Sunset Cartel

Team Designation: SUNSET CARTEL

Membership Details:

Abtu and Anet




Major Adversaries:

Africa Force


Base of Operations:

Sunset Club, Douala, Cameroon




The Sunset Cartel is financed by the Sons of Set who are based in Egypt.  The Cartel was established to allow the Sons of Set a port on the west side of Africa which opened up the American markets.  The Ondoa family had previously been leaders in smuggling around the Cameroon ports, but after the death of its head, other parties moved in and threatened the two children of its founder.  The Sons of Set moved in and secured the area for the young Ondoas.  Soon enough the young Ondoa twins were established as the new heads of the local crime cartel.  The Sons of Set installed Uadjet as their agent and 'recruited' Induna to act as their primary muscle.
Area of Operations
The Sunset Cartel is based in Douala, Cameroon, but effectively operates across the Atlantic, having strong connections to crime families in Miami and Mexico City.  Money and goods are smuggled through Douala to help finance the Sons of Set.
The Sunset Cartel's prime goal is to support the continuing campaigns of the Sons of Set.  It operates on a tight leash with Uadjet representing the wishes of Nepythys.  The Ondoa twins plan to rise in the Sons of Set, hoping to enter the inner circle before Set arrives.
The Sunset Cartel is known across the Atlantic in Miami and Mexico, but is most well known along the west coast of Africa.  It only works for the Sons of Set but does look for new markets to sell their illicit products into.  Other smuggling operations give the Sunset Cartel a wide berth, mostly because they have come to experience ruthless territorial reactions to any incursion into the Cartel's markets.