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Welcome to The Stellar Shield!

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Ord HlrangGreetings to all sentients of the Universe and may your nose forever guide you to interesting scents. I am Ord Hlrang, the Union of Civilized Worlds' Liason to the Stellar Shield Quadrant Gamma team. Although Facet is the leader of the team, I am tasked with ensuring that important files are submitted for the team's activities and with seeing that their needs are met, particularly with regards to data, equipment, and provisions.

Although I have only been working with the team for a few years, even as a pup, I have enjoyed learning of their exploits from holovid new records and e-books. The current members of the team, Kr'Suv, Nebula, Octlana, and the Technomancer, continue the great traditions of the Stellar Shield. I advise you that reading the history of the Stellar Shield will cause you to feel pride and amazement.

The Quadrant Gamma team is but one of four Active Teams, and, in recent years, has been the busiest of the Active Teams. There are also a number of Stellar Shield Reservists who uphold the principles of the Union and protect the populaces of certain worlds within. On occasion, these Reservists join with the Active Team to help them on missions. You may refer to the Stellar Shield Registry to see what it takes to be part of such an august assemblage of heroes.

– Ord Hlrang, UY 1001.6 (January 2007, Earth dating) Holovid projected into two dimensions and transcribed for use with Level 12 networks.

Gamemaster: Neil Ma

Campaign mailing list:


Active Team, Quadrant Gamma:

Kr'Suv Ix'pla (450 points), played by Jason Bennett

Nebula (450 points), played by James Diel

Octlana (450 points), played by David Duncan

The Technomancer (450 points), played by Brian Newman


Clone (450 points), NPC

Facet (450 points)

The Host (450 points), NPC

Ping (450 points), played Jeff Hebert

Starhawk (450 points), played Thomas McMannus

Wyrm (450 points)


Doctor Aofinearhopwme Alr (consulting Xenophysician)

Ord Hlrang (UCW Liaison)

Tirix Zizx (Tranquility's Steward and Engineer)

Loni of the Red Ranua Trees by the Laughing Lake (Captain of the Galactic Guard Fast Cruiser, Qrgin's Seeking Bagrf


Base of Operations: Tranquility starship base

Vehicle: Intrepid

Major Adversaries: The F'plrara Confederations, Skellarian Empire