Uber Force

Team Designation: UBERFORCE

Threat Level: Delta
[Hunted Value: X] [Contact Cost: X]

Expanded Membership Details:

Immorta (400 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Max Uber (600 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Night (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Schmetterling (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Zeitgeist (354 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]

Zwerg (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Major Adversaries:

Kinder der Zukunft


Base of Operations:

Uber Tower, Berlin




Max Uber (Team Leader)
Germany has always been at the centre of the uberhuman phenomenon, having its modern genesis in the scientific laboratories of the Nazis.  After the establishment of the Uber Waffen SS Company which was instrumental during the Ardennes Offensive, a second team of uberhumans were formed.  They were known as the Ubermensch, and they helped spread chaos and destruction along the front lines of the Second World War.

A number of the Ubermensch gradually realised they were working for the wrong cause, and rebelled, leading to a bloody battle amongst themselves and the Uber Waffen SS Company.  Max Uber was amongst the four who survived these battles, and he handed the remaining three Nazi members over to the Americans (who allegedly used them to help develop their own understanding of the ubergene).

In the 1950s, a second German uber team was organised.  Uber Force became the public defenders of West Germany and continued to work in favourable conditions until the reunification of Germany, after which they welcomed members of their East German counterparts, the East Guard.

Uber Force is still an active uberhuman team, and they have been instrumental in bringing about change in the international laws regarding uberhumans, as well as serving on United Nations task forces and think tanks.  In the international community, Uber Force is seen as a mainstay.

Area of Operations
Uber Force is predominantly a German security team, responding to all manner of threats against Germany; but they are also willing to venture beyond the boundaries and assist Europe against uberhuman threats and natural catastrophes.
Uber Force sets a positive role model for ubers everywhere, but especially Germany.  The team was set up to counter-balance the residual enmity coming from the Ubermensch and Uber Waffen SS Company, and they continue to do so particularly in relation to the pursuit of neo-Nazi organisations from street level to the amorphous activities of Dr Mengele and his Kinder der Zukunft.
Uber Force has a long tradition of protecting Germany, and since the 1950s their reputation has been impeccable on a global stage.  During the Second World War, Ubermensch was known as one of the most bloody and destructive uberteams in history: something which Max Uber is still hoping to redeem through the activities of Uber Force.