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GM: John Scalera


Campaign Description
NYN is a low-powered Dark Champions: TAS campaign taking place on the streets of the capital of the world, New York City. The players are more vigilantes than superheroes, focused on the smaller criminal fish which the more powerful and flashier defenders of the city tend to ignore or overlook. The campaign will be episodic but serial in nature, with previous events affecting future ones.
New York City has everything. It has expensive high-rise apartment buildings and warren-like ghettos, bright, flashy nightclubs where the social elite gather and small, dingy bars where daily drunks can still get served, powerful politicians and faceless nobodies, good guys, some very bad guys, and everything in between. It has variety in everything, as diverse internally as the outside world, possessing all manner of wonders, delights, pleasures, nightmares, sorrows, and vices. Every human race is represented. Some say one or two other races, too, but those people tend to sleep on subway cars and smell of cheap wine. Of course, depending on who you are, this may make them either less or more credible.

Being the world's greatest city carries some baggage. One thing New York City most certainly has is a superhuman presence, both good and bad. No small amount of evil geniuses bent on world domination, massively strong genocidal maniacs, or super-powered thieves have attempted to make their bones in the Big Apple. Fortunately for the city's citizenry, The Defenders, New York's very own team of fanta stic superheroes, stands by to defend it against all such super-powered menaces with the help of some independent but equally mighty heroes.

But this is New York City, the city that has everything, and that includes a tier or villainy and organized evil that exists in that middle ground between NYPD routine and the powerful supervillains typically confronted by The Defenders. These well-trained, well-organized, sometimes super-powered criminals tend to slip under the superhuman radar, so to speak, operating on a smaller scale, but often making life very difficult for the police or the everyday victims of their crimes.

But again, this is New York City, the city that has everything. There are those individuals who recognize the threat, and are prepared to deal with it. Having skills, abilities, equipment, and occasionally powers of their own which place them on a playing field above that of mere New Yorkers, and possessed of the proper motive - be it a sense of duty, revenge, justice, or just for the thrill - these persons put themselves on the line and bring the light to the deep, dark recesses where the NYPD fears to tread, gets paid off not to tread, or fails to get noticed by those focused on more powerful, more serious threats to the city.

It is these individuals whose story this campaign seeks to tell; their actions, sacrifices, and successes which don't often appear in the Post or the Daily News as more than a page twelve blurb, and which more often than not go unheralded except by those who are saved, protected, or revenged.

Area Of Operation
NYN will take place completely within the bounds of New York City and it's immediate environs: the five boroughs, the greater Westchester area, New Jersey's major Hudson County areas (Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark), and Long Island. The vast majority of the campaign will occur on the island of Manhattan.
Specific goals will vary from character to character, but in general, the goal will be to bring down the minor superhuman, gang, and organized crime syndicate threats to the city.
This also will vary from character to character, based on both the PC's background and modus operandi. Characters that serve justice over law and tend towards stronger violent methods will have different reputations among the police and communities they serve than a vigilante with a more law-abiding bent. Some of the characters might themselves be wanted by the NYPD.
Building A Character For Motown Mayhem
Base Points: 300                              (175 Base + 125 Disadvantages)
Starting Points: 175
Maximum Disadvantages: 125
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages Other Than Psychological: 50
Maximum Points From Psychological Disadvantages: 70
Normal Characteristic Maxima: No
Speed: 3-6
CV: 5-12 including levels
DC: 6-10 including advantages and maneuvers
AP Limit: 60 but always respecting DC limits
D/rD Limit: 20/10
Other Notes:
Rules of Thumb
  1. Attacks should be similar in normal damage classes to real world guns, although maybe as high as guns available only to police or the military.
  2. Defenses shouldn't be so high that a character can bounce bullets off his chest. Bullets might only cause flesh wounds, but should definitely remain a threat.
  3. Point distribution is suggested at around 100 each on characteristics, skills, and powers & gear.
  4. Stay away from flashy powers, like unaided flight, teleportation, energy blasts, etc.
  5. Highly thematic heroes or vigilantes will get fruit cup. Thematic heroes are those with a common theme running throughout their entire presentation, including costume, gear, powers, jargon, methods, etc. Good examples of highly thematic heroes would be Batman, Moon Knight, Spider Man, etc.

Team Designation: Motown Mayhem

Threat Level:

Alpha Beta GAMMA Delta Epsilon

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Membership :

PC1 (250 points)

played by Player Name


PC2 (250 points)

played by Player Name


PC3 (250 points)

played by Player Name


PC4 (250 points)

played by Player Name


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