S.A.G.E. Facility


Value Notes
18 Size 500 hexes; 2000 square meters
4 BODY 6
21 DEF 9
30 Location distant, underground beneath Stonehenge, England
0 Grounds 0 hexes
0 Concealment 0
9 Disguise 18- as a ruined monolith (partial coverage: entrance only 1 hex; -2)


Abilities and Equipment


5 Arcane Entry System: Security Systems 14-, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
12 Expert's Lab Space: Laboratories x4 9- n/a
2 Infrared Cameras: Enhanced Senses: Infrared Perception, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
33 Merlin's Gaol: Armor +6 PD/+6 ED - Hardened x2 (for 15 PD/15 ED; +), Difficult to Dispel x2 (+); Affects Desolid (+), Cannot Be Escaped by Teleportation (+), Cannot Be Escaped by Extra-Dimensional Movement (+); and Lack of Weakness -5 for Resistant Defenses, Partial Coverage (2 hexes; -2); x4 Rooms n/a
33 Merlin's Gaolkeeper: Enhanced Sense: Spatial Awareness, Discriminatory - Area of Effect 2" Radius (+1), Difficult to Dispel (+), Partial Coverage (16 hexes - Merlin's Gaol; -1) n/a
5 Radio: Enhanced Senses: High Range Radio Perception, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
Cost Computer


S.A.G.E. 2: Computer
Cost Char Value
13 INT 23 INT Roll 14-; PER Roll 14-
0 DEX 10 DEX Roll 11-; OCV: 3 DCV: 3
10 SPD 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12
Powers and Talents
3 Astrological Tracking: Bump of Direction
5 Atomic Clock: Absolute Time Sense
17 Cis-Temporal Communications Network: Mind Link to Other S.A.G.E. Computers, 4 Minds at a Time, No LOS - Only Others with Mind Link (-1)
3 Math Processor: Lightning Calculator
5 Memory: Eidetic Memory
24 S.A.G.E. Database: Universal Scholar 14-
1 Computer Programming 8-
3 Language: English
3 Navigation (Marine) 11-
3 Science Skill: Archaeology 14-
2 Systems Operation 11-
1 Monitor Communications, Report Anomalies (Systems Operation)
1 Monitor Surveillance Systems, Report Anomalies (Systems Operation)
1 Plot Navigation Course (Navigation)
1 Respond Verbally (Language)
1 Search Database for Requested Information (KS, SS, or Universal)
1 Transfer Data with Other S.A.G.E. Computers (Systems Operation)
Characteristics Cost 82 Base Points 0
Abilities and Equipment Cost 79 Disadvantages 0
Personnel Cost 0 Experience Points n/a
Computer Cost 94 Total Points 255
Total Cost 255

Drs. Heyerdahl and Running Bear uncovered a workshop under the Stonehenge monolith. All indications were that its former owner was none other than the wizard Merlin. It was decided that Merlin's Gaol, deemed unmoveable, was valuable enough that a S.A.G.E. facility was built around it beneath Stonehenge.

Quote About the Base
"In an age where men with superior abilities seek to harm Earth's children, we have had the fortune of finding Merlin's workshop." - Dr. James Running Bear of S.A.G.E.
Merlin's Gaol is a nearly impervious holding cell presumably created for holding demons, it works just as well for ubers. The S.A.G.E. 2 computer housed at the Stonehenge Facility holds the S.A.G.E. Database with information on just about everything.

Stonehenge is a monolith of large stones in a circle, aligned to sight the sun and stars. The facility is in a tunneled series of caverns that include Merlin's workshop.