Team Designation: Ruin, For Society to Redefine Itself It Must Be Brought to Ruin

Threat Level: Beta

Expanded Membership Details:

El Nino

El Nino (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Monsoon (356 points)
[Hunts as a team]

San Andreas

San Andreas (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Seiche (356 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Tunguska (358 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Vesuvius (368 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:



Law Enforcement

Russian Dawn

The Assembly

The Brotherhood


Base of Operations:





El Nino
San Andreas
Seiche (Team Leader)
“This is Terry Davis, of the Global Uber News Network reporting live from Paris. Atlanta are you receiving?”

An explosion nearby caused the reporter and her cameraman to seek cover behind an overturned car.

In the relative safety behind the car Terry tried to straighten her hair, and then again spoke into the camera.

“The terrorist organization calling itself Ruin has made an attack upon the city. So far efforts by Trinity have had little effect on the rampaging super-villains. No one knows the cause of the attack but Ruins has caused a lot of damage in a short amount of time.”

Terry and her cameraman risked standing up peering at the carnage. Nearby a large man covered in flames slugged it out with the French hero Bastille.

“We’ve been able to identify the super-villain facing Bastille. He has been identified at an Italian super-villain known as Vesuvius.”

Balls of lava flew overhead and Terry was forced to duck down again. The lava struck a nearby building, which immediately burst into flames.

“Wow!” shouted Terry, “that was close.”

The camera panned up into the air and caught a young man flying with wild abandon. Windows shattered as he careened around the area.

“There’s another one of them,” said Terry to the camera. “The young man is a South American known as El Nino.”

Glass started raining down and again Terry was forced to move.

“As you can see Ruin is creating a lot of havoc. Look, up in the air it’s Solaris. It appears that the Brotherhood has come into the fight as well, just in time.”

Moving swiftly away from the battlefield Terry spotted Armstrong heading their way. His telescoping legs made him look like he was stilt walker, but with a lot longer stride. However, Armstrong hadn’t gotten far from where Terry was before another member of Ruin made himself known.

“Come on gringo,” shouted the man, “You think you’re tough, well you ain’t faced San Andreas before.”

Both Terry and her cameraman fell to the ground as shockwaves rocked the ground around them. Even Armstrong seemed to wobble a little from the attack.

Picking herself up, Terry asked her cameraman if the camera was still on.

“As you can see another member of Ruin has joined the battle. It’s the Mexican super-villain known as San Andreas. His earthquake knocked us down, and almost toppled Armstrong.”

A nearby can crunched down as the weight of the German super-hero Steppenwolfe, landed on it. He leaped away from the car as lightning flashed from the sky obliterating the car and sending shrapnel flying. Terry couldn’t help but to scream out in fear. Flying in pursuit of the German came a beautiful woman of an obvious Indian lineage.

“There goes another,” said Terry as the two sought to find somewhere safe in the battleground that was Paris. “I believe that is Monsoon, an Uber from Sri Lanka.”

Terry let out a moan, and torrential rains ruined her hairdo as the flying woman quickly passed overhead. Not only was her hair a mess, but now Terry was drenched as well.

“Things, as you can see are quickly getting out of hand here in Paris,” said Terry to the camera.

Just then another explosion sent Terry cowering. Flying overhead a man and a woman exchanged burst of energy. It was difficult to see which one was winning.

"That was Polestar of the Brotherhood and the woman was Tuskunga," said Terry with a little quiver in her voice.

Under her breathe, Terry said, "Man they don't pay me enough for this job."

The camera paned around the battlefield taking in the ruined building, and the totaled vehicles, fires were burning all over the place. Just when things couldn’t get worse, the camera showed a geyser of water exploding out of the Seine. Riding high on the geyser was an oddly dressed man, with blue hair.

“That’s Seiche, the leader of Ruin,” said Terry. “It looks like that geyser is heading towards the Eiffel Tower.”

Just before the Swiss could get to the tower, a woman stepped out of the very air.

“Look, look,” shouted Terry, “It’s Sting, the leader of the Trinity, has made the scene. Ruin won’t stand against her.”

However, Terry seemed to have spoken too soon, as a ball of water shot from the Swiss’s hand engulfing Sting. The sound of Seiche’s laughter seemed to ring across the streets of Paris. Maybe Terry was wrong.
Area of Operations
Ruin roams all across the globe spreading their messages of nihilism, and the deconstruction of society. Since the members of Ruin all come from different countries across the world, from Switzerland to Sri Lanka, Ruin has not played in favorites. It’s more important for Ruin to get Seiche’s message that only by breaking down society can the world evolve into a better society.
Seiche has stated that the goals of Ruin is to bring society to ruin, and once that is achieved society can rebuild itself into a perfect society. However, the way Ruin goes about bringing this change usually involves a lot of property damage. As Seiche says if you want to make a perfect society you must first bring it to ruin before rebuilting can start. Ruins goals are written down in a thirty three page document written by Seiche which he calls his Ruin Manifesto.
Ruin, naturally is the bane of law enforcement agencies. The law is the antithesis of Ruin, and Ruin always causes a lot of destruction no matter where they go. Super-hero group, like law enforcement agencies also seem to take a dim view of Ruins philosophy. The Brotherhood is known for their animosity towards Ruin. Ruin has also tangled with Clan McLeod as well, after Ruin attacked the oil fields in the North Sea.

T.I.T.A.N. has little use for Ruin, and Sterling has never hired them to do any of his dirty work. Because none of the members of Ruin are English, Empire as well turns of their collective noses at Ruin. Ruin does have a somewhat friendly rivalry with the Elementals, however.