Thorp Institute

Thorp Institute

Team Designation: the Thorp Institute for the Ciminally Insane

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Doctor Claus Schroder (150 points)
[Hunts as team]

Doctor Mayuri Harayana (75 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Nurse Schlüssel (50 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Langdon Maximum Security Prison (Rival)


Base of Operations:

Rockhearst Island, Virginia


Doctor Claus Schroder (Director)
Doctor Mayuri Harayana (Psychiatrist)
Nurse Schlüssel (Head Nurse)
The Thorp House was built on Rockhearst Island off the coast of Virginia in 1849 by indigo magnate Obidiah Thorp for his new bride Abigail. The building was a three story affair with definite Victorian influences. The building included all the modern conveniences of the nineteenth century. The Thorp lived in the house for twenty years, and Abigail gave birth to five children: Clarence, Gertrude, Oliver, Jules, and Earnest.

However, while the Thorp House was a marvel in Virginia, it was still remote. Abigail and Obidiah often quarreled. She wanted to move the family to Richmond, but her husband refused. Things came to a tragic end when Obidiah in a psychotic rage killed his wife, and all of their children except for Clarence, with an axe. Clarence only survived because he was off the island attending the Virginia Military Institute, which had been founded ten years previously. As for Obidiah he disappeared into the house and was never found again.

The house remained empty for quite some time. The confederate army used the house as a hospital during the Civil War. Clarence Thorp never returned to Rockhearst Island, and after the war he remained in Richmond. In 1906, when Clarence was in his sixties, and accomplished businessman in his own right, had the house converted to the Thorp Asylum. He saw the Thorp Asylum as his way to give back to the community. His own son Arthur was named director of the facility.

During the Second World War, a deranged German U-Boat commander thought that the asylum was actually a secret US military base and attacked it. The Germans were soundly defeated by the inmates, and for awhile the German commander was held prisoner in the asylum. However, the Germans did a lot of damage to the structure.

Again the house was abandoned for several decades, and left to ruin. It was in the sixties that the Federal Government took an interest in the Thorp Asylum. Making a cooperative arrangement with the Thorp Trust, the army corp of engineers came in and rebuilt much of the building. Special materials were used, and sophisticated electronics were installed in the building as well. The Thorp Asylum was renamed the Thorp Institute for the Criminally Insane.

However, for the longest time, no actual criminals were committed to the institute. Instead the government did several experiments using drugs and psychological manipulation on many volunteers. The results of these experiments were included in Project Omega. After Project Omega was deemed a failure funding for the Thorp Institute was cut back severally.

In recent years the courts have had trouble dealing with Uber-humans who’re obviously suffering from mental illness. These insane Ubers couldn’t be placed in institutions for normal humans. These institutes weren’t equipped to deal with Uber-humans. Furthermore, while the Langdon Maximum Security Prison could hold Ubers, it wasn’t designed for those with mental illnesses. Again the Thorp Institute was revised. More security was added to the Thorp House, and soon the Thorp Institute for the Criminally Insane saw it’s first inmates.
Area of Operations
Rockhearst Island is a small island off the coast of Virginia. The island is about 3 miles in diameter, and is mostly rocky. The prominent landmark on the island is the Thorp Institute for the Criminally Insane. The building is an imposing three story edifice that is backed up against a cliff that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Patients are typically brought to the island via helicopter, but there is also boat landing as well. A few years ago a wall was built around the building on three sides. This also created a small courtyard allowing inmates some room to move around outside.
The Thorp Institute for Criminally Insane was set up by the Federal Government and the Thorp Trust to deal with Ubers with mental illnesses. The institute is probably the only institution in the nation that can deal with the Ubers unique medical problems. In addition the institute shares similar security of maximum security prisons like the Langdon Maximum Security Prison in Maine, but unlike the aforementioned prison, the institute does make efforts to treat the inmates. However, there are some, mostly inmates of the institute who've claimed that the institute is performing experiments on the inmates.
The Thorp Institute for the Criminally Insane is seen by the world at large as a necessary evil. Uber criminals have shown a propensity for insanity, and they have to be put somewhere so that they don’t continue to be a threat to the general public. With the remoteness of Rockhearst Island, it is considered an added plus. Also if the staff is performing questionable treatments on the inmates the public isn’t much conerned.

Inmates on the other hand have stated that the place is haunted, and that the staff are performing experiments on the patients for the government. Neither of these two concerns have been investigated by the staff of the institute nor by the federal government. Most Uber criminals would rather go to the Langdon Maximum Security Prison, because there they’re subjected to psychological examinations.