Teen Force Zeta

Teen Force Zeta

Team Designation: TFZ

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:


Go!Go!Go! (250 points)
[Hunts as a Group]


Kami (250 points)
[Hunts as a Group]


Miko (250 points)
[Hunts as a Group]


Nekko (250 points)
[Hunts as a Group]


Sekigai (250 points)
[Hunts as a Group]


Major Adversaries:



Base of Operations:





Miko (Team Leader)
Thoughts of being late for class again, spurred Taro to move faster. He had just slid the door to classroom 3-F, when he collided with Langdon-sensei knocking Taro to the floor.

“Tanaka-san,” Langdon-sensei said smiling down at the boy. “Please try to be a little earlier so you don't have to run into me.” Langdon-sensei reached out a hand and helped him back to his feet.

Embarrassed Taro bowed several times before turning to face the classroom. Everyone stared at him as if he had just fallen from the moon. Everyone, except for Mariko-chan who had her back to him while she chatted with Himiko-chan. The sight of her bottom rocketing back and forth almost unnerved Taro and he wiped at the trickle of blood that leaked from him nose.

“Alright class,” Langdon-sensei focusing the class on him. “Everyone please take your seats so we can begin. I'll start roll call shortly.”

Taro took his seat behind Himiko-chan and stared out the window. He thought he saw something strange heading towards the school in the distance but his attention was brought back to the classroom when Mariko-chan who sat behind him kicked his ankle. Taro shot out of his chair like a rocket. Langdon-sensei looked up from his roll shoving his glasses back up on his face.

“Ah thank you Tanaka-san,” Langdon-sensei said, “I see that you are here. Please take your seat.”

As Taro sat back back down her glared back at Mariko-chan, who just smiled at him benignly.

“Our first lesson of the day will be in poetry,” said Langdon-sensei, who proceeded to open a book and started to read poetry out loud. Taro like the rest of the class tuned this out straightaway. Langdon-sensei droned on for awhile before he finished his reading by saying “When the poet says 'Oh, to substantialize this supasataitias ontelogical quitity.' He is expressing something that I think you'll agree is central to most people's lives. At the same time, what does it tell us about his absurdest views of human existence? A good question. Then his obsession with ecumenical transcendentalism is revealing.”

Langdon-sensei seemed to be lost in his thoughts on ecumenical transcendentalism when the door to the classroom slid open and Wilson-sensei, the academies principal walked in.

“Sorry to interrupt Langdon-sensei,” she said as a way of greeting.

“No worries,” he replied with a slight bow.

“I have the two new students I told you about. Students please come in and introduce yourselves.”

In walked a boy of about Taro's age, followed by a real cute girl; not as cute as Mariko-chan but for sure good looking nonetheless. Both lined up in front of the class and the girl introduced herself first.

“My name is Mikoto Kazuko. I am most glad to meet you. Please take care of us.” She said this with a slight bow of her head.

The boy came next in introductions.

“I am Matsuda Ginzo,” he said with a deeper but stiffer bow.

“Excellent,” Langdon-sensei said clapping his hands. “Matsuda-san, I think there's a seat next to Maneki-san, and Mikoto-san you can set next to Tanaka-san.”

When the break for lunch came all the girls swarmed Matsuda-san, he coming from a wealthy from Hiroshima, while all the guys converged to swarm around Mikoto-san.”

“Give her some air,” Himiko-chan trying her best to rescue Kazuko-chan. “Maneki-san would you like to join Mariko-chan and I for lunch on the roof.”

“I'd love to,” said Mikoto-san standing up from her desk. “But please call me Kazuko-chan.” With the air of a princess Kazuko-chan parted all of her new admirers and the three of them left the classroom. All the boys eyes, except for Matsuda-san and Taro who once again looked out the wind. The thing he had seen earlier had come a lot closer to the academy. Could it be a storm thought Taro.

Up on the roof the three girls were chatting with the storm crossed over the academy. Kazuko looked up at the storm as if it were something she knew.

“Guess we'll need to go back inside,” said Mariko-chan.

“Just a minute...,” said Kazuko-chan.

Huge drops of black stuff started falling from the cloud.

“What in the world is that,” Himiko-chan said pointing at the globs of black ooze that once it touched down started forming into monsters.

"Oni from the dark side of the Moon," Kuzuko-chan breathed in amazement.

“Wha....” Himiko-chan started to say but a monster shaped from darkness attacked her. Himiko-chan's training took over then. While she felt scared she knew how to deal with super-natural threats. Calling upon her “ki”, Himiko unleashed a ball of fire right in the face of the monster. It exploded into a thousand pieces; bits of it rained all over the roof.

“Gross,” Mariko-chan said as she dodged around several of the monsters, trying her best not to be touched by any of them. Her cats' ears were perked and her tail wags in excitement. On occasion she'd dart in and deliver a powerful punch or kick to a monster before dodging away. She didn't feel she made much headway against them.

Kozuko-chan in a burst of moonlight transformed into her true shape and attacked the oni from the dark side of the moon with vengeance. She had battled these monsters many times as she grew up in her fathers' court. Desperately the three girls battled against the Oni from the dark side of the Moon. Unbeknownst to girls a familiar winged figure stood high atop the black cloud.


Ginzo had just opened his locket and gotten out his PE shit when the door to the locker room exploded inwards. Two oozing black monsters marched in looking for victims. The other boys in the locker room fled in panic, Ginzo didn't join them. Instead he ducked down clutching the hidden costume he carried with him at all times. As Ginzo changed into his Sekigai costume the monster were throwing anything they could lay their hand on all over the place. Standing up as Sekigai, he let the heat of his powers rush through him. However, it was too late for the monsters. The extreme heat made the pair blow up. A smile crossed his face as the sprinklers went off. The smile, however, didn't last long as the realization that there might be more of those things in the academy. It was time for Sekigai to get a move on.

Taro poured some more developing fluid in the pan as he planned to develop the latest photos of the new girl. She had the most interesting face, something Taro usually didn't notice. Taro liked the old style of photography. Digital cameras were nice, but give Taro a good old Nikon any day. He had just pulled a strip of film from the pan when the door to the dark room shattered under the fists of a monster made of roiling darkness.

“Hey,” Taro shouted thinking that one of his friends were playing a prank on him. However, the sight of the monster brought Taro up short. The creature let out a soundless roar and lunged toward Taro. He tried to block the attack but before he knew it the monster had its hand around his throat. Taro backed against the developing splashing developing fluid down his back. Ah dang, thought Taro, all those pictures were ruined and now this. Taro fumbled around trying to find something to uses as a weapon. In his desperation he actually grabbed the can of melon flavored energy drink that his sister had made for him. By some miracle he got a couple of swallows of the drink into his mouth. Energy flooded into him. In a blur Taro delivered blow after blow to the face of the monster. The attack seemed to rock the creature on its heels, giving Taro all the room he needed. Faster than the eye could follow Taro ran, switching into his Go!Go!Go!costume. The monster turned to look dumbly at his retreating back.

Sekigai all but ran over by Go!Go!Go! as he ran by. He attempted to flag down Go!Go!Go!, but failed. Sighing Sekigai trudged after him. There were times like this that Sekigai wished that he could fly. It looked like the speedster headed towards the stairs leading up to the roof.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion as Go!Go!Go! came up onto the roof. Himiko-chan, Mariko-chan, and some strange looking other girl were there. This new girl wielded a naginata as if it were an extension of her own hand. All three were battling the same kind of monster that had ruined his pictures. However, they fared even more monsters than he had. A dark cloud hung over the academy and from this cloud drops of darkness fell and everywhere they landed a monster made from the darkness sprang. Go!Go!Go! wouldn't let the girls get hurt. Maybe he could get a hug or a kiss, or maybe something even more for his efforts. He go so wrapped up in his fantasy that he ran into the back of one of the monsters. The impact was such that the monster found itself flung over the edge of the roof. The girls paused in their battle against the monster to look at the newcomer.

“Sorry,” Go!Go!Go! said sheepishly.

The interruption didn't last long and soon the fight started again. It seemed that there was an endless supply of the black drops. Just when things seemed at their worst, a strange garbed boy with flaming red hair came out onto the roof. He took one look at the monsters before rushing in. All five of the teens smiled in unison. After that the monster fell like wheat before Teen Force Zeta. Soon no more drops came from the cloud to form monsters.

“Enough,” came a shout from a winged figure who stood atop the black cloud.

“Tengu-sama,” the girls shouted in concert.

“Who?” the boys asked.

“Your doom,” Tengu-sama pronounced.

“That's what you think,” Go!Go!Go! said in a defiant tone.

“Come on Teen Force Zeta, lets go!” Sekigai shouted.

The battle was joined and Tengu-sama was forced to flee. This was to be the first but not the last time that Teen Force Zeta would face Tengu-sama or his minions.
Area of Operations
Teen Force Zeta primarily ranges in the Kyoto area, but have on occasion traveled to Tokyo to confront Tengu-sama. On one occasion they even traveled sooth to Hiroshima where they had to battle a giant radiation monster. Teen Force Zeta has yet to travel outside of the country. Their base is the Orpheus Academy, and usually travel through public transportation, or whenever Sekigai can get them a corporate jet or maybe even a driver.
Teen Force Zeta fights to contain Tengu-sama and his countless oni from the dark side of the moon. They've also seek to prevent the yokai from gaining any more power. The group hasn't always been successful in that endeavor. They'd fight more conventional crime, but Tengu-sama and their studies take up most of their free time. One day the group hopes to actually put Tengu-sama back into his prison.
For the most part the students and faculty of the Orpheus Academy look favorably on Teen Force Zeta. How many schools can claim to have their own super-hero group? There are a few, however, who kind of wish that the super-heroes weren't associated with school because of all the attacks from rampaging monsters. It's hard to study for finals when a giant spider or lizard is rampaging through the school. Kyoto, too has taken a shine to their homegrown, as they see it, super-hero group. Take that Tokyo they say. Outside of Kyoto and the Tokyo area, Teen Force Zeta, isn't as well known. Teen Force Zeta has been known to travel as far south as Hiroshima and occasionally they're mentioned in their newspapers.

Most adult super-hero groups look upon Teen Force Zeta with amusement, seeing a bunch of teenage super-heroes battling crime. It reminds them how they were when they first started fighting crime. However, the more serious super-hero groups take a dim view of some upstart amateur super-heroes fighting crime. To them, they should be concentrating of their studies, not fighting crime.

Since Teen Force Zeta combats mostly super-natural villains and thus haven't faced any real serious crime. Yazuka and triads are something Teen Force Zeta hasn't yet tangled with. Tengu-sama is enough to keep Teen Force Zeta busy. The few super-villain groups in Japan have taken little notice of the teenage super-heroes. That may change in the future.