The Uberworld
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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community. All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Concept Description

Tales From Uberworld is a forum for creative writing. The individual stories follow the exploits of a particular character in a particular setting, but each two weeks a new writer takes over full creative control. There is no GM and this is not a game. There are no character sheets.

Tales From Uberworld is an ongoing 'series' which will unfold as the months pass.

Each new writer will be expected to further the story, but they will have the opportunity to do so in the medium and style of their choice. Different styles and perspectives will be encouraged. Each chapter should be distinct and such changes in direction could include: telling the story from a supporting character's point of view; a flashback story; poetry or lyrics; a series of correspondence or an interview transcript; changing from first to third person and anything in between; featuring a supporting character instead of the hero; featuring a villain; and so on.

Writers should submit their single polished piece of writing by the due date (two weeks) and the stories will be hosted on this website, and could include visuals such as illustrations or diagrams as required.

New writers will be required every two weeks, and to lodge your interest please send an email to Ben or mention it on the Uberworld Forum lists. Feedback on particular stories should initially go to Tales From Uberworld Yahoo list.

Current Tales


Chapter One: Death Is Just The Beginning (Microsoft Word Format)

Written by Jason Bennett (15 May)

Chapter Two: The Price of Life

Written by Neil Ma (31 May)

Chapter Three: What's Left Behind

Written by Christopher Lockheardt (16 June)

Chapter Four: ?

Written by Andy Matthews (9 August)



Chapter One: Cherry Blossoms Turning In The Wind

Written by Neil Ma (15 May)

Chapter Two: Dust Falling Back on a Trodden Path

Written by Christopher Lockheardt (31 May)

Chapter Three: ?

Written by Jason Bennett (16 June)

Stubborn Vows

Chapter One: Did I Wake You?

Written by Christopher Lockheardt (15 May)

Chapter Two: Some Things Change and Some Things Donít

Written by Jason Bennett (31 May)

Chapter Three: Change of Mind

Written by Neil Ma (16 June)

Chapter Four: Calendar Girl: Jape's Obsession

Written by Ben Langdon (26 September)


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