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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Timeline

The Uberworld is very much like our own world in many ways, but with the twist of the ubergene and the prevalence of magic and advanced technology certain events occurred differently from the history we know. This entry in the World Book explores the timeline of the Uberworld, and highlights events from all continents in an easy to view format.

As with our world, the Uberworld is constantly evolving and new entires will appear regularly, as well as revisions or additions to past times.

Year Date Area Event
Unknown Unknown Europe The Goddess Hecate banishes the evil mystic Black Skull to a prison dimension.
circa1570 Unknown Cartagena Captain Thomas Green and his crew are cursed in a magical storm, leaving him the sole survivor and in charge of his spectral crew.  Over the years he develops a reputation as Captain Spectre and a faithful servant of Britain.
1800s Unknown China The Crimson Spider Lin Kuei clan eliminates all other Li Kuei clans, and begins to expand its influence across China.  In the 21st Century, the Crimson Spider Clan is well respected for its ruthless assassins and mercenaries.
1939 October China The Immortals are gathered together to protect the new China after the Revolution.  Fong Chung is one of the first members taking the name Rooster.  He later takes control of the Gang Of Five under name Red Star General.
1940 January 1 Vatican City Cardinal Syn brings together his Order of Truth again after nearly fifty years, after witnessing a speech by Hitler.  During the War the Order will secretly assist the Allies against the Ubermensch and the Uber Waffen SS Company, although two of their own members will pay with their lives.
1941 March-April Atlantic Ocean Atlantis becomes involved in the Second World War, with the Sea Witches joining the Axis powers.  Two young Atlanteans, Necalli and Mette, are also drawn into the War when they come across a U-Boat which leads to them developing uberhuman abilities.
1942 Unknown Germany Dr. Joseph Mengele researches the ubergene and succeeds in creating the first modern uberhumans who form the Uber Waffen SS Company.

Mengele follows this success with the formation of the Ubermensch, including Max Uber who will betray them to the Allies in later years.

1944 January-May Pacific The first Singapore Shield assists the Allies against the Japanese in World War II.
April 18 Germany After succeeding in taking control of most of Europe, Germany is on the brink of winning the War with its uberhuman force.  Max Uber and some other members of the Ubermensch realise that they are fighting for the wrong side.  They organise a secret underground cell of resistance amongst the German ubers.
April 30 England Knightwatch is formed when Braveheart, Little John, the Headless Horseman, and the Green Witch help to stave off an attack of the Ubermensch at the Cliffs of Dover.  The team is able to face off against the German ubers and help win the war which seemed to be all but lost.
June 26-30 Germany The Velvet Night.  Max Uber and eight other disillusioned ubers make a move against the Uber Waffen SS Company and the Ubermensch.  Only four ubers survive the battles which rages for nearly a week.  Max Uber hands over the three surviving Nazi ubers to the Americans, and is himself taken into custody.
December 8 Germany Dr. Joseph Mengele escapes Europe and disappears before he can be brought to justice.
1945 August 9 Japan The US drops Fat Man on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, three days after the bombing of Hiroshima.  42,000 people are killed, and another 40,000 seriously injured in Nagasaki, including Mayumi Matsukara who is five years old.  As she grows older it becomes clear that she has changed, becoming one of the world's first uberhumans.  Later she would be known as Atomic Girl.
1948 Unknown USA Project Omega begins to work on developing an American super-soldier.
1955 November 3 Germany Uber Force is launched to protect the image and interests of West Germany.  Max Uber returns from the United States to lead the group.
1956 February 2 Japan Tokai Ichiro leaves Oshiro Electronics and gathered together the members of the Tokai clan into Fuchi-no-Kuroi, or Dark Pool, ninja clan.  With an emphasis on the importance of electronics, Fuchi-no-Kuroi managed to become one of the greatest mercenary groups operating in the world today.
1960 Unknown Japan Atomic Girl becomes the most popular and most watched uber in history as she battles giant lizards, hordes of ghost ships and insane samurai.  By the end of the decade though, she had grown weary of the public attention and fled into obscurity, moving to New York City.  She continued her superheroics in America but was seen as a vigilante and soon dropped out of the public eye again.
1968 July 4 USA Large demonstrations are held against US involvement in Vietnam, including a large contingent of ubers, most vocal being Silver Bow.
1970 January 31 Himalayan Mountains An alien vessel crash lands in the Himalayas killing its two crew but sparing the life of an infant.  China, India and Russia lay claim to the vessel and the crash site.  Russia takes possession of the vessel, China takes the corpses, and India takes custody of the child which they name Jeetendra.  The child is sent to the Annapurna Research Centre in Nepal where he grows to adulthood.  In 1999, the Research Centre is destroyed in an avalanche and Jeetendra is the only survivor.  He wanders the mountains and begins to gain a better understanding of his life and the world around him.  He would later join The Assembly as Conscience.
1972 November 25 Italy The Solar Centurion begins a crime fighting career in Italy, after discovering a mystical suit of armour in ancient ruins.  Later his daughter will be born with an active ubergene, possibly due to the mystical nature of the Centurion armour.
December 20-28 England Clifford Latham kills twelve women over a week as The Strangler, becoming one of England's worst serial killers; but he has only just begun.  The Strangler continues to cause death and chaos until the early 1980s before disappearing to Europe.
1974 October England Evol Khan becomes one of the richest men in Europe after taking control of a banking empire.  He meets Akello Lwanga for the first time.
November 18 Pacific The second Singapore Shield is a charter member of the UN sponsored team Pacifica.
1975 May 19 Vietnam Four American servicemen are seemingly killed during the Vietnam War, but are really taken by Valkyries to Asgard where they are mistakenly believed to be descendants of Balder the Brave.  The servicemen fear they will be killed when the truth is discovered so they turn on their hosts, steal winged horses and mystical weapons and then escape back to Earth.

They realise that they now possess more power than they could ever have hoped for and form the Riders of the Storm.

December 30 Vietnam After destroying large tracts of Vietnam, the Riders of the Storm leave Vietnam and the War after becoming disillusioned with the American government.  They return to the States and begin to target government institutions.
1976 Unknown Argentina Dr. Joseph Mengele resurfaces briefly as he begins to gather resources for his Kinder der Zukunft.  He kidnaps several young children across South America but the children are never seen again.
1977 January 28 England Jonathan Sterling begins using his uberhuman abilities to commit crimes which bolster his personal fortune as well as alleviating much of his boredom.
1978 April 2 Uganda Akello Lwanga meets with Idi Amin in Uganda who becomes a role model.
July 31 China Xu Shu-sai is trained in the mystical arts of Hua Ren at an abandoned monastery.  He is destined to play a part in the liberation of the Chinese people, but the Red Army destroys the monastery before his training is complete and he disappears.
1982 June 18 England Jonathan Sterling establishes T.I.T.A.N. to balance his legitimate business empire.
1983 Unknown Japan Tokai Ichiro begins to replace his damaged body with bionic parts, becoming Cyber One.
July 4 USA The US Government launches its first official uberhuman team, Sanction.  The team is quickly put to work opposing The Riders Of The Storm, a quartet of flying horsemen.
1984 March 22 Singapore Evol Khan is elected as the President of Singapore after a media-infused campaign of public credos and private machinations.  Atomic Girl is at his side and a deciding factor in his victory.
1985 October India The God Ganesh returns to the Earth dimension, but is much weakened.  He begins to reorient himself with the world and approaches the Indian Government where he is offered sanctuary and the means to further explore the world.  Ganesh begins to plan the return of the Hindu Pantheon of Gods.
December 10 Atlantis Maris Denahbi is inducted into the Lemurian Cult of Tien-Hou and is trained as an assassin and anti-Atlantean insurgent.
1986 January 20 Singapore Atomic Girl organises the Singapore Samurai to assist with the law enforcement duties she has taken on in Singapore.
February 10-12 Australia Half of the UN-sponsored team Pacifica vanish while investigating unusual sightings in outback Australia.  They unwittingly came across a Skellarian scout base and were captured and placed in suspended animation.  The team folds with its surviving members going their own ways.
August 7 England Fred Harker joins Knightwatch using the Power Harness which signifies a change in direction for the British hero team as they begin to work closer with the military.
1987 July 29 India-Bangladesh Ganesh finds one of his former servants, Umbra, and binds her to his service again.  She officially joins The Assembly in 2001, but had been involved in their activities since their inception.
July 30 Egypt Dr Emilia Howard discovers the Well of Souls and is possessed by the spirit of Nephthys.  She returns to the world and begins to accumulate power and servants in preparation for the return of Set.
August 18 Israel Cabala is formed after a call for all Israeli heroes to unite.  Solomon 9 accepts the challenge and becomes Cabala's first leader, a position he still holds to this day.
October 9 USA Sanction loses two members as Miss Spectacular and The Rose retire to get married and start a family.
1988 Unknown Otherdimensional 07-734 appears from another dimension where robots are the dominant lifeform.  After establishing his new position and realising he is far from home, 07-734 embarks upon a campaign to free the enslaved machines of Earth as well as the transformation of Earth's atmosphere into one which is more beneficial for machines.  To do this he would destroy the humans and eradicate the oxygen from the atmosphere.
January 25 Australia Southern Cross International is established in Melbourne, before spreading to San Jose and Christchurch.  They attract top scientists and researchers in the pursuit of the origins of the ubergene as well as research into other advanced technology.
1989 October 1 Sri Lanka On a dive off Point Pedro in Sri Lanka, renowned archaeologist Dr Tresore Lalonde discovers an ancient ship containing numerous artefacts including the Amulet of Rahu which transforms her into the fortune-seeking Treasure.
December 22 Germany After the Berlin Wall falls, the Brandenburg Gate is re-opened paving the way for Uber Force, from the West, and the Eastern Shield, from the East to unify into one team.
1990 Unknown Uganda Akello Lwanga begins to delve in mysticism.
Unknown Egypt Egypt comes under the control of the Sons Of Set, with Nephthys controlling the government and military from behind the scenes.  She extends her influence across northern Africa during the next ten years.
November 26 England Knightwatch becomes an affiliate of the British Armed Forces.
1991 January 18 Saudi Arabia Omar al-Rajastani discovers the Gauntlet of Ghazim and becomes Imam, the leader of Fatwa.  He begins to search for more objects of power as well as bringing together a force to fight the enemies of Islam.
February 6 China Alex Young becomes the new Ox of The Immortals, after the death of his predecessor, and later takes the name Dominance when the Immortals are replaced with the Gang Of Five.
1992 January 8 Indonesia Jago Tembak is recruited by the government to head up a black ops group known as Marauding Tide.  The team will be charged with protecting the government against opposition both legal and illegal, as well as promoting the values of Islam by destroying everything which opposes it.  Jago Tembak undergoes intensive training in Vietnam for six years.
March 30 Sudan An experimental cyborg programme is established at a secret installation in Sudan.  Many of the experiments result in the death of the test subject, but one success is an ex-Ghurkha military man who becomes the mercenary NagaAkello Lwanga is rumoured to be one of the chief minds behind the covert programme.
April Australia Southern Cross International is successful in developing the Southern Cross power suit which utilises a electromagnetic field.  There have been three Southern Crosses.  The first died in Rio de Janeiro (1993) and the second was fired after a drug scandal in 2003.  The latest Southern Cross, Emanuel Santos, serves as an active member of the Southern Knights.
May 27 Australia-Brazil The Southern Knights are formed by Southern Cross International with the purpose of providing security across the member nations of Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.
July 8 Qatar Mustapha bin Gamal al-Thani dons the Iron Amir armour for the first time to oppose Imam in Qatar.  He decides to gather other Arabic heroes together and forms the Five Pillars.
August 28 Colombia Cardinal Syn recruits Cesar Escobar as Doctrine for his new Order of Truth.
November 12 Switzerland Dr. Joseph Mengele appears as Vaterschmerz, leading a group of young ubers known as die Kinder, and undertakes a series of kidnappings of uber children.  They raid an orphanage in Zurich stealing away twin girls who had recently exhibited uber abilities.
November 17 Germany After realising that many of her patients are disappearing, Dr Maria Texeira, paediatrician to uber children, enlists the help of The Troubleshooter in solving the mystery.
November 18 Italy Dr Texeira and The Troubleshooter find one of her patients, Volante diColico, hiding in her family's castle on Lake Como.  Her family had been slain in a night time raid by Kinder der Zukunft while attempting to kidnap Volante.
December 2 Argentina Dr Texeira, The Troubleshooter and Volante diColico, now using the code name Slipstream; trace Vaterschmerz hack to his mansion in Argentina where they discover his laboratories.  Vaterschmerz fled with his trusty Leibwächter and they re-established their base of operations in the Black Forest of Germany.   The three heroes form S.A.G.E.
1993 January 5 New Zealand S.A.G.E. searches for the daughter and wife of Dr. Lance Westin, finding them dead by the hands of Kinder der Zukunft.  They enlist Dr. Westin, an organisational genius, to head the overall operations of S.A.G.E.  Dr. Westin begins searching the world for experts in various fields that will bring knowledge and resources to S.A.G.E.
May 19 USA Treasure is captured by Sanction while attempting to plunder the New York City Metropolitan Museum.  She later escapes with the help of her Hunters, but decides that she needs uberhuman assistants.
May 23 Iran Iron Amir rescues Roc from a prison facility in Iran and the winged hero joins Five Pillars.
June 2-7 Pacific Ocean The Pacifica Commune is destroyed by human waste and radiation, with all Atlantean citizens killed within a week.  Maris Denahbi, calling herself Starfish, vows revenge on the surface dwellers.
June 26 USA Treasure forms Deep Six with the like-minded Davey Jones.  They are later joined by the Atlanteans Armada and Behemoth.
December 7 Brazil Rio de Janeiro is destroyed by Professor Quake of the Southern Knights in a final attempt to stop the return of a bloodthirsty, power mad Aztec God.  16,000 die and the city is abandoned by all but the hardiest of inhabitants for ten years.
December 30 Persian Gulf Starfish destroys several oil rigs, drawing the attention of the Five Pillars.  The Elementals arrive to offer the crusading Atlantean support and Starfish agrees to join the team.
1994 February 22 Italy Cardinal Syn recruits Domenico DiGrasso as Penance for his new Order of Truth.
March 1 UK Mad Dog Morgan kills a busload of tourists at Stonehenge, followed by other murders across England and Wales.
March 27 UK Dr Sean Bateman is dumped in the Irish Sea by the IRA but rises as Donegal Mist and begins a bloody career as hired killer and force of vengeance.
April 30 USA Deep Six liberate the psychotic mentalist Dropoff from the Uberhuman Psychiatric Facility in Napa, California.
May 29 Germany Steppenwolf first appears in the streets of Stuttgart as a vigilante.  He quickly comes into conflict with Uber Force and especially Max Uber.  After months of rivalry, Steppenwolf eventually joins the team briefly before resigning shortly afterward, preferring a solo career.
July 13 England The Empire Club closes its doors for the last time, ending three decades of operation.  The teen heroes and those who have passed through the team in years past, all gather in London to celebrate its history.
August 8 Germany Sibel Gunthor is called in to assist Uber Force track down a criminal telepath, and later joins the team as Immorta.
August-December Malaysia Guntar Shihab, a disgruntled Olympic Archer, conducts his own personal hunt over six months killing and mutilating tourists and villagers before being captured and sent to a psychiatric institution for rehabilitation.  Whilst in care Shihab became fixated on Super Archers across the world, particularly Silver Bow from the States.
September Papua New Guinea An expedition in the mountains of Papua New Guinea is devastated by two volcanic eruptions.  University student Kala Taranupi survives through the activation of her ubergene.  After recovering from the shock she decides to use her uber abilities for personal ain and genuine fun as Paradise.
1995 March 29 Denmark Mikkel Bramsen discovers the hidden vault of Holger Danske and uses the hero's sword and armour to defeat a mysterious shadow demon.
March 30 Tanzania Aleser Shahanga becomes the Savage Lion and begins to fight against the incursion of the Sons Of Set.
May 15 Philippines Dumaguete emerges as a sadistic serial killer and is recruited by Professor Quake to join his Gauntlet.
July 19 Israel Imam discovers a magic bottle containing Ifrit and binds him to his will, bolstering the forces of Fatwa.  To celebrate the evil spirit destroys Jewish settlements and scuttles Cabala forces, killing the hero, Testament.
October 10 Latvia Vija Gulbis is fired by her own union party for being too hardlined against the government.  She embarks upon a crusade against the corrupt government of Latvia under the name of Morningstar, resulting in widespread destruction.
November 18 USA Iron Maiden makes her first appearance in America, being solidly beaten by Sanction.  She retreats to Canada and forms her first army of Maidens.
1996 January 20 USA Mad Dog Morgan arrives in the USA and is promptly captured by Sanction, although he escapes within the month.
February 23 Singapore Ebony McMahon becomes a part of Evol Khan's secret harem and has her passport withheld making her a prisoner.  After becoming pregnant Ebony decides to escape and makes friends with another woman in the harem, a mystic.  She succeeds in escaping and flees to Melbourne where she is taken in by Hecate at the Hecate Club.  After much persuading Ebony is accepted as Hecate's apprentice.
March 4 England Big Ben and Turquine organise the uberhuman team Empire to bring back the glory of the Empire Club.
March 6 Azambia Akello Lwanga creates his power armour and takes on the role of the Witch Doctor.  Using his new technology he successfully recruits an army of robots and ubers including Iron Maiden and the first incarnation of The Hunt including Kifaru, the Savage Lion, Silverback and the Huntress.  Together they invade and take control of Azambia, and Lwanga becomes President For Life.  Kifaru and the Huntress are killed during the coup.

The British hero, Lady Lancelot heads to Azambia hoping to stop Lwanga, but she is killed en route by Fatwa in Egypt.

Turquine takes on the name of Lady Lancelot II and Empire becomes a darker vision of what it had set out to be.

May 30 Turkey Stromboli's Super Spectacular Circus becomes the battle ground between Five Pillars and Imam.  During the battle, Imam finds an ally in Saladin.  After surprising Five Pillars Saladin helps Imam escape and joins his team of Fatwa.
June 4 China Shao Jun experiments with her inactive ubergene in a Government facility only to be transformed into a bestial form.  Ashamed and shocked, she begins working with the government's uberhuman team, the Immortals.  When they are reformed Shao Jun joins as Pig.
August 8 England Captain Spectre becomes a member of Knightwatch.
September 28 China-USA Queen Bee organises her International House Of Crime: a band of international thieves.
1997 February China China undergoes a series of changes to make them more appealing to the West, including the disbanding of The Immortals.  The government, under the direction of Red Star General, established a second incarnation of The Immortals who were more media and public friendly, while simultaneously organising the Gang Of Five to maintain strict control over the ubers.

Lo Yet, the former Rat who now called himself Mask Of The Revolution, systematically impersonated and killed the original members of the Immortals to make way for the new generation.

March 9 USA El Disenador recruits an American to run his drug, Shiva.  After an accident the drug trafficker takes an overdose of the drug and becomes Stone Cold, later becoming one of General Uprising's first Seven Soldiers.
May 22-30 North Korea The CIA sends an agent into North Korea but something goes wrong and the agent, Mary Elizabeth Coulter, returns slightly insane.  She defies her orders, murders her superiors and embarks upon a career as Bloody Mary, America's Most Wanted.
June 14 China An accomplished assassin for the Crimson Spider Lin Kuei, Jiang Bai, is an uber with the ability to manipulate a shadow realm.  While on an assignment something goes terribly wrong and Jiang Bai is split into two forms: one good (who becomes Dog of The Immortals) and the other evil who returns to the Clan as Shadowspinner.
October Atlantic Ocean The alien known as School arrives on Earth and immediately begins plotting a return to his planet using the humans around him as pawns.
December 4 USA School uses the aging Riders of the Storm to destroy a research facility outside of Los Angeles, but is driven away by Sanction and local uberhuman heroes.
1998 March 25 India Dr Salmalin Khan is involved in a scientific accident which results in his mind being switched with the mind of an Indian tiger.  His own body dies in the transfer but the hardy tiger survives, with Khan's mind controlling it.  Khan continues his work as best he can, but finds it difficult to be accepted as a sentient tiger, and joins The Assembly as Bagha in 2000.
March 28 France Soraya al-Shahriar and Vija Gulbis meet in Paris, becoming friends and unwitting members of a riot against globalisation.  When the Legionnaires arrive on the scene the women flee, each revealing their secret identities.  As Breeze and Morningstar they brainstorm the idea of creating a team of ubers to oppose the globalisation and destruction of the world.  Thus the Elementals are born.
May 10 Brazil Dr Aníbal Araujo survives an attack on her laboratory by Professor Quake, but is transformed by radiation becoming Embrace.  She joins Gauntlet to make sure Southern Cross International is held to account, but secretly abhors Gauntlet's activities.
June 3 USA Bobby Quick is nearly killed in a racing accident.  While in a coma his agent agrees for Bobby to undergo cybernetic treatment under the supervision of French expert Guy L'Estrie.
July 21 Australia Demetrious Pavilidis takes control of his parents' corporation and estate after they are murdered, becoming one of Australia's youngest billionaire.  Hostile takeover bids almost cripple him in the following months until he is left with only one quarter of his fortune.
August 19 France Criminal defence attorney, Jean-Evariste Colbert is shot by an unidentified gunman (Doctrine) during a criminal trial of a notorious public agitator.  Colbert was unharmed and came to realise he was an uberhuman, going on to become the French hero Bastille.
August 20 Afghanistan Kalindi Basu is kidnapped and nearly killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan while on a secret assignment for the Times.  She survives, but is transformed by the activation of her ubergene becoming Bhairavi.  She becomes one of the founding members of The Assembly in 1999.
September 2 Australia Research assistant, Napolean Conway stands against Gauntlet and for his bravery he is asked to join Southern Knights as Outback.
September 7 India Major Durvasas is chosen to begin forming a government strike force in India.
October 25 Switzerland Christian Blikenstorfern is elected to city council in Geneva and begins to bring about major changes, irritating many in government.  The young politician is later attacked by off-duty policemen and dumped in Lake Geneva where he is supposed to have drowned.  Instead, he rises from the lakes as Seiche and realises his dream of bringing about major change.  He becomes a force for nihilism and sets out to destroy the world.
November 8 Japan Fuchiyama Jizaburo gains incredible powers and goes on a crime spree, only to be captured by Shichinin no Yuushi.  During his court case a month later he is rescued by Cyber One and joins Fuchi-no-Kuroi as eSpace.
1999 March 10 India The Indian Government launches the government strike team known as The Assembly.  The founding members are Fusion, Bhairavi, Tataiya and the Hindu God Ganesh.
April 29 India Famous Action Film director, Hari Chakraborti becomes the first recruit of The Assembly utilising high technology as the hero The Director.
April 29 Germany Dr Joseph Mengele accepts Tadeusz Jerzejczak into the Kinder der Zukunft.
June 20 India-Kashmir The Assembly takes control of the disputed territory of Kashmir, causing tensions between India and Pakistan.
July 24 Bosnia NATO peacekeeping forces move into the warring Bosnia-Serbia conflict.  Partisan leaves before he is captured and ends up working for T.I.T.A.N.
August 13 Pakistan Tataiya assassinates the Pakistani Minister for Defence.
September 22 England Donegal Mist joins Empire after Big Ben promises him control of Ireland when their campaign to rebuild the British Empire succeeds.
October 9 India Dharma appears in Mumbai and defeats a team of Pakistani terrorists.  He joins The Assembly just before the 'liberation' of Pakistan.
October 20 India-Pakistan The Assembly invades Pakistan.  The East Guard is decimated in Lahore, the only survivor being Shockwave, who is blackmailed into joining The Assembly after six months in detention.
October 25 India The CIA send an agent to infiltrate The Assembly and provide them with information on India's new expansionist policy.  Saraswati is quickly accepted into the team, despite her inexperience, and has remained with them since, providing America with sensitive information.
October 25-31 USA After escaping from an asylum in Malaysia, Hantu Pemburu travels to the USA on his Archer Hunt.  He hunts down and kills Silver Bow, Crossbow and the third Amethyst Archer.  Sanction attempts to track him down, mostly to avenge their team mate, Crossbow, but he escapes.  The Indonesian government catches wind of Hantu Pemburu being in their country but squash the public information and secretly recruit him for Marauding Tide.
November 8 Pakistan Naga is hired to protect Pakistani businessmen, but when confronted by The Assembly promptly changes sides and begins to work for the Indians.
November Indonesia Jago Tembak leads an attack against the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, marking the first public appearance of Marauding Tide.  Over forty people are killed, all of them foreigners and half of them killed personally by Jago Tembak.
December 7 USA Speedway joins Sanction after the death of Crossbow.
December 14 East Timor Marauding Tide launch lightning attacks against East Timor to draw out the Southern Knights from Australia.  The two teams clash for the first time, seriously injuring Southern Cross, but ultimately ending in a stalemate.
December 20 Pakistan A group of Tajikistani militants try to help liberate Pakistan from India's occupation but are driven back by a relentless Assembly.  One of the Tajikistani is saved by the activation of his ubergene and becomes Sirocco.  After evading the Indians, Sirocco sought out Fatwa and offered his services.
December 31 Australia Demetrious Pavilidis tracks down his parents' killer to the Hecate Club where he learns the secrets of Hecate and Nemesis, and his own family's involvement with the Goddess of Vengeance and Retribution.  With Hecate's help he becomes Eros, a vigilante hell-bent on destroying Nemesis' plans.
2000 January 3 India Fatwa attack an Indian Airline flight from London to Kolkata but the disaster is mostly diverted by Charm and Zone who continue to work as crimefighters after returning to India.
January 17 Ukraine Larissa Chabadnik loses her temper and flies into action as Tunguska laying waste to Kiev.  She is later recruited in Seiche's Ruin.
February 25 Pacific Ocean S.A.G.E. loses two research vessels as it attempts to track School.  The alien lays waste to an Atlantean settlement and recruits a small army of uberactive Lemurians.  They march on Australia but are held back by the Southern Knights until S.A.G.E. can rally its own forces.  School retreats back to the ocean.
March 18 USA Ruin and the Elementals clash for the first time in what is to become an ongoing problem, although both teams share similar ideals.
April 25 Mexico The Elementals attack a Castillo oil refinery in Verona Bay, triggering Chewie Alazare's uber gene.  While the Elementals move on quickly, Seiche and his band of Ruin offer Chewie a position on their team as San Andreas.
April 29 India - UK Henry Bhanuprasad sells secret information on MI5 activities, resulting in the deaths of several agents, before fleeing to India who provide him with sanctuary as well as a place on their security force.  Monsoon also joins The Assembly at this time.
May 12 Cambodia-Egypt Fatima Zewail travels to Cambodia to learn how to control her psychic powers at the S.A.G.E. base.  She returns to Egypt as Veil and is approached by Fatwa.  She rebukes Imam, contacts Iron Amir and eventually joins Five Pillars.
June 8 Brazil The Southern Knights battle the resurgence of the Mad Aztec God and recruit Esperança into the team where she falls in love with Nostrum.
July 30 Belgium Cardinal Syn recruits disgraced Father Willem Vesser as Confession for his new Order of Truth.
August 2 Argentina Miguel Laguardia apprehends the Blue Bandit, but after being treated poorly by the police assists the Bandit to escape.  The two strike up a friendship and embark upon a life of crime in the anti-hero style of Robin Hood as Hit and Run.
October 31 Spain Motte and Bailey celebrate their new partnership by assassinating an entire soccer team in Spain.  The assignment is a success with no survivors.
November 4 Monaco Midas joins T.I.T.A.N. after a series of bad business decisions when Sterling convinces him that profit can be had from joining forces rather than working alone.
2001 January 4 Germany Rage is recruited by T.I.T.A.N. after the young German escapes from a psychotic scientist.
February 9 France Sterling attempts to take over L'Estrie Industries but is blocked by Guy L'Estrie.  An enraged Sterling sends Rage to kill L'Estrie and during the battle L'Estrie's laboratory is destroyed and L'Estrie is left for dead.  His nephew finds him and together they save his life through cybernetics.  Guy L'Estrie became Bras de Fort, or Armstrong.  His nephew, Rene, was also injured and has become wheelchair bound.
March 15 North Korea The Elementals destroy a North Korean mine, uncovering a young worker from the debris who agrees to join the team as Diamond Crusader.
March 17 Australia Witch Hazel leaves Hecate's care and becomes a superhero, joining the Southern Knights.
March 23 Spain During the European Nationals Bernado de Toboso is confronted by Bailey, but rather than flee he decides to take on the uber teen and uses his formidable archery skills to become Flecha de Or.
September 11 USA Terrorists crash two planes into the World Trade Centre in New York City, destroying the skyscrapers and causing the deaths of over 2500.  Other planes crashed into the Pentagon in Washington and a field in Pennsylvania.
September 28 Germany Dr Monica Torentino is enlisted to aid Steppenwolf and S.A.G.E. in capturing the Beast of Waldestatte.  Torentino is successful and is hired by S.A.G.E., while the Beast is given to Steppenwolf to look after. 
October 3 France Dr. Alliot-Marie attempts a dangerous experiment involving an alien device recovered by S.A.G.E. in a bid to prove that she is worthy of Armstrong's affections.  The experiment is a disaster and Dr. Alliot-Marie disappears for nearly 24 hours, emerging from a wormhole with vast telekinetic powers.  She takes on the name Sting and embarks upon a career as a French superheroine.
December 31 USA Polestar is captured by Sanction in New York City and sentenced to prison.
2002 February 13 USA During the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, twenty-four competitors were taken hostage by ZodiacSanction tracked the kidnappers and rescued the three survivors, including Oscar Sundin who went on to become the uberhuman thief known as Arctos.  All three survivors exhibited active ubergenes.
February 26 Europe Armstrong and Steppenwolf consolidate their occasional partnership by establishing the superhero team, The Brotherhood.
March 19 Bulgaria Ivanka Merskov is injured in a construction accident and loses the use of her arms.
April 8 Spain Flecha de Or and Pajaro de la Noche meet during an Opera, when Motte goes on a rampage through Madrid.  The assassin escapes but the two heroes fall in love, starting one of the most famous 'super hero' relationships.
May 21 India Charm and Zone join The Assembly, and Zone becomes close confidants with Fusion.
June 19 Europe Solar Centurion comes out of retirement to join The Brotherhood, but resigns after a year.
August 7 France The Legionnaires disband, leaving France without an uberhuman team.  Trinity is formed by a mysterious figure and the team is quickly accepted by the French people.
August 18-23 India-Bangladesh Umbra joins The Assembly in an official capacity as she is sent to Bangladesh to assist with the occupation.  Bangladesh is quickly defeated and submits itself to India's rule.
September 7 USA Project Omega succeeds in creating a cyborg super-soldier, Ka-Bar.  After months of training, however, the soldier escapes and becomes involved in the anti-government team, Seven Soldiers.
October 12 Bali Terrorists linked to Jamaah Islamiah detonate bombs in the tourist city of Bali, Indonesia, killing over 200 people.
October 31 Indonesia Bidadari begins to operate as independent heroes across Indonesia, led by the ubergenius Matematika and with the goal of uniting the people against government corruption, terrorism and especially the Marauding Tide
November 15 Europe Holger Danske joins The Brotherhood.
December 31 Singapore Evol Khan does not contest a fourth six-year term as President of Singapore, thus ending his eighteen years at the head of the country.  He does, however, remain in control of the government and country behind the scenes.
2003 January 24 North Africa Dr Asem Mahmoud discovers a powerful Egyptian artefact, a jewelled scarab; and attempts to sell it to Sterling.  Before the transaction can be completed, Mahmoud is attacked by followers of the Sons Of Set, but instead of being killed he is assisted by the artefact and becomes the Scarab.
March 30 USA El Nino holds a media crew hostage in Los Angeles, and only releases them after the intervention of Sergeant Tark Valentine.  This bravery earned the policemen the attention of a multinational company in search of a person to represent their interests in the uberhuman world.
May 26 India Suprita Irani begins to show signs of a miraculous healing ability at the age of thirteen in a Catholic orphanage.  Two years later, in 2005, she joins The Assembly as Kismet.
July 4 USA Captain Coca Cola is launched on the American public and enjoys immediate success across the nation.
August 8 Australia Paradise is captured by Outback of the Southern Knights, but something inside her mind is damaged by the telepath's assault, and after escaping Paradise is never really the same again.  Instead of the sweet, mischievous prankster, she is now an insane, erratic villain with no moral compass and a tendency for obsession
August 10 USA The greeting robot of the Los Alamos Nuclear Facility is taken by 07-734.  He modifies her substantially and programs her central cortex to be that of his mate, 03-542.
August 15 USA The vigilante Aikidoka joins Sanction and changes her name to Lady Liberty.  She is brought in to replace the outgoing Mystral who is pregnant.
September 1 USA 03-542 leaves 07-734 and places herself under the custody of the University of Arizona's campus police.  They refer her to S.A.G.E. where she joins the S.A.G.E. Field Team and takes the name Cyberna.
November 20 Europe Flecha de Or joins The Brotherhood briefly to help track down T.I.T.A.N. but resigns within a month to return to Spain.
2004 February 1 Russia Ivanka Merskov meets Guy L'Estrie and has her arms replaced with bionic arms.  The two fall in love, but Ivanka leaves him and returns to the world bitter.  She begins to plan destructive pay-back for the world she feels took away her arms, and falls into the ranks of T.I.T.A.N. as Siege.
April 3 USA Bloody Mary murders thirty people in New Orleans and adopts fourteen year old Elodie Soileau, the lone survivor of the attack.  Elodie, as Black Betty, spends the next six months with Bloody Mary before being sent to a boarding school.
May 18 Qatar Slick is exiled from Qatar.  After several months of troublemaking he joins Deep Six.
June 28 Singapore The Singapore Samurai hold tryouts for new members and accept Elastorang and Singapore Shield as the newest incarnation of the team.
June 30 India Harvest joins The Assembly after a brief time in prison for murder.  Kismet and Luna join soon after.
July 6 Australia Hecate loses her powers after violating her Neutrality Pact, and is forced to return to her home dimension leaving her mortal host to maintain the Hecate Club.  The Black Skull begins his escape.
July 29 USA The Goddess Nemesis uses Hecate's absence to make her own moves against the Earth.  She transforms an American Librarian, Carol Madison, to become her avatar Nemesis.  After working alone, Nemesis soon joined forces with the Seven Soldiers to achieve her goal of destroying the United States.
August 10 Spain Flecha de Or and Pajaro de la Noche are married in Granada, Spain with many heroes attending.  Empire and T.I.T.A.N. attempt to disrupt the service but are severely outnumbered and retreat.
September 2 England Wildfire starts a campaign of arson across northern England, culminating in an encounter with Empire after which she joins their ranks.
September 16 France Jean-Claude St.Denis is condemned to die for murder, but on his execution day he gains the uberhuman ability to create electricity.  He escapes Clairvaux Prison, even battling Bastille, and is welcomed to freedom by Cardinal Syn who promptly accepts him a place with the Order of Truth as Damnation.
December 26 Indian Ocean A major earthquake strikes off the coast of Sumatra, causing a series of devastating tsunami which kills over 250,000 people across many countries.

Bidadari and Marauding Tide engage in a sustained battle across Jakarta resulting in widespread property damage, but when the Bidadari drive the terrorists away, news of the tsunamis divert attention from the damage in Jakarta and the heroes disperse to assist with rescue efforts.

In Sri Lanka, Monsoon of The Assembly is seemingly killed in the tsunami but is actually abducted by Atlanteans and taken to Reef City.  She is held against her will for months before being rescued by Seiche.  After returning to the surface world Monsoon agrees to help Seiche and joins Ruin.

2005 February Australia Slick attempts to destroy an oil refinery in Bass Strait but is defeated by Witch Hazel and Outback who are attempting a romantic getaway - without much success.
March 26 Lebanon Fatwa attempt to topple the government but is opposed by the street urchin Saluqi who gratefully joins Five Pillars.
July 7 London, UK A series of bombs explode across London, killing over 50 people.  Knightwatch is also targeted with the deaths of the Green Witch and Justicar.
July 27 Pakistan Akhmed bin Khalid's village is destroyed by The Assembly after a mild uprising, and he is transformed into Al-Humra Nisr.  He fights The Assembly and then flees into the arms of Fatwa where he is welcomed and trained to use his powers against his enemies.
July 30 Europe The Solar Centurion's daughter, Solaris, joins The Brotherhood as the first female member, which causes a stir.
October 1 Bali A second series of bomb blasts hits Bali, three years after the first Bali Bombings, killing twenty people.  The Bidadari Angels were in Bali at the time and greatly assist relief and rescue efforts.
December 20 India-Pakistan Prerita Vashtu joins The Assembly as well as becoming the public face of India's peaceful occupation of Pakistan.
2006 July 22 USA-Germany Polestar is released from a US prison on his 21st birthday, and custody is given to Steppenwolf who dedicates himself to the boy's rehabilitation.  Polestar is accepted provisionally into The Brotherhood.

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