Rada Team

Team Designation: RADA TEAM

Membership Details:




Agwe the Sub Mariner







Major Adversaries:

Sons Of Set

Witch Doctor


Base of Operations:

Rada Garden, Porto-Novo, Benin



Rada Jet

The Rada are a race of spiritual beings from the Rada Dimension and have been historically linked to the vodun religion of Benin, and the modern voodoo traditions of the Caribbean.  One of their number, Yemanja, realised that their spiritual homeland on Earth was in danger.  The Sons of Set had planned to take control of Benin and the well of mystical energy which was based below the city of Ouidah.  The priestess Nepythys believed she could harness the energy to bring her Master back to the Earth Dimension.  The other Rada refused to intervene which left Yemanja with little choice but to turn her back on her family and travel to Earth by herself.

Once there she enlisted the help of the local hero Mouritala Adjamossi.  Yemanja wasn't prepared to care so much for the humans, but found herself falling in love with Mouritala: an experience she had never felt before.  As they worked to create a superhero team which could withstand the full force of the Sons of Set, the two co-founders of Rada Team began an illicit affair, for Mouritala was already married.  Yemanja wasn't too concerned about the complication as she wasn't fully aware of human emotions and saw nothing wrong with a bit of fun.

When the team was ready, Yemanja led them to Ouidah and brought the powers of her family to bear on the heroes.  Each one was blessed by a different spirit: and with the energy they all took on a new name representing the connection they had with the rada.

After successfully defending the city the team remained together and became an established force for crime fighting in the region.  They are constantly harassed by the Sons of Set but have broadened their interests beyond the battle currently going on within northern Africa.

Area of Operations
The Rada Team is based in Porto-Novo in Benin but have provided assistance to neighbouring countries as well as moving into the Rada Dimension on occasion.  It is possible that the team will be called to the Caribbean as there exists a strong connection between Benin and the New World.
Yemanja brought the heroes together to safeguard the spiritual home of the vodun, Ouidah from the incursion of the Sons of Set.  Since succeeding in resisting the incursion, the Rada Team has provided assistance in preventing natural and human disasters in the region.  They are all dedicated to safeguarding their country as well as the ensuring the welfare of Africa.
The Rada Team is very well regarded in Benin and all members are welcomed by the people as celebrities.  Outside of Benin, their reputation is ambiguous.  Some consider them little more than zealots and practitioners of voodoo, but there is a growing admission that the team is doing good deeds across western Africa.  Beyond Africa the team is not known at all.