The Hunt

The Hunt

Team Designation: The Hunt

Threat Level: Alpha

Expanded Membership Details:





Savage Lion

Savage Lion






Major Adversaries:

Africa Force


Next Gen

Rada Team

Sons of Set

Sunset Cartel


Major Allies:

Iron Heart


Base of Operations:

Azambia, Africa




Savage Lion (Team Leader)
The Hunt first came to the world stage when the Witch Doctor set about gathering forces that would eventually conquer a part of the Congo in Central Africa. While the Witch Doctor was organizing the invasion he put the Savage Lion in command of the group and set him the task of recruiting members to the group.

Zebra was one of the first members to the join the group after he was tagged by the Witch Doctors medics as possible uberhuman. The Witch Doctor was able to convince the gullible Masai that he was under an enchantment when he triggered Zebra’s latent ubergene causing him to transform into his semi-equine state. Zebra serves the Hunt because he hopes that eventually the Witch Doctor will lift his enchantment. He believes that Savage Lion was given a fetish by the Witch Doctor that made the transformation happen.

Gazelle was recruited by the Witch Doctor after he saved her life from the Sons of Set while she was travelling in Morocco. Some might say that she came under the allure of his magnetism. Eventually she agreed to help him as a member of the Hunt. It wasn’t long after she agreed to this arrangement that she started a relationship with the Witch Doctor, which didn’t last long.

Silverback, a sentient mountain gorilla was drawn to the brewing conflict as were a lot of African uberhumans. He saw the power that the Witch Doctor represented and wished to become a part of it. While he wasn’t thrilled to be under the command of the Savage Lion, he eventually gave up his desire to lead the group by deciding it would just take too much energy.

Hippo was the latest member to join the Hunt. He never actually participated in the establishment of Azambia coming under the control of the Witch Doctor several years afterward. He came to Azambia looking for work that with his super-human strength and ability to take a lot of physical punishment granted the obese super-villain an audience with the Witch Doctor.

After the establishment of Azambia the Hunt has remained the right hand of the Witch Doctor acting as shock troopers when the Witch Doctors own forces prove to be ineffective or when acting outside of the borders of Azambia.
Area of Operations
The Hunt generally conducts the business of controlled terrorism in Azambia. While the local people in the country know to keep out of the way of Golden Hyena Guardsmen and the less often seen but just as feared Black Jackal Guardsmen, the people know to not cross any of the members of the Hunt. Those who’ve dared to cross the Hunt usually disappear during the night.

However, the Hunt goes where the Witch Doctor tells them to go. To date the Hunt primarily operates in Africa, avoiding to a degree any nation that has alliances with Africa Force or the Sons of Set. This is not to say that members of the Hunt wouldn’t enter such countries if the Witch Doctor commanded it, but rather they would be more secretive about it.

The Hunt along with Iron Heart under the orders of the Witch Doctor were responsible for a coup that over through the government of Equatorial Guinea. As such the Hunt operates openly in that country under the auspices of the Witch Doctor’s puppet leader President Nicolas Kobina Ebo. Savage Lion operates many businesses out of Equatorial Guinea.

The goals of the Hunt are to serve the interests of the Witch Doctor followed by their own interests. The only reason that the group stays together is the will of the Witch Doctor and the aura of authority of the Savage Lion. Most of the members of the Hunt do not get along with one another, and for a few they would probably come to blows if it wasn't for Savage Lion or the Witch Doctor. For Savage Lion, he seeks to strengthen his business empire through Africa. The other members of the Hunt are there to support this effort, even if they don't always agree with his methods.

Hippo, on the other hand is a member of the group to protect himself from the threat of Kinder der Zukunft who seek to recapture him. Also to the job isn't too demanding and he gets all the food he could ever desire. Otherwise his odor and belligerent attitude grate on almost everyone. It's only his ability to absorb a ton of physical punishment along with his super-human strength has kept him from possible assassination by the other members of the group.

Zebra is an exile from his tribe due to becoming under the influence of the Witch Doctor, or so he believes. His belief that the Witch Doctor has put him under an enchantment ensures his loyalty to the Witch Doctor and through him Savage Lion. Zebra is ignorant to the fact that he’s really an uberhuman. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to he serves. Next to Hippo, Zebra is the least liked member of the team.

Silverback, like Zebra is an exile from his troop. However, unlike Zebra it was more of a choice on his part. The gorilla looks upon his membership in the Hunt the opportunity to learn how to lead with an iron fist. Otherwise he shows little interest in the activities of the group. He follows the commands of the Witch Doctor because the Witch Doctor is strong and he wants to be strong.

Gazelle is probably the most loyal member of the Hunt. Not long after she joined the Hunt she entered a romantic relationship with the Witch Doctor, which has since ended. However, this doesn’t her devotion to the Witch Doctor, whom she still harbors feelings for. Gazelle is also very competitive always striving to be better than the other males on the team.

The Hunt is a greatly feared organization in most part of Africa, particularly in Azambia. However, outside of Africa the group isn’t as well known. Since the group primarily operates in Africa it isn’t taken as a serious threat to the world. The closest group outside of Africa that has taken any real interest is Sanction. However, the American groups merely are keeping an eye on their activities and have taken no direct action against them. Other European group has taken no active interest in the Hunt.

To those who’ve faced the Hunt they don’t see the group as too cohesive. The Hunt is only together at the wishes of the Witch Doctor, and most believe that if it wasn’t for the powerful super-villain the Hunt would fall apart even though Savage Lion is a powerful super-villain in his own right.