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GM: Noah Thorp


Campaign Description

The Outsiders is a campaign about survival in and under the mean streets of Seattle. The players take on the rolls of a band of Ubers, who’re considered outsiders, misfits, and people whose powers make it difficult to be accepted in society. The Outsiders is basically a gang who try to protect the little bit of the city they control. The gang lives in abandoned tunnels under the streets of Seattle in a place they call the Lair. The Lair is the only true home that the Outsiders know.

While not exactly a Dark Champions campaign, the campaign will have elements of that genre. Also the game is lower powered than a typical champions game due to that most of the character are just learning to deal with their powers (which could be one of the possible reasons they ran away or living on the streets).  

Seattle is also known as the Emerald City. Home to dreams, home to nightmares. The city has seen its share of greatness, and it share of foulness. Underneath the vibrant streets of the city is a whole other world. Endless tunnels spread out underneath. Originally built by the founders of the city, the tunnels had been forgotten. However, bands of Ubers who because of one reason or another have staked out sections of the tunnels as their own. One of these groups is a gang of Ubers calling themselves the Outsiders. The Outsiders are band of misfits who struggle to make a home underneath Seattle, and to survive in the city above and in the tunnels below.
Area Of Operation
Primarily adventures in the Outsiders take place in the city of Seattle, but also under the city as well. Endless tunnels form a labyrinth under the city. Some of these tunnels lead to unexpected places...
Survival is the basic goal of the Outsiders. They’re faced by rival gangs (such as the Zombies, and the 666 Gang), but also by the local police who take a dim view of unsanctioned Ubers. Basic necessities such as food, and warmth must be found someway.
The Ubers who make up the Outsiders are all misfits for one reason or another. This is could be due to a physical defect, or powers they have trouble controlling, or they’re running from a past not pleasant to remember. However, together the Outsiders are a family. Not only are the Outsiders threatened by rival gangs, but the police as well.
Additional Notes
Inspiration for this campaign comes from the novel "A Knight Of The World" by Terry Brooks, the 1979 movie "The Warriors", the television program "Beauty and the Beast", the 1961 movie "West Side Story", the television series "Dark Angel", and the Morlocks from Marvel Comics.
Building A Character For Outsiders
Base Points: 250                            (150 Base + 100 Disadvantages)
Starting Points: 150
Maximum Disadvantages: 100
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 50
Maximum Speed: 5
Maximum Active Points: 40
Maximum Active Points For Any One Power: 60
Minimum Points In non-Combat Skills And Perks: 20
Other Notes:
  • High Society is discouraged unless it is an essential part of the character's background.
  • Characters should not originally be from Seattle.  Almost every member of the Outsiders is a runaway.  The reason why they ran away is up to the player, but could be integrated with a Hunted Disadvantage.
  • Each character must take Social Limitation: Money (Destitute) (10 Point Disadvantage).
  • Secret and Public Identities are strongly discouraged.  Secret Identity implies living a dual life, while Public Identity implies the character is easy to find.  Neither is appropriate for a member of the Outsiders.  Permanent identities, however, are acceptable.
  • Characters should consider purchasing the following Limitations: 

    1. Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill (15 Point Disadvantage)

    2. Social Limitation: Minor (5 Point Disadvantage)

Team Designation: The Outsiders

Threat Level:

Alpha Beta Gamma  DELTA Epsilon

[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 1]



Cassandra Sugarbaker (250 points)

played by Mark Jones


Nightshade (250 points)

played by Dwight McGowen


Shinji Miromoto (250 points)

played by Kevin Schultz


Thrasher (250 points)

played by Mike Davison


Uncertainty (250 points)

played by Dave Robinson


Whisper (250 points)

played by Ben Langdon



Major Adversaries:


666 Club


La Raza





Major Allies:





Base Of Operations:


The Lair, Seattle Underground

Seattle, Washington, United States