Next Gen (

Team Designation: NEXT GEN

Membership Details:


Professor Pan


Regular Team







Major Adversaries:

Sons Of Set

The Hunt

Witch Doctor


Base of Operations:

Next Gen Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria



Next Gen One VTOL

Professor Pan was adamant that the only way to help protect his species and stop the mass extinction being wrought against non-human species across Africa was to enter the human's world and make a lot of money.  Only money would grant him power to halt the destruction of forests.  After only a short period of brainstorming the best approach, Pan decided to create a super hero team which would protect Africa but at a price.

His sister, Pan, established the international reputation of the corporation as well as its internet presence.  Within an hour of launching the team, the government of Nigeria enlisted their help.

While they have proven to be a little rough around the edges, Next Gen have delivered on their contracts again and again (and the extra insurance taken out on members Crash and Thunder has been well and truly worth it).

The team has an unofficial rivalry with the various Africa Forces and Pan believes that this is born of jealousy, whereas those in Africa Force tend to see Pan and his heroes for hire as something of a nuisance at best, and a menace at worst.

Area of Operations
Next Gen is based in Nigeria but operates across Africa and even internationally when the need (and money) arises.  Pan has targeted Africa Force accord nations such as Nigeria in a bid to turn them away from requesting Africa Force's help and to see that Next Gen offers much more immediate assistance.

Pan and Pandora have decided against extensive work within the countries that are deemed under the control of the enigmatic Sons of Set such as Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Chad, Niger and Eritrea.

Pan and Pandora want to earn as much money as they can so they can buy back land which is essential for the continued survival of their species.  Pan has turned his attention to other benefits of mass wealth and is slowly building an impressive empire which no longer has the interests of primates at heart (at least not primarily).

The individual members of Next Gen are motivated by the income they receive.  All of them, except Huntress, rely on the money to provide for them the life they have quickly become accustomed to.  Huntress has joined the team because she can genuinely see the benefit such a team presents to the people of Africa.

To the other heroes of Africa (and many of the villains), Next Gen is seen as a band of colourful amateurs, but those who have faced them cannot deny there are some very powerful individuals in the team, and under the direction of Pan they can be quite formidable.

Africa Force has cautioned the accord countries not to employ the Next Gen, but when a disaster strikes and Africa Force cannot respond, the countries have unilaterally turned to Next Gen.