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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Welcome to The Sentinels!

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Editor: Ben Langdon

Campaign mailing list: Uberworld Sentinels Yahoo Group

List members may send e-mail to the list at:


General Description: The Sentinels are the top level team on Earth. Basically what this means is that they will be taking on the biggest threats - those menaces that potentially could destroy or conquer the world. Of course, there will be opportunities to roleplay lesser threats or even personal problems as well.

In essence this is a blend of RPG Champions and Fiction writing. Technically, there is no GM for this campaign; instead there is an Editor, Ben Langdon. Similarly, there are no Players; instead there are Writers (including the Editors). While this, to some degree, takes away from the mystery of playing, there are advantages to this format. The main advantage is that there are no strict turn posting rules; the Writers will write their posts whenever they have time and inclination to do so. Writers may collaborate but don't necessarily need to.


Animal Man (Balthasar Numen, Written by Ben Langdon

Avatar (Howard Ritter), Written by Jason Bennet

Player Iron Maiden, Written by Mark Jones

Kronos, Written by Miq Milman

New Man (Dr. Saul Numen), Written by Neil Ma

Oak, Written by Stephen Bates

Samsonite (Samantha Hendricks), Written by Joe Senecal

Sentidos Magia (Juanita Remirez), Written by KL Wilson

Svarog, Written by Jack Butler

(unnamed cosmic hero), Written by Eli

(unnamed mentalist), Written by Darren Woods

Player Character 11, Written by [writer]

Base of Operations: [name of Sentinels base] , [location]