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Left to Right:
NightWraithe (350),
Blackwell (350),
Ebony (350).

Originally Nightshift was a group of scientists and engineers working on a special project for NASA. The leader of the group was Doctor Eugene Blackwell and his two assistants: Sarah Donner, an optics specialist, and Montell Spreewell, an electrical engineer. The focus of the project was to create a device that would ammass huge amounts of solar energy, and then convert it into limitless electricity, or in other words, a solar concentrator.

One night the three scientists were able to get the solar concentrator to activate. The three were really excited. Their years of hard work was finally paying off. However, their project hadn't gone unnoticed. The super-villain Black-Eye decided to pick that night for a raid of the facility. Black-Eye wanted the machine for a client of his. Doctor Blackwell, however, refused to turn over the device and a fight broke out. Black-Eye called up the Darkness Dimension with his powers. However, unknown to Black-Eye the device reacted strongly to his powers. Black-Eye was easily able to defeat the three scientists. Before he was able to get away with his prize there was an explosion, and the device was destroyed. Black-Eye fled empty handed.

Meanwhile Doctor Blackwell, Sarah, and Montell were all exposed to massive amounts of energy from the Darkness Dimension. Doctor Blackwell gained access to the Darkness Dimension causing him to disappear from one point and appear in another by travelling through the Darkness Dimension. Montell's body became trapped between the two dimensions. While in the Darkness Dimension his body in this dimension becomes immaterial. For Sarah her flesh was replaced with a flesh-like substance form the Darkness Dimension. This also made her really strong and able to stretch parts of her body over distances.

Since that fateful night the three transformed people have saught a way to return to normal. Thos who get in their way quickly learn from their mistake. Doctor Blackwell now calls himself just Blackwell, while Montell has taken the name NightWraithe, and Sarah is now known as Ebony. Together they formed Nightshift.

Area of Operations
While Nightshift got its start in the United States, the trio have travelled across the globe looking for components for the solar concentrator.
Base of Operations: Worldwide
Nightshift seeks a way to return to normal. Blackwell is convinced that if they were to reconstruct the solar concentrator then he can return them to normal. To achieve this goal Nightshift steals high tech equipment to build the solar concentrator. Any technology is fair game to Nightshift.
Nightshift is sought by a number of law-enforcement agencies. The FBI tops the list of agencies looking for Nightshift. The FBI considers Nightshift to be a threat to national security, especially Blackwell. Sanction has ben brought aboard by the FBI, and their focus is the capture of Nightshift while the FBI tracks them. NASA as well seeks the trio. However, NASA is divide in its search. Part of the agency wants to help Nightshift regain their lost humanity, while another faction desires to study them by any means.
Major Adversaries: Sanction, Hero City,