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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: North America

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there
Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

Antigua and Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda)
Capital Saint John's, Antigua Population 68,700
Language English GDP per Capita $11,000
Known Ubers Sand Dragon*
Information This Eastern Caribbean nation consisting of two major islands has a modest economy that is highly dependent on tourism. There are no significant internal problems, but has been criticized for not combating narcotics trafficking and shady offshore banking.

Recent ads placed by the country's Tourism Board in the magazines, Supers and Ubers, and Heroic Times, openly invite overseas 'supers' to come and make their home here. Of interest, the government has forbidden travel to the island of Lagarto due to unexplained disappearances of a few people who have gone there.

Bahamas (Commonwealth of The Bahamas)
Capital Nassau Population 302,000
Language English GDP per Capita $17,700
Known Ubers Domino
Information A large chain of islands in the Northern Caribbean, the Bahamas are a popular tourism destination, especially for Americans. Offshore banking and emerging e-commerce has bolstered this fairly stable economy. At the same time, it has chronic problems with Haitian refugees and drug trafficking.

An uber calling himself Domino has steadily become a major player in the illegal human and drug trafficking trades. As he freely kills anyone who stands in his way he is wanted by American and International law enforcement agencies. In addition, the islands are popular locales for infestation by the School and Deep6. Sanction has confronted all of these entities in the Bahamas several times over the past two decades.

Barbados (Barbados)
Capital Bridgetown Population 279,200
Language English GDP per Capita $16,400
Known Ubers (Arcane*), (The Astrologer*), Lady Luck*, (Prospero*), (Sign*),
Information This Southern Caribbean island is fairly stable economically and politically. In addition to tourism and sugar, there is a diversity in light industry. The government plays an active role in stimulating the economy through incentives. There is a black economy as well driven by drug trafficking and shady offshore banking.

The major superhuman activity here is the Zodiac Agency. The government of Barbados has it listed as a Security Consultation Company although most law enforcement agencies consider Zodiac to be more than a bunch of security consultants. As long as they pay their taxes, it is unlikely that the government will interfere with their endeavors.

Belize (Belize)
Capital Belmopan Population 279,000
Language English GDP per Capita $6,500
Known Ubers (Barracuda), (Brain Coral*), Capitan Jaguar, Reef*
Information This poor nation is rich in history and in natural attractions. Unemployment, poverty, and foreign debt seems intertwined with drug trafficking, money laundering, and urban crime.

There is reason for hope, however. Tourism (especially eco-tourism) and other industries are helping the economy. At the same time, The Caribbean Crew, a superhero team of Brain Coral, Lamprey, and Reef, have been helping to establish law both in Belize and in other Caribbean countries.

Capital Ottawa Population 32,805,000
Language English, French GDP per Capita $31,500
Known Ubers The Analogist, Billy Whistler, Cyba, Ghostkeeper, Iron Maiden, Mermaid, Simone Garland, WildSpirit, Z
Information A land of vast area and natural resources, Canada is closely tied with both the United States and the United Kingdom. It has a relatively sparsely popution except in the area near the US border and in the oil and agricultural belt. Unlike most developed nations, it is a net exporter of energy, primarily petroleum and natural gas, but also hydroelectric power. Service, agriculture and lumber make up the bulk of the remaining economy, but mining and manufacturing industries are also large and diversified.

This is a very stable country, but with problems that are typical of developed nations. Political lobbying groups pressure the government with their agenda. Urban crime is persistent. The longstanding Quebec separatists have been less active in recent years.

Peace in Canada has been kept by local law enforcement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and The Canadian Shield team of superheroes. In recent years, the Canadian Shield was disbanded, and restarted again. In addition, it is rumored that the government also maintains a set of black ops agents code named X, Y, and Z. There are also a number of villainous uberhumans and superhumans including the robot horde of Iron Maiden.

Costa Rica (Republic of Costa Rica; Republica de Costa Rica)
Capital San Jose Population 4,016,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $9,600
Known Ubers Malkin*
Information A land of thick tropical jungle and swamp, the area around Costa Rica was slow to develop. Now, that very terrain feature and the very stable government makes Costa Rica a favorite travel destination, especially for eco-tourists. Tourism is now the primary driver of the economy although agriculture still provides some degree of diversity. The close economic ties to the United States provides further stabilization. While it has a small amount of narcotics production and trafficking, this country is perhaps the best in the region at controlling such illicit activities.

More background

The mind stealing villainess known as Malkin has been know to operate from somewhere near San Jose. Occasionally, her human zombies are apprehended but all attempts to restore them to their former selves have failes.

Cuba (Republic of Cuba; Republica de Cuba)
Capital Havana Population 11,347,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $3,000
Known Ubers Arenador, Boxeador, Perun*, Resbalador, Rey del Cielo
Information The exploitative rule of Spain was lifted after US Intervention and the island nation of Cuba was independent soon after. However, Fidel Castro and his cronies were able to establish a dictatorship by 1959 and have been in power since. For most of the latter 20th century, Cuba was bolstered by aid from the Soviet Union and its economy declined precipitously after the end of the communist superpower. The standard of living remains below that of the Soviet period, but because of the iron hand of the Party, crime is relatively low.

The Cubans report all superhuman incidences to their political apparatchiks and any children that show any sort of ability are brought to Fidel. The weaker of these are placed in the tax collection department, the stronger are cultivated in Equipo de los Fidel. Currently, this team includes Arenador, Boxeador, and Resbalador. Their major task is to capture violent criminals for placement on refugee ships that attempt to escape to the United States. In addition to serving as Cuba's superteam, they also participate in Cuba's boxing and baseball teams. The strongest among the superhumans serving Castro is Perun, the result of an experiment done twenty years ago.

Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica)
Capital Roseau Population 69,000
Language English GDP per Capita $5,500
Known Ubers Bogeyman*
Information This Eastern Caribbean island was last to be colonized by Europeans. After independence, corruption plagued the government, but this was remedied by the current administration. The vulnerable economy is highly dependent on agriculture, especially bananas. Due to geography and infrastructure, tourism does not play a large role economically.

There is little in the way of problems and nothing in the way of superhuman problems. Drug trafficking and money laundering are both concerns, but both are minor. While no one really knows it, the criminal known as the Bogeyman resides in a simple house in Dominica next to a banana farm.

Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic; Republica Dominicana)
Capital Santa Domingo Population 8,950,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $6,300
Known Ubers Hurricane
Information This Eastern portion of the island of Hispaniola, Columbus's first major claim for Spain, has the fastest economic growth in the Americas over the past decade. Traditionally an agriculturally-driven economy, it has been bolstered by tourism and tax reform.

The Dominican Republic has long been a major drug trafficking point for narcotics traveling in a wide number of directions. Money laundering also has been problematic. The superhero policeman, Hurricane, has been cleaning up the city of Santo Domingo, but has a lot of work still ahead.

El Salvador (Republic or El Salvador; Republica de El Salvador)
Capital San Salvador Population 6,705,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $4,900
Known Ubers None
Information This small Pacific coast Central American country was once a minor part of the Spanish Empire. In the 1980s Commmunist insurgents backed by the Soviets fought a civil war with the American-supported government. Since the treaty of 1992, El Salvador has been making improvements in its war ravaged infrastructure and economy.

Although it has one of the largest economies of Central America, its economic growth has tapered off recently. Improvements in infrastructure, foreign investment incentives, and social safeguards are projected to increase growth. Still expatriate support is a major component of the economy. El Salvador has recently established the US dollar as its official currency.

CLAW is reported to have a base somewhere in the jungles of eastern El Salvador. A large swath of that area is strangely blacked out to any surveillance equipment and both ground fire and aircraft have repelled aerial surveillance.

Grenada (Grenada)
Capital Saint George's Population 89,500
Language English GDP per Capita $5,000
Known Ubers La Diablesse
Information This small chain of islands in the Eastern Caribbean has been fairly stable ever since the United States military stopped a pro-Castroist coup. Its economy relies on tourism, but also has a modest manufacturing and financial industries.

In both 2004 and 2005, Grenada was struck hard by hurricanes. Although there was little life lost due to quick action by the Carribean Crew, there was substantial property damage. The only other superhuman activity reports are the rumors of an enclave of vampires somewhere on the island which have attracted the attention of Sanctity.

Guatemala (Republic of Guatemala; Republica de Guatemala)
Capital Guatemala Population 14,655,000
Language Spanish, various Amerindian languages GDP per Capita $4,200
Known Ubers Insecto Anaranjado, Judge
Information This central American country was once a major part of the realm of the Maya, then a Spanish colony. Until recently, a 36 year civil war plagued the country. The end of the civil war has done little to curtail the large narcotics production in the country and perhaps has fueled a temporary increase while the government continues the slow process of reorganization and reform. The Guatemalan economy is closely tied with its neighboring countries and the US; its main export commodities are agricultural products.

The superhuman known as Judge, formerly Quetzal, has retired from superheroic activity and is now a civil servant serving on the Supreme Court of Guatemala. A friend of the President of the country, he is also a political activist who helped pass a law requiring the registration of all uberhumans that reside in or visit Guatemala. Thus, relatively few uber tourists visit the country, and there have been a few attacks by the uberhuman supremacist group, Junta. It is known that the mercenary genius, Insecto Anaranjado, works out of Guatemala, but the location of his base is unknown.

Haiti (Republic of Haiti; Republique d'Haiti)
Capital Port-au-Prince Population 8,121,000
Language French, Creole GDP per Capita $1,500
Known Ubers Maitre de Jungle, Taboo, Vert de Tueur, Voodou Majik*
Information The western half of the island of Hispaniola as been chronically plagued with political violence. The current situation is no exception. Over the past three decades three superhuman warlords have consolidated their power. Currently, they are locked in a series of cease-fire and active war with each other for control of Haiti. Maitre de Jungle controls the southern peninsula, Voodou Majik controls the portion of the country north of the capital, and Vert de Tueur holds Port-Au-Prince and the areas nearby. Nearly all uberhumans residing in Haiti are either co-opted by one of the three warlords or have left the country.

Because of the violence and lack of stable, beneficial government, this is the poorest nation in the Americas. The majority of the economy is subsistence agriculture and foreign aid (which is inconsistent due to the lack of a Haitian government). Inflation, unemployment, poverty, lack of investment, and a severe AIDS epidemic are the direct and obvious results.

Honduras (Republic of Honduras; Republica de Honduras)
Capital Tegucigalpa Population 6,975,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $2,800
Known Ubers Mosquito
Information This mountainous, forested central American country has narrow coastal plains. Although somewhat stable since democratic rule started in the early 1980s, there is much government corruption. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the region with severe unemployment problems and a high crime rate. The US, its major trading partner has sent law enforcement assistance and financial aid to this country.

El Disenador is known to operate in the area and the miniscule villain Mosquito routinely plagues the Honduras and nearby countries.

Jamaica (Jamaica)
Capital Kingston Population 2,731,000
Language English GDP per Capita $4,100
Known Ubers Love
Information Long a British colony, this western Caribbean nation was granted independence in 1962. Since then, political violence has led to instability, poverty, and a large amount of vice. Still, pockets of safety permit some amount of stable tourism, which is the major industry of Jamaica along with bauxite mining and agriculture.

The gangs that plague the urban areas of this island nation cause substantial disruption of the country. In addition to violent turf and political wars, they are heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Corruption in the government is also substantial. Intrepid Security is an agency headquartered in Kingston and is thought to have connections with CLAW.

Mexico (United Mexican States; Estados Unidos Mexicanos)
Capital Mexico City Population 106,203,000
Language Spanish, Mayan GDP per Capita $9,600
Known Ubers Ana Cascabel, Aztec*, Cactus, Doctor Difusion, Drac de Ferro, El Capitan*, Furia Solitaria, La Bruma Azul, Matador Rojo, San Andreas, Vengador*, Yohualli Eecatl*
Information In pre-Colombian times, this was the home to some of the largest civilizations in the Americas - the Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs, and Mayans. With the military and social dominance of Spain, Mexico was a colonial territory for three centuries until independence in 1821 after a decade of revolutionary war. Political strife, periodic unconstitutional rule, and European interference destabilized the country throughout much of its modern history.

Currently the country's economy is growing rapidly largely due to a boost in productivity due to greatly improved infrastructure, increased competition domestically, and increased competitiveness internationally. While the distribution of wealth is beginning to become more even, there is still substantial poverty and unemployment.

Crime and corruption have begun to decrease although they are still at high levels. There is a substantial amount of migration from other Central American countries and to the United States. Organized crime has its hands in human slavery, narcotics production, and drug trafficking. There are several uberhumans working with the drug cartels and human trafficking gangs. The premiere superhero team of Mexico is the widely popular team, Defensa Suprema. Two well known families of ubers, the Montellos and Castilas perished stopping a rampage by the viscious god, Huitzilopatli, leaving only the unpowered superhero Matador Rojo to keep the peace in the Caribbean coast.

Nicaragua (Republic of Nicaragua; Republica de Nicaragua)
Capital Managua Population 5,465,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $2,300
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Panama (Republic of Panama; Republica de Panama)
Capital Panama City Population 3,039,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $6,900
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico)
Capital San Juan Population 3,916,000
Language Spanish, English GDP per Capita $17,700
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Capital Basseterre, Saint Kitts Population 39,000
Language English GDP per Capita $8,800
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Saint Lucia (Saint Lucia)
Capital Castries Population 166,300
Language English GDP per Capita $5,400
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)
Capital Port-of-Spain Population 1,088,000
Language English, Hindi, French, Spanish GDP per Capita $10,500
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

United States of America (United States of America)
Capital Washington D.C. Population 295,734,000
Language English GDP per Capita $40,100
Known Ubers Bagha*, Black Betty, Bloody Mary, Bluebeard, Captain California, Captain Coca-Cola*, Cyberna*, Davey Jones*, Doctor Spin, Dropoff, General Uprising, Lady Liberty, (Mad Dog Morgan), Major American, Marjorie Door, Nemesis*, One Nation, Pele*, James Running Bear*, Speedway, Stone Cold, Troubleshooter
Information Background and story hooks...

Source: CIA World Factbook