Angkor Wat
S.A.G.E. Facility


Value Notes
18 Size 500 hexes; 2000 square meters
4 BODY 6
21 DEF 9
30 Location distant, underground in the Cambodian jungle
0 Grounds 0 hexes
0 Concealment 0
9 Disguise 18- as a ruined city (partial coverage: entrance only 1 hex; -2)


Abilities and Equipment


5 Arcane Entry System: Security Systems 14-, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
24 Expert's Lab Space: Laboratories x8 9- n/a
2 Infrared Cameras: Enhanced Senses: Infrared Perception, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
46 Mystic Gate: Teleport 5", 5 Fixed Locations (S.A.G.E. Facilities, Ariamachina), 2 Floating Fixed Locations (Portable Dimension Gates) - Megascale (1"=10000 km, Scaleable; +1), Area of Effect 1" Radius (+), 0 END Cost (+), Useable as an Attack (Ranged, No Line of Sight Needed; +3), Limit: Only to and from Fixed Locations (-1), OIF Immobile (-1) 0
5 Radio: Enhanced Senses: High Range Radio Perception, OIF Immobile (-1) n/a
Cost Computer


S.A.G.E. 4: Computer
Cost Char Value
13 INT 23 INT Roll 14-; PER Roll 14-
0 DEX 10 DEX Roll 11-; OCV: 3 DCV: 3
10 SPD 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12
Powers and Talents
5 Atomic Clock: Absolute Time Sense
17 Cis-Temporal Communications Network: Mind Link to Other S.A.G.E. Computers, 4 Minds at a Time, No LOS - Only Others with Mind Link (-1)
3 Math Processor: Lightning Calculator
5 Memory: Eidetic Memory
20 Rosetta Stone Linguistics Program: Universal Translator 14-
1 Computer Programming 8-
2 Electronics 11-
2 Knowledge Skill: Lost Civilizations 11-
2 Knowledge Skill: Magic Artifacts 11-
2 Knowledge Skill: Magic 11-
3 Language: English
2 Navigation (Orienteering) 11-
2 Systems Operation 11-
1 Monitor Communications, Report Anomalies (Systems Operation)
1 Monitor Surveillance Systems, Report Anomalies (Systems Operation)
1 Plot Navigation Course (Navigation)
1 Respond Verbally (Language)
1 Search Database for Requested Information (KS, SS, or Universal)
1 Transfer Data with Other S.A.G.E. Computers (Systems Operation)
Characteristics Cost 82 Base Points 0
Abilities and Equipment Cost 82 Disadvantages 0
Personnel Cost 0 Experience Points n/a
Computer Cost 91 Total Points 255
Total Cost 255

The ancient city of Angkor Wat proved to be disappointing with regards to archeological finds. However, after studying anomalies in some of the magical equipment, Drs. Heyerdahl and Running Bear determined that the site is unusual in that it functions in some ways as a magical 'power outlet'. The ruins beneath the ground have been excavated and a S.A.G.E. facility built there.

Quote About the Base
"Funny how we all thought nothing was here." - Dr. Annika Heyerdahl of S.A.G.E.
A large bronze circle decorated with small ornate spires was found at the ruins of Santorini, a Minoan city buried by the volcano at Thera. It is thought that the artifact was used by priests and priestesses of either Hecate or Athena. A number of large, and similarly decorated, bronze disks were found as well. On a whim, Dr. Heyerdahl moved the large artifact to the S.A.G.E. Angkor Wat Facility. Further study revealed that it is a mystic gate that can transport users to and from the disks. One such disk was then place in each S.A.G.E. facility. Another within the S.A.G.E. aircar and two others stored in the S.A.G.E. Armory at Angkor Wat. In addition to the mystic gate, the computer, S.A.G.E. 4, was installed at the facility with a Rosetta Stone Complex Linguistics Program.

In the midst of the Cambodian jungle, the ruins of Angkor Wat appear to be moss- and dirt-covered structures. The S.A.G.E. Facility is beneath this at the excavated buried ruins.