The Sultans

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GM: David Duncan


Campaign Description
The Sultans is a modern day superhero campaign starring a relatively young, multicultural team based near the Salton Sea in Southern CA. Each hero should either be from one of the towns or reservations surrounding the Salton Sea or they should have a good reason for being in the area at the time the campaign begins.

The campaign will feature (though it will not be limited to) characters, allies, and adversaries from each of the major cultures in the area: Native American (either Cahuilla, Apache, Hopi, Navajo or Zuni), Hispanic, and American. Most elements of the campaign will be based on local events, culture, history, myths, mysteries, and legends.

The campaign will focus at least as much on player interaction and mystery as it will on combat. The campaign will have a similar "feel" to Neil Gaiman's book "American Gods" - though with a more Native American than European focus.

The Salton Sea was formed around the previous turn of the century when the Colorado River flooded the Salton Sink. Beginning in the 1920s, it became known for its fishing, bird watching, and water recreation activities. It was even tabbed as a playground for the rich and famous. Investments were made, resorts were built, and the stars from nearby Hollywood and Palm Springs came out to play in the hot sun and bright waters.

But the good times were short lived. By the late 1960s, evaporation and pesticide runoff from agriculture poisoned the waters of the Salton Sea, and just as quickly as the boom times had come, the bad times followed. Most of the fish species died off and disease decimated the bird population as well. The resorts all closed and the stars moved on to other playgrounds.

Today the Salton Sea area has a number of sparsely populated reservations and small towns supported mostly by agriculture, tourism (snowbirds), gambling, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. The area also has a fair number of boarded-up resorts, half-submerged towns, and even a "mostly" abandoned military base.

It has been said that the Salton Sea area is not a place one should hope to find themselves in after dark, no matter how well armed. As the campaign begins, that reputation is growing. People, especially those thought of as being "gifted," are disappearing. Locals are reporting strange lights and sounds in the desert at night and even stranger sights on the Sea itself.

Area Of Operation
Adventures will take place in and around the Salton Sea area of Southern California. Adventures will be almost entirely local with most forays out only as far as Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Anza Borrego, Coachella, and El Centro. Some amount of interdimensional travel and time travel will also take place.
Initially, the heroes will have to come together as a team to survive their first encounter. The characters will be given a very good reason to reveal themselves to each other in the first few moves of the campaign and events will evolve rapidly from there.

Going forward, the goals of the team will be three-fold: (1) protect each other and the area from the surprising number of ill-intentioned beings who frequent the area, (2) learn to work together as a team (as several of the enemies the Sultans will face are considerably more powerful than any single member of the team), and (3) unearth clues about how to stop the mysterious disappearances in the area (and how to stop the powers behind them).

The team that will come to be known as The Sultans will not exist when the campaign begins. The members of the team should also be largely unknown to the general populace.
Building A Character For The Sultans
It should be noted that most adventures for The Sultans will take place outside and in rather harsh environments. Extremes of temperature, weather, and terrain will be the norm, and both day and night encounters will be common.
Base Points: 300                              (175 Base + 125 Disadvantages)
Starting Points: 175
Maximum Disadvantages: 125
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 50 (60 for Psychological Limitations)
Maximum Speed: 5 (6 for Speedsters)
Maximum Active Points for Powers: 50 (not including Reduced Endurance)
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 60 (no Reduced Endurance allowed)
Minimum Points In non-Combat Skills And Perks: 25
Other Notes:
  • Required Disadvantages
    • Psychological Limitation: Will Not Kill (20 points)
  • Recommended Disadvantages
    • Secret Identity (15 points)
  • Disallowed Disadvantages
    • Public or Permanent Identity
  • Team Package
    • None
  • Misc.
    • No Powered Armor
    • All of the characters should be unremarkable in appearance when "out of costume" (or have the ability to appear so)
    • All of the characters should be in their early twenties

Team Designation: The Sultans

Threat Level:

Alpha BETA Gamma Delta Epsilon

[Hunted Value: ] [Contact Cost: ]

Membership :


Character #1 (300 points)
played by ?


Character #2 (300 points)
played by ?


Character #3 (300 points)
played by ?


Character #4 (300 points)
played by ?


Character #5 (300 points)
played by ?


Character #6 (300 points)
played by ?


Major Adversaries:

Skin Walker

The Pack

El Desierto Vivo

Los Piratas


Major Allies:

Dream Catcher



Base of Operations:

North Shore Yacht Club
on the Salton Sea,