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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

FAQ: Player Characters

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Submitting Characters for a Campaign

For the most part, the GMs of Uberworld will make decisions on accepting player characters (PCs) based upon their backgrounds. Some GMs may ask for both Backgrounds and Character Sheets. Backgrounds are prosaic descriptions of the character, while Character Sheets are the game stats used (for Uberworld we use the 5th Edition, Revised, Hero Games System). Prior to creating a character, prospective players should look through the website at PCs or non-player characters (NPCs) as examples of the information needed. The electronic format(s) of the submissions will be described by the GMs when they are posting a Call for Submissions. These may include the following formats: .txt, .pdf, .doc, .html, .hdc, and .xls.

Criteria for Selection

The following is a general guideline for what GMs may be looking for in characters that are submitted. More specific guidelines may be posted in the specific campaign page or in the Call for Submissions.
Writing Quality:
You will need to decide whether to write your characters background either as a story of a critical event in your characters development or as a summary of his/her life. A combination of the two styles can also be used. Readability and smooth transitions are important as the GM may use this to assess the potential quality of your character's posts during gameplay.
Proofread your text for typographical errors, spelling, and grammar. While this isn't extremely necessary, it also may reflect on the GMs assessment of gameplay post quality.
Follow the campaign and Call for Submission guidelines. GMs may reject a character that doesn't fit.
Consider things that would make your character seem attractive to the GM. Lurking in a campaign prior to submission would tend to make this easier.
  • Potential plot hooks - if the campaign seems to be especially free flowing, major plot hooks might be a great boon; if the campaign has a specific direction, minor plot hooks might add flavor to it
  • Connection with the campaign background - background events, current PCs, and NPCs that make frequent appearances in the campaign
  • Connection with other campaigns
  • Interesting minor powers/talents/skills/disads - sure they might not be useful in combat, but these types of things can make your character more interesting and stand out from the crowd
A Team Player:
PCs that tend to look like loners or appear superpowerful just don't work well in teams. Avoid personalities (and disads) that tend toward being a loner. Allow your PC to have weakness as well as strengths.
Be willing to work with the GM and other players to create a character that fits well in the team.


The following are sections of the character's Background:
  • Code Name
  • Real Name
  • Background Story
  • Personality
  • Quote
  • Motto/Creed
  • Appearance - both 'on the job' and 'leisure time'
  • Powers - textual description
  • Archetype(s) - see below
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Nationality
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Height (in #.# meters)
  • Weight (in kg)

Character Sheets

In Uberworld, the 5th Edition, Revised, Hero System Rules are used. If you don't have the rule book, don't fret; the GM will work with you to create your PCs Character Sheet. Individual GMs will have their own House Rules and players are expected to work with them to create a fair character. If there are any disputes, at the GMs option, he may bring the dispute to the GM Senate (composed of all current GMs and a non-GM Player Advocate elected by the Players) for further discussion.

The following are sections of the character's Character Sheet:

  • Characteristics - including rolls, etc.
  • Powers
  • Talents
  • Perks
  • Martial Arts
  • Skills
  • Disadvantages
  • Points Totals

An average PC will have: 200 base points plus 150 points from disadvantages, a maximum of 60 active points in any power, and a maximum of 50 points in any category of disadvantages. In general, campaigns will have their own rules for these point limits.

Here is a sample character including the Background and Character Sheet.


Archetype Description Comic Book Hero or Villain Examples
Android Character is an artificial lifeform Red Tornado, Vision
Brick The tough guy; good STR and defenses Spiderman, Superman, The Thing
Cyborg A modified human Cyborg, Wolverine
Energy Blaster The energy projector; good ranged attacks Green Lantern, The Human Torch, The Invisible Girl
Gadgeteer All powers derived from a variety of items The Fixer, Forge, Green Goblin
Martial Artist The skilled fighter; good HTH attacks, DEX Batman, Captain America, Daredevil, Moon Knight
Mentalist The mentalist; Mental powers, BOECV, TKN Martian Manhunter, Marvel Girl, Professor X, Psylocke
Metamorph The shapechanger; Shapeshift, Stretch, Multiform, Desolidification, Growth, Shrinking, Duplication, etc. Beast Boy, Mister Fantastic, Plastic Man
Powered Armor All powers derive from a suit Iron Man
Speedster The movement specialist; good movement The Flash, Nightcrawler
Super Mage Master of magic; spells and items Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange
Weaponmaster Skilled specialist in a single weapon or variety of weapons Bullseye, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Punisher
Hybrid a combination of archetypes Hawkman (martial artist/speedster), The Wasp (energy blaster/metamorph)


Origin Description Comic Book Hero Examples
Advanced Technology Uses advanced technology (self, stolen, inherited, or granted) Iron Man
Alien Extraterrestrial origin of powers or character; Extradimensional is a special case of Alien Green Lantern, Hawkman, Superman
Mystic Of supernatural origin; magic, god-derived Thor, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight
Scientific Accident Caused by an experiment gone awry Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Daredevil
Superior Training Trained by an expert or by intensive self-training Batman
Uber/Mutant Ubergenetic The X-Men
Other something that doesn't fit in the above ...

Player Character's NPCs

The PCs NPCs are defined as those characters that are listed as Hunteds, DNPCs, Summoned, Followers, and Contacts. Players are very welcome to use the NPCs already listed in the Teams and Organisation pages. If PC NPCs are not of those listed the GM may either write them up him/herself or require the player to write them up prior to the start of play. As with PCs, the GM has the right to modify the PC NPCs to better fit the campaign.

The same applies for a character's Vehicles and Bases.

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