Team Designation: The Only Defense of a Nation

Threat Level: Alpha

Expanded Membership Details:

Captain California

Captain California (527 points)
[hunts as a team]

Doctor Spin

Doctor Spin (400 points)
[hunts as a team]

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty (402 points)
[hunts as a team]

Major American

Major American (450 points)
[hunts as a team]


Speedway (411 points)
[hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Black Eye

Bloody Mary





El Disenador

Emerald Crane

Ground Zero


Iron Heart I

Lost Girls

Maximum Force

MC Destruction

Night Shift

Riders on the Storm

Seven Soldiers

Sharp Fang

The Pack




Base of Operations:

Washington DC



Sanction Jet

Captain California
Doctor Spin
Lady Liberty
Major American (Team Leader)
Rose Garden, White House, Washington DC, July 4, 1983...

“By my hand, on this day July 4th, 1983, I President Ronald Reagan do sign Executive Order 586, and hereby order the formation of a group of uberhumans, which will be known as Sanction. These agents will be an independent arm or the Department of Justice. Please allow me to introduce Sanction.”

On that day in July the world met America's premier super-hero group. That first team consisted of former NFL great, Nate Haskin, turned super-hero known as Stalwart. Nate was struck by a fallen satellite that contained an alien microbe during a televised football game. He was the only player on his team to survive the microbe. Stalwart was the first leader of Sanction.

Next to Stalwart came Golden Eagle, the second of that name. The first Golden Eagle was a great hero during World War II, and the second Golden Eagle was his sidekick who was known as Silver Eagle. When the first Golden Eagle retired, Silver Eagle assumed the mantle of Golden Eagle.

Laura King was a famous Las Vegas stage magician who went by the stage name of Miss Spectacular. She used a lot of magical gimmicks to fight crime, but Miss Spectacular always denied that her powers were magical in nature.

The last member of the original Sanction team was Rosa Ruiz, who was known by the moniker of the Rose. As the Rose, Rosa was able to cause plants to animate and attack upon her command. However, little else was known about her because she always wore a mask in public.

On the whole Sanction was well received by the general public. This was possibly due to the charisma of their leader Stalwart. Silver Bow, who was very much anti-government claimed that Sanction was unconstitutional and a sign that the government was moving in the wrong direction. Up to her death at the hands of Hantu Pemburu, she was always at odds with Sanction.

Over the next few years Sanction primarily concentrated on domestic super-villain crime. Sanction put down several CLAW cells as well as other organized crime operations like the the Leoni crime family. Their greatest battle was against the super-villain group the Riders on the Storm. The Riders on the Storm feeling a grudge against the United States actually attacked Washington DC. The Rose fraught against Battleaxe in the White House rose garden, while Stalwart faced off against Victory at the Washington Monument. Over the skies of the nations capital, Golden Eagle contended with Stormbringer. Lastly Miss Spectacular dealt with Epos at the Lincoln Memorial. In the end the Riders on the Storm were driven away, but not without some major damage to the capital.

Things, internationally, changed a lot when tensions between the United States and Libya after terrorists downed an airliner over Scotland. President Reagan gave Stalwart a secret mission to Libya to destroy the countries hidden nuclear reactor. The president feared that Libya was attempting to gain weapons of mass destruction. Stalwart never returned. Because it was a secret mission the public was told that Stalwart had retired. After Stalwarts disappearance, Golden Eagle assumed the mantle of leadership of Sanction. Over the years since then several super-heroes joined Sanction, but none of them lasted very long.

In 1985 came the Triean Invasion. The Triea were a race of sentient plants from outer space. The aliens had been monitoring Earth for decades. They were horrified at humanities treatment at what they assumed was likewise sentient plants on Earth. The Triea felt honor bound to free the flora from the fauna. Their invasion took place simultaneously in three separate places across the globe; the woods of Northwestern United States, the Black Forest in Europe, and in the Amazon Jungle in South America.

Superheroes from across the glove rallied against the Trieans. Unfortunately, regardless of their efforts Earth's heroes were loosing ground. During the invasion Golden Eagle was seriously wounded. His wings were damaged by a Triean warrior and he never flew afterward. Meanwhile, the Rose was able to sneak aborad a Triean ship. In orbit around the Moon, the Rose was able to get an audience with Prince Zygote, the leader of the Triean Invasion. Prince Zygote became enamored with the Rose. The invasion ended that day and all of the Trieans retreated back into space. The Rose remained with Prince Zygote, eventually traveling back to the Triean home-world. On the Trien home-world Prince Zygot and the Rose were wed. The Rose never returned to Earth, but then again neither did the Trieans.

In the aftermath of the Triean Invasion, Sanction was devastated. The Rose was gone off in outer space and Golden Eagle was maimed. In effect the only remaining member of Sanction was Miss Spectacular. This perceived weakness in the nations official superhero group is what encouraged General Uprising to create his own group, Seven Soldiers. General Uprising felt that his organization would replace Sanction, and through them take over the country.

Miss Spectacular had also become disillusioned with the superhero lifestyle. She retired not long after the Triean Invasion, moving back to Las Vegas and marrying her agent. For a couple of years after Miss Spectacular retired, Sanction only existed in name only. All this changed when President Clinton invited Mystral to assume the mantle of leadership of Sanction. Mystral was a psychic and acted as an adviser for the president. The first piece of advice that Mystral gave to the new president was the importance of reinstating Sanction. It was later implied in the media that Mystral and the Presidents relationship was more than social.

However, before anything could be done about expanding the team, a new super-villain calling herself Treasure ransack a portion of the Smithsonian Museum. Treasure thought she had gotten away easily. She didn't count upon the psychic abilities of Mystral. Treasures' psychic fingerprints were all over the museum and their trail led Mystral directly to Treasures' hideout. After that it was an easy capture. The publicity of the capture of Treasure was a media circus and again it put Sanction in the public spotlight. Soon the public was calling upon the government to expand Sanction beyond just Mystral.

Wrestling sensation Major American was eyed for membership in Sanction. FBI agents were dispatched to Las Vegas to recruit him. Major American was a very impressive muscleman, and his patriotism sealed the deal. Mystral demurred to Major American and even though he was new to Sanction, he became the leader of Sanction.

The next year, a nuclear missile silo was attacked by another new super-villain, the armored Iron Heart. She attempted to take over the missile silo, but soon Sanction was on the scene. Using her psychic abilities, Mystral was able to determine that the suit of armor was actually a decoy. However, once Major American put a fist through the chest of the Iron Heart and pulled its' power core out, the fight was quickly over after that.

Things calmed down after that. Most super-villains didn't seem to want to tangle with Sanction. Meanwhile, in New York city, a vigilante calling himself Crossbow was battling the gangs and a revitalized CLAW. The mayor of New York asked for Sanctions assistance in capturing Crossbow, whom the mayor had proclaimed a public menace. Crossbow gave Sanction quite the challenge, battling across rooftop to rooftop. Using his specialized bolts, Crossbow confounded Sanction. However, Crossbow was outnumbered and eventually Sanction cornered Crossbow. It was also at this time that it was revealed that the mayor was actually the Supreme Claw of New York city. The Supreme Claw along with Cat Scratch, Iron Claw, and a squad of CLAW agents attacked, thinking that they had Crossbow contained, but in an instant of the attack, Mystral freed Crossbow. Forming a circle the three heroes faced off against CLAW. After Major American drop kicked Iron Claw through a nearby building CLAW lost its will to fight. Cat Scratch faded into the night. Several CLAW agents were captured as well as the Supreme Claw. Crossbow was quickly offered membership in Sanction.

Sanction was called in by the FBI in Los Angeles after a series of brutal murders. Major American and Crossbow responded, while Mystral remained in DC. The killer turned out to be Mad Dog Morgan. Major American battled Mad Dog, while Crossbow was forced to divert to San Francisco after what was reported to be an alien invasion. Even with his berserk strength, Mad Dog couldn't stand against Major American, and he was captured. The alien invasion turned out to be actually Captain California after his return from outer space. A short battle ensued between Crossbow and Captain California and escalated when Major American showed up. Major arts of the city were damaged in the battle. The fight ended when Mystral showed up in the nick of time after rushing to California from DC. Mystral pointed out that with Captain California's ability over the power Kosmic it wasn't safe to leave him to his own devices.

A year later Sanction was again called to California to battle their old foes, the Riders on the Storm. The Riders were attacking a research facility outside of Los Angeles. Mystral was seriously wounded in the fight, but Riders were defeated. However, before Mystral pass out from her wounds, she warned the others that the Riders were being used and that the mastermind of the attack was off the coast under the water. Using his Kosmic powers, captain California created a pathway out to sea. The mastermind turned out to be the super-villain, School. Another battle ensued and School was defeated. Major American was surprised when he cracked the armor and tiny fish spilled out. The fish promptly escaped. He didn't know that the fish were really the crew of the School ship. The escaped Aqons were later able to to rebuild their suit ship. As for the Riders, they were sent to the Langdon Maximum Prison in Maine.

Mystral was out of action for awhile, spending some time in a DC hospital. She was there when Running Rebel was brought in for emergency surgery after he was seriously wounded by Crossbow. That injury resulted in Doctor Spin gaining his unusual abilities. It was Mystral who invited Doctor Spin to join Sanction due to Crossbow being on suspension.

Sanction was rocked when their old detractor, Silver Bow was found murdered. Crossbow was enraged and went off on his own along with Amethyst Archer III, a solo super-hero. The killer turned out to be the crazed Hantu Pembru who was obsessed with being the greatest archer in the world. Crossbow and Hantu Pemburu had a running battle in New York city. Amethyst Archer III was slain in the conflict and after Crossbow tried to come to her assistance, he was shot as well. Crossbow was rushed to a local hospital where he later died of his wounds. Sanction was stunned by this news and were later stunned again when it was learned that Crossbow was actually the nephew of the later Silver Bow. As for Hantu Pemburu, he escaped back to Malaysia and the Malaysian government reported that he was executed for his crimes. In the aftermath of the death of Crossbow, the media called the story the “Archer Hunt.”

Crossbow was buried with honors. All of Sanction attended the funeral as did almost every super-hero in America. However, once again Sanction was short a member. One of the super-heroes who was attending the funeral was a new super-hero, the cyborg speedster called Speedway. Speedway volunteered to join Sanction. Major American was impressed with Speedways' enthusiasm and agreed to allow Speedway to join Sanction.

Sanction was challenged when the terrorist Polestar along with the Kinder der Zukunft laid siege to the New York city library. Eventually Sanction arrived on the scene and drove off the Kinder der Zukunft away. However, Major American found Polestar standing alone in the library after Polestar killed a librarian. Polestar was easily taken into custody by Major American and he was sent to the Langdon Maximum Prison, where he stayed for many years, until his release to the Brotherhood.

The Winter Games Massacre along with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City are considered two of the darkest day in the history of Sanction. Sadly enough they both occurred in the same year. The Zodiac agency kidnapped and ritually killed over twenty athletes. Sanction was able to rescue only a handful of the athletes. One of the ones rescued later on became the super-villain Arctos. As for 911, Sanction was caught off guard like the rest of the nation.

The following years, Sanction clashed with the South American super-villain, El Disenador. The super-villain had captured a CIA agent, and the CIA wanted her back. El Disenador fled but not before trying out a new designer drug on her. She almost died form the drug but came out of with super powers of her own. She went on to become the super hero Akidoka. Not long after that, that Mystral announced that she was retiring because she was pregnant. This surprised the other members of Sanction because they knew so little of Mystrals' life. Mystral liked to be mysterious. Aikidoka joined Sanction after Mystral retired. She even changed her costume and assumed a new codename, that of Lady Liberty.

Since Lady Liberty joined Sanction, the new team has stabilized. Sanction strives to remain ever vigilant against threats against the United States. Only history will prove whether they will be successful or not.
Area of Operations
Sanction primarily works against villainy throughout the United States. The group also travels to any nation that has treaties with the government. Sanction isn't above going where they're not welcomed as well.
Sanction sees the reason for their existence is the protection of the American people. Any who threaten the sanctity of the United States needs to fear Sanction. Sanction isn't above secretly going into other countries so long as the interests of the United States are threatened. They stand vigilant against any super-villain or group who plot against the country. Super-villains captured by Sanction are either sent to the Langdon Maximum Prison in Maine, or the Thorp Institute for the Mentally Insane, depending on the super-villain.
Sanction enjoys an unique reputation in the United States. On the whole Sanction is seen as the premier super-hero group in the world. Sanction is completely supported by the government. Naturally those who oppose freedom hate and despise Sanction. Groups like the Immortals, and to an extent the Assembly oppose Sanction. Of course, almost all super-villain groups in the world fear Sanction with reason. Sanction has some of the most powerful super-villains the United States can field. Other super-hero groups often times look upon Sanction as a strong arm of the government. Otherwise, Sanction has a good relationship with super-heroes who've a reputation for not killing or causing a lot of property damage. Sanction isn't above capturing rogue super-heroes who've gone vigilante.