Bloody Blade Class Star Destroyer

Iron Claw Armored Assault Planetary Craft

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Skellarian Empire

Skellarian Empire

Team Designation: SKELLARIA

Membership Details:

Darg Elsaml (Skellarian Earth Forces Commander) (Leader) (391)

Advance Scout (agents) (145)

Counter-Psion (268)


Major Adversaries:

F'plrara Confederations


Union of Civilized Worlds


Base of Operations:




Stalker Class Scout Ship

The planet Skellar was once a world much like Earth during the Cold War, with numerous independent nations mostly aligned into two large blocs of superpowers and their subordinates. On the verge of nuclear destruction, a miracle happened. They were invaded by an alien race known by their historians as the Iglaglic. The major governments were subjugated and Skellar was made a colony. Guerilla warfare was still prevalent after a decade of domination by the Iglaglic. There was a political stalemate with the Iglaglic holding the urban centers and open areas while the guerilla factions held the areas where terrain helped them hide. But economically, the guerillas were dying because the resources were being held by the invaders.

Guerilla commanders agreed to meet despite their ideological differences and the Pact of the Warriors was written after four months of surprisingly peaceful debate. Four major guerilla offensives were launched and many Skellar died, but, because the enemy was spread apart and because of the genius of High Commander Brok Gugnor, Center City was liberated as well as the nearby foundries of New Markola and Old Markola mines. The Pact held and the other three commanders continued to use their faltering troops to put pressure on the enemy while nearly all resources were shunted to High Commander Gugnor including all of the technicians and scientists that were still alive.

Soon, the Skellarians were not only able to use Iglaglic technology, but they were able to manufacture high technology weapons and other equipment. The three other commands eventually were completely annhilated by the Iglaglic, but it was too late for them. The new Skellarian Army was nearly a match for the Iglaglic in technology and more than a match for them in manpower. Skellaria was soon free.

Unfortunately for the rest of the galaxy, the culture that emerged was militaristic, nationalistic, and aggressive. To the Skellarians, expansion not only made them wealthier, but it also provided them a greater buffer. Never again would Skellaria fall to aliens. The first action taken was the use of solar-antimatter mines to destroy the homeworld of the Iglaglic as well as their sun. Fortunately, for the rest of the galaxy, that was an Iglaglic technology that was unmastered by Skellaria.

With the destruction of the core of the Iglaglic hive mind, all of the hives became unsentient animals once again. Skellaria quickly conquered three Iglalic colonies quickly and began a build up of their military. Over eight generations, they have achieved their current domain. The last two of these generations have been less successful and the territorial expansion substantially slower. The primary reason is the indirect opposition by the Union of Civilized Worlds. In addition, the Skellarian Empire has made contact with the equally expansionistic F'plrara Confederations.

Home to 6.7 billion Skellarians, Skellar is the fourth planet of seven in the Cazik Star System. It is a primarily tropical planet, slightly warmer than earth and with approximately similar proportion of water and land. The atmosphere is also similar, a consequence of convergent planetary development within the habitable zone of the Cazik Star System. Being a geologically older planet than earth, Skellar has a denser core which gives it a surface gravity of about twice that of Earth.

Skellarians are reptilian beings that have a vaguely humanoid form. As with Earth humans, Skellarians have five fingers including an opposable thumb as well as five toes. They are slightly taller than the average human and see with two compound green eyes.
Area of Operations
The Skellarians have a small Empire consisting of their homeworld, Skellar in the Cazik Star System, two other primary worlds, six populous colonies, and five resource colonies. The Skellarian High Command has within the past 50 years taken notice of Earth as a place of possible conquest. They’ve established two hidden bases on Earth. The first is located in the Outback of Australia, and the second in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. For the most part, the Skellarian forces on Earth don't try to attract attention as they are building a base and gathering intelligence. If they do plan a 'test' of Earth's defenses, it almost always takes place far away from their bases.
The Skellarian Empire is an expansionist interstellar nation. Under the Skellarian High Command, they have already conquered two worlds and seek to conquer more. For the Conquistador Force on Earth, the immediate mission is to 1) establish an advance base that will serve as logistics points, and 2) gather intelligence about how best to invade Earth.
The Skellarian Empire needs to contend with two other major powers. The pacifistic/utopianistic Union of Civilized Worlds has too many resources and its technology is too far advanced of Skellarian technology. However, because of a general rule of non-confrontation, the UCW does not dictate terms to Skellaria. They do however oppose its efforts of expansion diplomatically and by providing advisors to worlds that are potential targets of Skellarian expantion. The F'plrara Confederation has a tenuous relation with Skellaria because of their similar expansionistic desires, their similar industrial strength, and their similar technology level. The last two centuries have seen a cycle of war and peace between the two star empires. Currently, tensions have risen between Skellaria and F'plrara.

On Earth, the general population (including most national governments) do not know of the Skellarians. S.A.G.E. has been monitoring reports of Skellarians. While they suspect the existence of a Skellarian pre-invasion base, S.A.G.E. does not know where it is or how developed it is. They suspect that an all out invasion may be iminent. The supervillain team, Deep6, uses a converted Skellarian Scout Ship as a base, but does not otherwise know of the Skellarian Empire.