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Welcome to Senshudan One!

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Captain Lion RedKonnichiwa (or perhaps, Konbanwa) from the Senshudan One team. I am Captain Lion Red. To many, I am nothing more than the deceased leader of the original Senshudan One team. In fact while my body is no longer alive and my spirit is no longer on this world, I am here as a computer program courtesy of my friend Sensei Progress Green.

You will be heartened to know that Senshudan One is, indeed, alive and fighting crime in Japan. If you are curious as to what has happened, I invite you to read the synopsis of the team's history.

The team currently has four active members. Well, actually, three members on the team and one whom the team wants to recruit. By tradition, Senshudan One has had five members. So, it is likely that we will be searching for another hero of Japan in the near future. For information regarding heroes of Japan, please see Ichiro's database.

– Virtual Captain Lion Red, May 2006

Gamemaster: Neil Ma

Campaign mailing list:



Ichiro (Green) (363 points), played by Ben Wadell

Kitsune (Blue) (360 points), played by Noah Thorp

Koorogi (Red) (364 points), played by Marty Haught

Stuntman (Black) (362 points), played by Rob Rogers

Shadow Dragon ([color]) (352 points), played by KL Wilson


Detective 'Aki' Kaneshige

Jungle Boy



Hawk Rider II

Moon Warrior





Base of Operations: Senshudan Prime, Tokyo, Japan

Vehicle: Senshudan Go!

Major Adversaries: Dark Pool, Ichiban, Mister Chaos, the New Empire

Note: This campaign originated in the Global Guardians Universe and moved to Uberworld in April 2006.