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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Submitting a Character for The Sentinels

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The Heroes: Each Writer will be primarily responsible for his/her PC. That doesn't mean that he/she is limited to writing about just his/her character, but the Writer will know his/her PC's history and personality, thoroughly (i.e., if there's any question about what has happened or will happen to the Writer's PC, he/she has the final word).

The only thing that is needed to submit a PC to the Sentinels is a well-written story (please do a spell/grammar check) of a pivotal moment in the character's superhero origin. You are welcome to work in the PC's history in the narrative of the story, but it should be part of the story text rather than a biographical section. Prospective writers are encouraged to first submit to the Editor an outline of the story.

At their option, the Writer may submit a character sheet for posting to the website. Here are some guidelines:

Power Level: 250-700 total points
Powers: There should be some balance between specialization and breadth of powers. Highly specialized characters can have higher max APs (for 1 specialized power) or max SPD, but most other should max out at about 70-75 APs and 5 SPD.
There should be no question that the PC is a Hero.
The PC must be able to work on a team, although most of the Sentinels PCs would likely also work well alone.
The archetype and origin are up to the Writer, but should avoid strong overlap with existing Sentinels PCs.

There is no deadline for character submission, Writers may join or leave the campaign at their leisure.