapted from discussion by Noah Thorp and Joe Senecal

Sunday, December 17, 2006 (original article)

There are several news syndicates. There are a multitude of newspapers and magazines, television and radio news networks, and news websites. Which ones specialize in the Uber? Here's a synopsis:

Perhaps the first place in which casual, or even serious, watchers of the uber turn to is GUNN. The Global Uber News Network has, since its inception, provided hard hitting uber reporting. Action footage and interviews of both heroes and villains are the norm for this cable television channel. Ubers, watch your secret ID around these guys! While their coverage may seem somewhat random, GUNN tends to develop their programming in line with whatever they think will get viewers. There are even rumors that this network is riddled with agents from various criminal organizations.
Although GUNN has numerous field reporters and anchor staff persons, on the spot reporter Timmy Dugan covering North America is a rising star.

Capes is a monthly magazine, with print and electronic versions, targeted at superheroes although most of the readership is likely to be fans. It features such things as style guides and threat assessments of villians as well as interviews of heroes and hero teams. The tone is very upbeat and this zine tries actually to be useful to heroes while attracting as large a fan base as possible.
This magazine, published in New York, and its two spinoffs are owned by the relatively small and unknown Veil Publishing Group based in Qatar. The chief editor, who only goes by the code name "Heeby-Jeeby" and a few of the staff themselves are ex-superheroes.

The daily rag known as Uber-World Today! tends to run on the sensational side of coverage. For example, this newspaper covers most known super battles, and a few that have been 'previously unknown'. At times determining truth from exaggeration to pure fiction is challenging especially given the already sensational topic of coverage. Each day of the week carries a different feature. The Sunday feature, "Uberman revealed!" is one of the most popular features; each article gives a new secret ID for an uber with plenty of 'evidence' and justification.

There are many other media covering the life and times of ubers. And these run the entire gamut of styles and content. Take for instance, Playhero. This monthly shows risque, but tastefully done, pictures of superheroines, or at least women that are advertised to be superheroines. Clearly much image processing is done including 'special effects'. On occasion real superheroines are included as this magazine does pay well.