Team Designation: Protezoni

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Alta Aqua

Alta Aqua (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Carnival (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Leone Alato

Leone Alato (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Maestro (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Praetorian (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Deathless Ones

Red Brigade




Base of Operations:

Venice, Italy




Alta Aqua
Fata Morgana (Team Leader)
Leone Alato
In an age forgotten by the world, when all of the continents were joined demons ruled the world. Their human slaves knew these demons as the Deathless Ones, because they could not be killed. The Deathless Ones ruled the world with an iron hand, subjugating all. Their power knew no limitations.

It was their own vanity, their own confidence in their power that brought about their downfall. The Deathless Ones had infused some of mankind with of their power. These humans became similar to the Deathless Ones, and were known as the Neoliths. They were few in number, but compared to the vast majority of humanity they were like gods in equivalence.

Eventually the Neoliths grew to understand the evil that their masters the Deathless represented, and turned against them. Cataclysmic wars raged between the Deathless Ones and the Neoliths. The continents were broken apart, and millions were annihilated. The Neoliths were victorious, but the victory was symbolic. The age of the Deathless and the Neoliths was passing. The few surviving Neoliths swore not to interfere with the course of history again, so great was their grief in the destruction they’d wroth. The Neoliths turned their backs on humanity.

As for the Deathless Ones, they did remain true to their names. While they did loose in the war with the Neoliths and their allies, they weren’t destroyed. Instead the demons were exiled to a dimension of endless darkness. The cornerstone of their exile was an artifact known as the Great Eye, which was entrusted to the Neolith known as Wolz the Watcher.

The Watcher watched the world as it turned under his gaze. He stood as an observer for millennia, but even he was called back to the Celestial City by the Neo-Father. The Watcher did not want to take the Great Eye back to the Celestial City, and entrusted it to a fierce tribe of Amazonian women who founded Aq Jibujii. Along with the Great Eye, Wolz the Watcher entrusted the woman with other secrets as well. Using these secrets the woman safeguarded the Great Eye and Aq Jibujii for centuries after.

It was during the Second World War that the outside world intruded on Aq Jibujji in the form of Lady Plunder. Lady Plunder stole the Great Eye and fled the secret kingdom. The queens daughter pursued Lady Plunder, becoming the costumed adventuress known as Princess Power. However, even with the efforts of Princess Power, she was unable to recover the missing Great Eye.

During the times of the ancient Greeks, a daughter of Wolz the Watcher felt the stirring of the Great Eye. This daughter was known to the Greeks as Circe. She took to take watching for the Great Eye to leave Aq Jibujii. It was Circe who took the Great Eye from Lady Plunder when she fled the Americas with the artifact. However, Circe knew that she couldn’t keep the Great Eye with her and buried it under Saint Marks Basilica.

However, Circe knew that this would only be a temporary measure. Someone, or something might discover her hiding place. After some thought, Circe decided that she needed to create a guardian for the artifact. It was by pure chance that Morgana Legatto was shipwrecked on her island. Circe instantly sensed the great psychic power in Morgana, and after explained to her the dangers of the Great Eye took the doctor in hand and spent the next forty years training her.

When Circe was confident in Morgana's powers Circe sent her to Venice to act as the guardian for Great Eye. Morgana instantly fell in love with the city. She kept a watchful eye on the Dawnstars, hoping to not involve them with her problems. When Dawnstars were disbanded by the European Union, Morgana had a premonition that the Great Eye would be threatened. With the Dawnstars out of Venice for awhile, Morgana, whom had taken on a super hero identity of her own as Fata Morgana started recruited others like her to defend the Great Eye. This became the basis for Protezoni or the Defenders. It came as a great surprise to Fata Morgana when the Dawnstars reformed on a huge ship out in the Lido.

One of the first heroes that Fata Morgana recruit was Carnival a mysterious woman who hid behind a mask. Next came Leone Alato, who had been quietly fighting crime by himself in Venice for awhile. Praetorian came next. He was a prize fighter from Rome who came to Venice when he heard that the Dawnstars were recruiting new members. Alas he never joined because he met Fata Morgana first. Maestro, the youngest member of Protezoni came to Venice to attend a special Catholic school for the musically gifted. On the side he plays with a different band, a band known as Protezoni. No one is sure where Alta Aqua came from, but the male members of Protezoni don’t mind. Alta Aqua came as a breathe of fresh air, and brought a little spontaneity to Protezoni.

Now Protezoni waits and watches over the Great Eye. Fata Morgana knows that one day the Great Eye will be stolen and the Deathless Ones freed from their exile, and Protezoni will be there to stand in their way.
Area of Operations
Protezoni typically stay close to Venice. Straying too far away from the Great Eye is a sure way for the forces of darkness to steal the artifact and free the demons.

However, this isn't to say that Protezoni won't go where help is needed. Maestro communes a lot between Venice and Verona where his family lives. Leone Alato ranges across northern Italy from Venice to Trieste. Only Fata Morgana and Carnival generally are always in the city. Preatorian has even opened a gym in the city.

The main focus of Protezoni is to safeguard the Great Eye from anyone who would seek the release of the Deathless Ones. Otherwise Protezoni fights crime just like any other super-hero group. However, Protezoni isn't as organized as well as some other teams. Rarely does Protezoni actually fight as a team, unless it's in defense of the Great Eye.

While outsiders might be allowed to fight alongside Protezoni, they never share their secret mission to them. Protezoni are also quick to assist other super heroes, but afterward fade into the woodwork. Protezoni don't form lasting bonds with outsiders.

Protezoni isn't too well known outside of Italy. The group usually keeps a low profile. Even the Dawnstars who make Venice their home base as well have had little actual contact with Protezoni.

Leone Alato is known to Choir, who was instrumental in recovering Diogenes' Lantern which granted Leone Alato's power. Carnival is also known to Vertigo and Slipknot, whom Carnival seems to have developed a sort of rivalry with. Occasionally Fata Morgana has made her presence known to the people of Venice, especially when her powers alert her to dangers to the city.

Villain organizations like TITAN consider Protezoni a bunch of nuisances, but are unaware of the groups true purpose. Remus thinks that Protezoni is one to watch. He wonders if he can use them against the Dawnstars at a future date. The Red Brigade has run in with Protezoni, and considers them to be a major threat to their agenda.