Seven Soldiers

Seven Soldiers

Team Designation: Seven Solders of the New United States of America

Threat Level: Alpha

Expanded Membership Details:

Blue Beard

Bluebeard (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

General Uprising

General Uprising (419 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Ka-Bar (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Nemesis (375 points)
[Hunts as a team]

One Nation

One Nation (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Stone Cold

Stone Cold (366 points)
[Hunts as a team]


T.N.T. (355 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:



US Military


Base of Operations:



General Uprising (Team Leader)
One Nation
Stone Cold
Closed Senate Hearing on the Threat of Uber-Humans

Senators Langdon, Nezumi, Waco, and Price presiding.

Person(s) giving testimony to senators: General George Gadsen, Department of Military Intelligence

Senator Langdon: “The committee welcomes you to this closed hearing, General. Pleased be aware that you are under oath, and nothing said here is to be spoken of outside of this room.”

General Gadsen: “Acknowledged senator.”

Senator Nezumi: “General, we’ve all read your report of the raise of these so-called supermen, whom these Germans during the second world war has labeled Ubermensche. And it’s your contention that these supermen pose a possible threat to the security to the United States of America. Is this correct?”

General Gadsen: “Most definitely senator. I personally witnessed such acts by these supermen while serving under General Patton. Nazi Germany had discovered these supermen, and was using them during the war. One of these supermen, calling himself Max Uber was instrumental in defeating several armored companies under General Patton. One man gentlemen single handedly handed General Patton a major defeat.”

Senator Price: “This Max Uber, you mentioned, did he not turn on the Nazi government and thereby shorten the war considerably?”

General Gadsen: “That may be senator. However, it just goes to show the weakness of any government to deal with threats of this magnitude.”

Senator Waco: “Certainly General you are exaggerating the effectiveness of these Ubers. Hasn’t your own Project Omega show little or no results.”

General Gadsen: “Such attitudes will only bring this country to its knees. It is such short sightedness by politicians like you who are blind, not I.”

Senator Langdon: “General, curb your anger. Need I remind you that the President, himself, created a group of these Ubers to protect the nation from such threats, such as the Riders of the Storm.”

General Gadsen: “While I have the utmost respect for women and men of Sanction, they’re really not prepared to face the enemies of this country that are expected to be facing in the future. For example in the Soviet Union, there is a group of Ubers known as Oktober. Not only are these Ubers tied to their military, but their numbers are almost twice of Sanction.”

Senator Price: “General we’ve read the report on Oktober, and we feel that they’re too fractional to pose a threat to the United States.”

General Gadsen: “Sir, you are a fool. This committee makes me think about the three monkeys: See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Hear no Evil. With only seven soldiers of the caliber of the Ubers of Oktober, or Majectic, or Knightwatch, or even the Legionnaires I could take over this country myself, and do a better job for the nation then you bunch of buffoons. I could cause a general uprising like this nation has never seen before. ”

Senator Langdon: “That will be enough General. We’ve heard enough from you. You sir is dismissed. A report of your conduct in this hearing will be forwarded to your superior officer.”

Hearing Ends…

Addendum-Special Agent Julian Lockheart, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

“General Gadsen was reported Absent without Leave (AWO), after his senate hearing. An investigation of his office by the FBI in the Pentagon has shown that the General has absconded with several classified records on suspected Ubers. Efforts by the FBI, and even the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have failed to turn up the location of General Gadsen.”
Area of Operations
Seven Soldier are a wholly American organization. Foreigners need not apply. Seven Soldier has several hidden based hidden across the United States. General Uprising is said to have his command bunker somewhere in Colorado or Montana. Sanction has shut down several bases across the nation, but Seven Soldiers seem to find new ones all the time. How Seven Soldiers travel between their bases is unknown.
With the overthrow of the United States government, Seven Soldiers would institute a lot of conservative, and some might draconian laws. Another change General Uprising wants to bring about is the removal of politicians being in charge of the military. He sees such restrictions roadblocks for the establishment of the New United States of America.

Seven Soldiers will bring about this change by converting the military, and through them the general populous to their cause. They're also stockpiling weapons that have been stolen from military depots, and other installations. Seven Soldier will also bring fear to the governent by attacking the very symbols of the government itself.

Seven Soldiers are a definite threat to the security of the United States. Their primary targets have usually been federal in nature. The more symbolic their attacks are the better in the Seven Soldier handbook. Seven Soldier have stated that they will bring down the government of the United States, and replace it with one more along the lines of their political thinking. Usual targets for Seven Soldier are military depots, federal reserves, and occasionally landmarks. On of the groups greatest battles against Sanction occurred near the Washington Monument.

All patriotic super-heroes see Seven Soldiers as a bunch of traitors, while more anti-government types see Seven Soldiers as standing up against an unjust government. It remains to be seen which group is more correct. Seven Soldiers actively work with anti-government super-villain groups. However, against outside threats Seven Soldiers won't hesitate to fight against such threats, at least until the threat to the nation was over. Seven Soldier want to control the United States, not have it controlled by someone else.