The Uberworld
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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: Undersea, Polar, and Earth Orbit

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there

Atlantis (Republic of Atlantis; Ripobklik tu Atklantika)
Capital Atlantis Population 16,750,000
Language Atlantean GDP per Capita $29,000
Known Ubers Armada, Behemoth, Parts*, Siren, Starfish
Information Atlantis is a growing and thriving nation. While transportation infrastructure is fairly easy in an underwater realm, power infrastructure is just as strongly hampered. In this underwater republic, technologies that are relatively easy to research in the surface world are more difficult to advance underwater. Many technologies are copied from the surface world and then modified for underwater manufacturing.

The majority of surface worlders believe that Atlantis is a fictitious land from legends. Few are those surface worlders that know that it actually exists; fewer still are those that have seen an Atlantean. Thus, there are few reasons for tensions with nearby nations. The major source of tension for Atlantis is Lemuria, with whom they are currently at an uneasy peace.

There are three teams of superheroes that operate in Atlantis and an equal number of supervillain teams. Occasionally Atlanteans such as Armada, Behemoth, and Starfish work with surface worlders. Although heroic by nature, the uberAtlantean known as Siren often finds herself in conflict against the surface world in general.

Hy Brasil (Kingdom of Hy Brasil; Rioghachd Hy Brasl)
Capital Hy Brasil Castle Population 5,000
Language Gaelic GDP per Capita Unknown (Hy Brasil rarely trades with the outside world)
Known Ubers The Seneschal, The White Knight
Information Little is known of Hy Brasil. This is largely due to the fact that it is typically in another dimension. On the rare occasion that the island becomes part of this dimension it is located in the Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland and west of Ireland and is often shrouded by fog.

Capital Lemuria Population 1,864,000
Language Lemurian, Atlantean GDP per Capita $16,000
Known Ubers Champion
Information With the rule of the Priesthood, the caste system of Lemuria is firmly in place. Tangible 'magic' devices and 'wish granting' minimize the need for technology and innovation. Thus, the economy is primarily agricultural and craft. Yet, the average Lemurian townsman or farmer is still more prosperous than any in a third world country of the surface world.

While the Eighth Atlantia-Lemurian War ended three years ago, there still is natural tension. The attention of the Priesthood is once again turning toward the surface world.

In addition to the Imperial Army, the Emperor's Guard is composed of 'magically' armored and armed Knights of the Stone. The Champion, commander of the Emperor's Guard is also an Atlantean uber.

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Source: CIA World Factbook