Southern Cross International


Membership Details:

Tempus: I, II, III

Dr Fatima al-Basit

Miroslav Dokic



Major Adversaries:



Base of Operations:

Southern Cross International Headquarters

Sydney, Australia




Founded by the time-displaced Tempus, Southern Cross International was created to assist Dr Durant's quest to find a vaccine for the retro-virus which devastated his time period.  The existence of the retro-virus is not public knowledge, and Southern Cross International is known as a leader in medical, scientific and technological research across the three countries of Australia, New Zealand and Brazil - although its inventions and research is utilised and enjoyed across the globe.

The organisation has developed important medical treatments (particularly in the field of uberhuman medicine), the Southern Cross power suit, the O.L.G.A. armour, and a ubergene neutraliser.  It has also assisted with the development and support of the superhero group, the Southern Knights.

Area of Operations
The organisation operates across Australia, New Zealand and Brazil, but its main headquarters is in Sydney, Australia.  Smaller installations are located in Melbourne (Aus), Brisbane (Aus), Perth (Aus), Christchurch (NZ), Sao Paulo (Brazil).
The public goals of the organisation include the development of new medical treatments, advanced technology to increase the standards of living of people, rescue technology and limited uberhuman research.

The central goal of the organisation is to assist with the development of a vaccine for the retro-virus which devastated Earth in 2042.

Southern Cross International is well regarded in the scientific and medical fields, and is one of Australia's most popular organisations - offering many scholarships to universities and further research.