Search for the Past

character fiction for Shadow Walker of The Sultans campaign

April 16, 2007, 3:30 pm

"I'm sorry Miss Harris, I checked our records and I'm afraid I can't help you." The young clerk said sympathetically. "We had a fire back in eighty-nine, way before we started keeping everything on computer, and most of our records were destroyed. Your file must have been among the ones we lost."

"Are you sure, couldn't you check again?" Angel asked. "There were some... complications from the accident I was in that could be genetic in nature. I really need to find out who my birth parents are."

"I've all ready checked twice for you Miss Harris, there is nothing there to find." The clerk replied firmly. "I'm truly sorry but I can't find what isn't there."

Angel sighed, "I understand and I apologize for being such a pain. I've just been a bit sensitive since the accident and well..." Her voice trailed off and she gave the clerk a rueful smile. "Thank you for trying, I really appreciate how much you've tried to help me."

Gathering what paperwork she had, Angel limped out into the warm, dry air of the afternoon. The weather report she had heard on the radio on her ride to the adoption agency had said the temperature was eighty-five degrees but she had trouble believing it. Back home, at eighty-five she would be dripping with sweat almost before she had reached her car. As it was she was a bit warm but it felt good after the cold air conditioning.

Well, that was it, she thought. Her best hope of finding her birth parents and whether one, or both, of them were ubers was gone. Somehow she would have to either learn to deal with the strange powers she was developing, on her own or look elsewhere for the information.

April 17, 1007, 2:15 am

Angel struggled awake, fighting the last vestiges of the nightmare holding her in its thrall. Since coming to California her dreams had been different. Instead of forgetting them the moment she awoke she was now remembering them and each night they had been the same.

In the dream her leg was whole again and she was walking alone in the desert where the lure of a flute drew her to an old man sitting by a campfire. As she neared him the old man put the flute aside, picked up a coyote pelt, and drew it up over his head until he is able to look through the empty holes where other eyes had once rested. It was then she saw the madness in his eyes and turned to run but once again her leg was paralyzed and she fell to the ground.

Frightened, she tried crawling away but heard the strange man gaining on her. To her ears it sounded as if he were now giving chase on all fours. Out in what had only a short time ago been empty desert dozens of eyes stared back at her as behind her something cold and shard scraped along the bottom of her bare foot.

It was at that point she would awaken, her heart pounding and a stifled cry in her throat.

This time the dream had been no different and yet upon waking she felt a strong urgency she had not felt before. There was something important about the North Shore Yacht Club, something she had to find out.

April 17, 2007, 2:30 pm
Angel pulled up in front of the dilapidated building and looked it over. It did not look any different than any other abandoned building she had ever seen but there was something about it that caused her to shiver despite the warmth of the day. Deciding to get a closer look, Angel slid out of her car and struggled through the sand toward what had once been the front entrance.