Percival Saint John


Value Roll Notes
-5 STR 5 10- Lift: 50kg; 1d6; [1]

3 DEX 11 11- OCV: 4    DCV: 4
0 CON 10 11-
0 BODY 10 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll 13-
30 EGO 25 14- ECV: 8
5 PRE 15 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
0 COM 10 11-
3 PD 4   Total: 14/29 PD (10/25 rPD)
2 ED 4   Total: 14/29 ED (10/25 rED)
9 SPD 3   Mental Defense: 0/15
6 REC 6   Phases: 4, 8, 12
15 END 40   Running: 6" / 12"
6 STUN 24   Flight: 18" / 144"




75 Sorcery - Prospero's Books: Multipower, 150-point reserve, (150 Active Points); all slots OIF (-), Extra Time (Full Phase; -)
6u 1) Blinking Spell: Teleportation 20", No Relative Velocity, Position Shift, Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Armor Piercing (+) (124 Active Points)
4u 2) Demon Army I: Aid +15 STR, +5 DEX, +7 CON, +7 BODY, +15 PRE, +15 PD, +15 ED, +7 REC, +30 END, +15 STUN 5d6 (standard effect: 15 points), all Characteristic powers simultaneously (+2) (150 Active Points); Side Effects: Extreme Side Effect: Major Transformation To Demon 4d6, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (-2)
7u 3) Demon Army II: (Total: 147 Active Cost, 68 Real Cost) Armor (12 PD/12 ED), Usable By Other (+1/4) (45 Active Points) plus Flight 12", Usable By Other (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (42 Active Points); Restrainable (-) plus Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6+1, Usable By Other (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (35 Active Points) plus Clinging (normal STR), Usable By Other (+1/4) (12 Active Points) plus Infrared Perception (Sight Group), Usable By Other (+1/4) (6 Active Points) plus +5 Mental Defense (10 points total), Usable By Other (+1/4) (7 Active Points)
7u 4) Dimensional Gate: Extra-Dimensional Movement (Any Dimension, Any Location), x8 Increased Weight, Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Continuous (+1) (150 Active Points)
7u 5) Eye Of Prospero: (Total: 150 Active Cost, 74 Real Cost) Mind Scan 12d6, Reduced Endurance (END; +1/4) (75 Active Points) plus Ego Attack 6d6, Reduced Endurance (END; +1/4) (75 Active Points) 6
5u 6) Flight: (Total: 95 Active Cost, 47 Real Cost) Flight 18", x8 Noncombat, Usable Underwater (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (80 Active Points) plus Life Support (Safe in High Pressure; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (15 Active Points)
6u 7) Floating Disks: Telekinesis (40 STR), Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Persistent (+), Uncontrolled (+) (150 Active Points); Visible (-1/4), Affects Whole Object (-1/4)
7u 8) Levitated Attacks: Energy Blast 10d6, Autofire (3 shots; +1/4), Indirect ( Any origin, any direction; +3/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1) (150 Active Points); OIF: Object Of Opportunity (-)
7u 9) Levitated Entangle: Entangle 5d6, 8 DEF, Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Indirect ( Any origin, any direction; +3/4) (146 Active Points); OIF: Objects Of Opportunity (-)
7u 10) Magic Shackles: Drain STR 8d6, Reduced Endurance (END; +1/4), Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 5 Minutes; +) (140 Active Points) 6
7u 11) Possession: Mind Control 12d6 ( Human class of minds), Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Area Of Effect (9" Radius; +1) (150 Active Points); Visible: Demonic Eyes (-1/4)
6u 12) Shields: Force Wall (15 PD/15 ED; 3" long and 2" tall), Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (121 Active Points)
7u 13) Strip The Barriers I: Drain Force Fields 10d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (150 Active Points)
7u 14) Strip The Barriers II: Drain Armour 10d6, Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (150 Active Points)
7u 15) Transformation Spell - Others: Major Transform 4d6+1 (Anything Into Anything), Reduced Endurance (END; +1/4) (150 Active Points) 6
6u 16) Transformation Spell - Personal: Shape Shift (Sight , Hearing and Smell/Taste Groups, any shape), Cellular, Imitation, Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Persistent (+) (112 Active Points)
7u 17) Transform Inanimate Objects To Demons: Summon 16 200-point Demons, Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Slavishly Devoted (+1) (150 Active Points)
13 Amulet: Elemental Control, 40-point powers, (20 Active Points); all slots OIF (-)
53 1) Magic Protection: Force Field (15 PD/15 ED/10 Mental Defense/10 Power Defense), Reduced Endurance (0END; +), Persistent (+) (100 Active Points)
15 2) Mystic Awareness: Spatial Awareness (Unusual Group), Discriminatory, Analyze, Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), Range (42 Active Points)
10 Coat Of Pocket Dimensions: Elemental Control, 30-point powers, (15 Active Points); all slots OIF (-)
15 1) Deep Pockets: Extra-Dimensional Movement (Single Dimension), x2 Increased Weight, Reduced Endurance (0END; +) (37 Active Points)
10 2) Protective Coat: Armor (10 PD/10 ED) (30 Active Points)




+2 with Magic Attacks


Acting 12-


Analyze: Magic 13-


Bureaucratics 8-


Concealment 13-


Deduction 13-

Everyman Skills

Area Knowledge: London, United Kingdom 11-

Acting 8-

Climbing 8-

Concealment 8-

Conversation 8-

Deduction 8-

Language: English (idiomatic)

PS: Sorcerer 11-

Paramedics 8-

Persuasion 8-

Shadowing 8-

Stealth 8-

Transport Familiarity: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles


Forgery (Documents, Magic Artefacts) 13-


Gambling (Card Games) 13-


Language: Italian (fluent conversation)


Mimicry 13-


Oratory 12-


Persuasion 12-


Power: Magic 16-



Knowledge Skill: Chess 15-

Knowledge Skill: Known Magical Heroes 15-

Knowledge Skill: Other Dimensions 13-

Knowledge Skill: Shakespeare 15-

Knowledge Skill: The Argonauts 14-

Knowledge Skill: Uberhumans 11-

Knowledge Skill: World Of Magic 15-

Knowledge Skill: Zodiac Agency 13-


Sleight Of Hand 11-


Stealth 11-
300+ Disadvantages


Hunted: International Law Enforcement Agencies 8-


Hunted: Sycorax 8-


Monitored: C.L.A.W. 8-


Monitored: Magical Community 8-


Physical Limitation: Short Sighted


Psychological Limitation: Believes Books Are All-Powerful


Psychological Limitation: Will Not Kill


Rivalry: Professional: Current Sorcerer Supreme


Social Limitation: Secret Identity


Normal Characteristic Maxima


Age: 60+
9 Experience Points
Characteristics Cost 82 Base Points 300
Powers Cost 301 Disadvantages 150
Talents Cost 0 Experience Points 9
Perks Cost 0 Total Points 459
Martial Arts Cost 0
Skills Cost 76
Total Cost 459
Concept Mystic Hair Colour White
Nationality British Eye Colour Blue
Place of Birth London, England, United Kingdom Height 1.7m / 5' 7"
Date of Birth May 18, 1942 Weight 64kg / 141 lbs

Percival Saint John was always an outcast.  He was odd in school, bizarre in university and utterly unemployable as an adult.  He turned to esoteric pursuits and then arcane ones, hoping to find acceptance amongst the outsiders of the world.  His uncle was a member of a cult and Percival felt that he could follow in the tradition, but his uncle was small fry and when Percival attempted to join he only ended up tearing the cult apart - amidst a swarm of demonic wasps.  Percival survived and said nothing of the disaster to his family.  Not that they would have listened to him.  Even they wanted to see the back of Percival.

He travelled to India, South Africa and finally to America where he settled in the South.  He began to search for mystical knowledge in his usual haphazard way until one day he stumbled across the personal effects of Mangudai: an assistant to the most powerful sorcerer on the planet.  Mangudai had moved to America after his master had died and had himself died several decades later.  Percival read through the magical tomes with utter abandon, never having experienced such power in his meandering quest.  As he read the books the world around him shifted.

It was 1988.

Dallas was never the same again.  Percival unleashed a horde of demons upon the American city which eventually transformed most of the city as well.  Percival escaped the demonic horde and hid away in an installation which turned out to belong to the Astrologer.  As the American heroes and mystic community battled the demons, Percival hid away with Astrologer and played chess to pass the time.

When the battle had been won, Percival and Astrologer decided to work on a plan of world domination.  At least, that was Percival's take on the situation, although Astrologer was more interested in gaining wealth and knowledge.  Percival read the books, Prospero's Books, and managed to stumble through further misadventures through space and time.  He visited dimensions, destroying just as many as he left undisturbed.  One of these dimensions belonged to Sycorax.  Her entire dimension was destroyed by Prospero's visit.  And it wasn't the only one.

Prospero still manages to get pulled in to weird situations but always seems to survive untouched.  He is a bearer of bad omens and destroyer of worlds, but underneath he is just a bumbling old man.

Prospero has never been lucky.  He has had more downs than ups in his life, and never seems to enjoy life for any extended period of time.  Since gaining excessive power with his magic books this weirdness has intensified.  He has unleashed hordes of demons, destroyed dimensions and caused mayhem across the globe: but he actually means no harm.  He is a gentle soul most of the time, although he does possess a nasty streak - especially when he becomes jealous.
"Give in to your dark side and come and play."

Prospero is a regular human who has stumbled across books of unimaginable power.  When he reads from the books he is able to produce a wide variety of magical effects, mostly linked to demonic spells.  He is able to transform people and inanimate objects, but they always change into demonic forms.  He is able to manipulate objects remotely, throwing them at opponents or wrapping them up in strong bonds.  He also possesses a thick ugly coat which provides him with protection as well as access to remote 'pocket dimensions' where he stores items, most notably his books.


Prospero is an old man with sparkling (almost insane) eyes and a wrinkled face.  He is slightly hunched and seems harmless enough, although he wears a satanic-looking amulet which can be disarming.  He is always shrouded with his thick ugly coat which makes him look like a homeless man.  It smells and looks like it is a hundred years old (not far from the truth).  Under the coat he sometimes wears spandex as a way to convince himself that he could have been a superhero if he wanted to.  It has become something of a joke amongst the Zodiac Agency, although Prospero remains clueless.