Southern Knights

Team Designation: S-KNIGHTS

Threat Level: Delta
[Hunted Value: 25] [Contact Cost: 15]

Expanded Membership Details:

Esperanša (378 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Nostrum (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Outback (400 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 3]

Southern Cross III (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost:3]

Witch Hazel (368 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 4]


Major Adversaries:



Marauding Tide


Bases of Operations:

Sanctuary One, Sydney, Australia

Sanctuary Two, Sao Paulo, Brazil




Outback (Team Leader)
Southern Cross III
Witch Hazel
A towel draped around her neck, she dabbed the beads of perspiration off of her head as she walked through the broad open doorway and down the hall. Being in the business and not having any ubergene meant that one needed to work at it and work hard. Passing the locker room, she tossed the red boxing gloves letting the hook next to the locker that read "Pele" catch the strings that tied the pair together.

Her awareness and readiness training crept in as she heard the faint sounds through the solid wood door of the Prof's office. But, it was nothing unusual, so she allowed herself to relax again. Back at the computer, probably using his backdoor account again. Without so much as a knock, she softly turned the knob after using a paperclip to turn the tumblers of the preposterously easy lock. With a kick, the door slammed into the wall. "It's time, Durant! We've been waiting and training for a month already. It's time!"

Unfazed, the older man turned his chair about easily and sighed. "I'd appreciate it if you knock the next time you want to speak with me. Now what do you want, girl?"

"You know what I want," Pele growled. "I want THAT company closed down. I want the heads of everyone involved in the death of my sister."

"Tsk-tsk, Pele," Professor Quake replied. He pointed at the 100 cm flatscreen monitor in front of him that displayed a dark-complexioned feminine face and the word "Esperanša" in large font. There were words in three other text boxes, but the leader of Gauntlet stood, partially obscuring her view for a moment. "Half of winning a battle is having good intelligence. And, this isn't the first time that I've told you so. You will have your fight soon enough. And you think that you are ready. It is my job to ensure that we win.

"Now, the Southern Knights, the team of superhumans employed by the enemy, have just added another member. They have had a hole in their lineup since Uluru left. Unfortunately we were unable to capitalize on the deficiency, more so now that Esperanša seems to fill the tough guy slot. Even if she can lift more than the Rock, she has a personal weakness that we might exploit. It seems that she is also a 'he'." But, before Pele could say anything, he used his laser mouse and brought up a different file. "That might cause an interesting knot in their team chemistry, and if we catch them right, we might be able to match our strengths against their weaknesses.

"It seems that 'she' and Nostrum are entering into a social pairing. You will recall that in the last encounter, the boy knocked you off the edge of the research vessel and into the water with his staff. It seemed that you had expected him to be nothing more than a doctor." The professor manipulated the files further adding as he did, "it's just a coincidence, but I brought you into Gauntlet at about the same time that the New Zealander was added to the Southern Knights.

"Part of the reason that I wanted you on our team was this man," he pointed to the image on the screen of a man in the familiar blue suit. "It was not because of a matchup in powers and skills. No, yours and his are quite different. He is the third pilot of the Southern Cross armor suit. I helped design the original, and, if I might say, it is quite formidable with weapons, sensory systems, and enhancements. The key to defeating it, is defeating the pilot. The last pilot was defeated by narcotics, a weakness that I found and exploited. As I understand this one, he has a soft spot for pretty women. Ha! I wonder what he thinks of this new recruit, Esperanša?"

The professors visage went from its usual sullenness to sour as he brought up the next file. "Outback. Now he's the new team leader for the Southern Knights. A mentalist. He is the one who stopped us when we tried to close down Sanctuary One two years ago after Green Jaguar took out Omen. He has much potential. Until we figure out how to remove him from the Southern Knights, we have to protect Omen so that he can be neutralized at least.

"Fortunately, Green Jaguar is getting old and intends to retire soon. He was one of those that was on the original team when it formed in 1992. Him, me, the first Southern Cross, Aotearoa, and Captain Wallaby. We were the best team of superheroes in the world... until... the mad god..." Professor Quake's eyes glazed as he remembered his teammates turning on him when he finally found them in Rio de Janeira. He had no choice. No other way to...

"Yeah. Yeah... Ey!? Big kahuna, who's this chick," Pele asked. During her leader's reverie, she had eased herself into the seat and called up the next file. A woman with long, unruly hair in a large purple jacket and a thick necklace.

"That's Witch Hazel. I'm sure that you've heard of the Hecate Club," Professor Quake stated. "She's a student of Hecate and it appears that she's on the top of the list of candidates to replace Green Jaguar. A midling witch that would firm up the team in a lot of places. Stronger overall than Green Jaguar, but a novice in terms of superhuman activity. We'd do well to put pressure on her.

"A lot of the enemy is new and young. However, I do believe that in two or three years, this will be the strongest Southern Knights team since the orginal team, which I was on." He waited for the glimmer to appear in Pele's eyes in understanding. "Yes, now is a good time to take them on - before they solidify."

Area of Operations
The Southern Knights operate in areas covered by the multitechnology research organization known as Southern Cross International. S.C.I. has a headquarters in Sydney, Australia (Santuary One) and a research facility in Sao Paolo, Brazil (Sanctuary Two) as well as smaller laboratories and schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and the South Pacific. The Southern Knights team operates in those areas and uses both major buildings as bases.
Although the primary goal of the Southern Knights is to provide assistance to the populations of the nations supported by Southern Cross International, they have two secondary goals. They are charged with the safeguarding of S.C.I. facilities. And, they also assist S.C.I. scientists and doctors in helping uberhumans learn to control their powers.
Because of their track record, the Southern Knights are treated almost as a national team for most of the countries where they operate. Many countries nearby also have had good relations with the team. Most villain teams try to stay away from them, with the exception of Gauntlet who actively try to dismantle the Southern Knights and Southern Cross International.