The International Terrorist Assault Network

Team Designation: TITAN

Threat Level: Beta
[Hunted Value: 25] [Contact Cost: 12]

Expanded Membership Details:

Bailey (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Midas (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Motte (390 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 3]

Partisan (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 3]

Rage (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Siege (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Sterling (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 4]


Major Adversaries:

The Brotherhood


Gang of Five




Shichinin no Yuushi

Southern Knights


Base of Operations:

The T.I.T.A.N. Tube (beneath London, England)




Sterling (Team Leader)
"I have a business proposition for you, my friend," the silver haired gentleman said. Putting his cards down on the table, he flipped a 100 Euro chip to the dealer. He had lost the hand by hitting on a 16 and busting - perhaps too aggressive, but then that was his nature with money. It was also why he didn't often gamble. After taking a puff on his Havana Gold cigar, he turned back to his companion and said, "You are a gambler, yes?"

The stocky man sitting to his left flipped his cards and tapped with one finger, shoving a stack of chips forward, one as large as his initial bet of 2000 Euros. His double down on a 3 and 7 was rewarded with a queen. The dealer turned over his down card and showed his soft 19. Working quickly, the woman placed a pair of stacks next to Bastiaan's and then collected the cards. The Greek stood up and said, "Yes, I am. And a good one at that, if you didn't already know that, Mr. Sterling."

With a small motion of his head, he left the table with the English financier. The pair walked through the game room leaving the onlookers to fill the vacancies at the blackjack table. There was a low buzz of conversation throughout the place, enough to cover their own voices.

"So, Mr. Sterling, I have already thanked you for drawing away Europol when they were pursuing me yesterday," Midas said. "What is it that you want now?"

"Something mutually rewarding to the two of us," Sterling replied. "A professional gambler stands to make a decent living at his profession, but rare is the man who can become wealthy. The house odds will keep one such from playing at most games - the odds will reach fifty percent. That leaves poker and cheating. For the first, when you are good, no one will play with you unless they are as good or better. For the latter, well, casinos have their own professionals. And you yourself have no powers to conceal cheating as such."

"And you have some idea to help my game?" asked the golden man.

"No," the Englishman said abruptly, tapping his cane on the ground. He led the other through the door to an unoccupied, lone table on a small balcony. Seating himself, he continued, "not improve your game... I offer you a new game altogether."

Sterling motioned with his arm at the expanse before them, "we sit at a small table in a high class casino. All the players within believe that this is the premier gaming place. They... are... wrong. All of Monte Carlo sits beneath us, beyond is the small country of Monaco. From here we see the broad expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, what I offer you is more... A piece of the entire thing. The world itself."

"Go ahead, Brit, continue," Bastiaan said. He was interested. The man was an international financier after all.

"From our little display yesterday, we know three things. First, a man with uberpowers can do more than others. Two such men can make a heist more readily successful, thus improving the odds of winning and reducing the odds of getting caught. Imagine if a team could be created. What would be the odds of winning? What would be the odds of winning it all?"

"I'm in, Mr. Sterling," said Midas, "but I ain't gonna be a pawn in your game."

"Yes," replied the gentleman, "I realize that. In fact, you shall be my lieutenant. I have too much to do to spend all my time on it, and a venture of that scope requires someone to keep things going while I am unable to. You see, we will fill our roster with a bunch of cold-blooded killers. Besides, you're in a better position to bring these cards into our hand."

"Do I know any of them?"

"Most likely, they all have made names for themselves:

"Motte and Bailey. These two are cold-blooded killers. Perhaps most importantly, they work together, so they already know how to do things as a team.

"Partisan. He can bring us further ability to work as a team. Military experience, expert knowledge of firearms

"Siege. A strong cyborg who has the ability to analyze how things are put together. Both a great asset in combat situations, and she is certainly pretty enough to be a distraction to predominantly male security forces.

"Rage. He is a bit more of a question mark in terms of control, but is stronger than any of the others when he is in his right mind."

"I have worked with some of these in the past. Quite a handful, a flush of spades," said Midas, "but nothing that I can't handle. Very nice, this hand can be played strong, subtle - with some difficulty-, or even in a bluff."

"Yes," agreed Sterling, "to destroy, kill, or steal."

"All right, Mr. Sterling, I shall play this hand and you are the banker," Bastiaan said, offering his hand. They both laughed when Sterling chose not to shake it, but gave a polite bow instead.

Area of Operations
T.I.T.A.N. operates worldwide. Although most missions take place in developed nations, and especially in their cities, there have been occasions where T.I.T.A.N. strikes in developing nations or rural areas.
The overt goal of T.I.T.A.N. is to make money while causing destruction. The real goal, perhaps known only to Jonathan Sterling and Bastiaan Luciopoulos, is to make Sterling House the world's strongest financial institutions. This is carried out primarily by destabilization of rival financial institutions or creating opportunities for Sterling House.
T.I.T.A.N. is a very active group of terrorists/mercenaries, but they carefully spread their missions around the globe. Nearly all of the world's law enforcement agencies have them on their wanted list, often near the top. Murder, destruction, armed assault, and armed robbery are their specialties. Although nearly all of their missions are planned to create destabilization of Sterling House's rivals or just straight out mercenary actions with targets dictated by their employers, on occasion, they just cause mayhem just to throw off anyone from making the connection to Sterling House.