New Wave (Ola Nuevo)

Team Designation: NEW WAVE

Threat Level: Delta

Major Adversaries:

Santo Miguel Boarding School

Base of Operations:




Strata (Team Leader)
Beezle Bob
Luis Santiago Albelda was unlucky to be born third in line to the Andorran throne, especially considering his two older brothers didn't seem to have any kind of physical defect or likelihood of dying at a young age.  In the olden days he would have been sent away to become a priest.  Worse luck, Luis was sent to the Santo Miguel Boarding School just outside Andorra la Vella.

The Andorran royal family wasn't a particularly long dynasty, however, as it was built on two fortuitous events in the twentieth century.  The first was the emergence of the ubergene, a twist in humanity's DNA which brought about the abundant variations of super powers which now seem so commonplace the world.  The second was the Second World War.  In 1943, during the War in Europe, a young Spanish rebel named Joaquin Gabriel Albelda discovered he possessed the ability to shape the world around him.  The very earth seemed to respond to his thoughts, and so, with the Spanish Civil War destroying all that had once been great in Spain, Albelda crossed into Andorra and laid claim to the small country.  Several years later when the French provisional government attempted to reclaim its Principality, which it had shared for centuries with Spain, Andorra refused.

The people were very happy with Crown Prince Joaquin the First.  He had shaped the land to be more friendly to travellers through its once-treacherous passes.  He had enabled crops to be grown in areas where there was once only rock and sand.  He claimed to be descended from the earliest families of Andorra, but the citizens didn't care about that.  France was forced to hold a referendum and the citizens voted almost unanimously to accept the Crown Prince as their new ruler.  The United Nations ratified the changeover in the 1950s, and the Albelda family has ruled Andorra ever since.

Crown Prince Joaquin's son also possessed mutant abilities, although Agustin Joaquin was able to create giant creatures of rock and stone rather than affect the world around him directly.  Agustin began using his powers to alleviate the burdens of manual labour for his people, but soon found himself becoming bored.  Before long he took on the mantle of Pedrosa and became one of the super villains known as The Mountain Men.

Prince Agustin eventually 'came to his senses' and retired from the Mountain Men at a time when they began to take on a more hard-line view of the world as S.U.M.M.I.T. (Sociedad de Uber Malvados con el Mandato Iniciar Terrorismo).  His father died and he felt the pull of his people.  Pedrosa faded into the background and Crown Prince Agustin emerged to lead his people.

Which brings the story back to the third son, Luis.  The older princes lacked any kind of mutant ability, but Luis showed great promise (although no one noticed or cared).  He began to use his powers in secret, fearing he would be ridiculed for being clumsy or locked in a room for examination by his older brothers.

It turned out he wasn't the only one at the Santo Miguel Boarding School with such strange powers.  He discovered the other three members of the team he dubbed New Wave.  Together they decided to have some fun at the school, as well as learning to control their powers and perhaps one day be strong enough to rule the world... or something.

Area of Operations
New Wave operate out of the Santo Miguel Boarding School in Andorra, although their secret adventuring often leads them across the borders into Spain and France.  As they are all children of extremely rich families, they do have the opportunities and cash to effectively operate in different parts of the world, but the majority of their time is spent locked away at Santo Miguel.
The members of New Wave have two things in common: they want to become heroes or villains (not really sure on any given day, but their ambition is great) and they all want to get back at their parents for sending them to Santo Miguel where they are subjected to boring classes and an obsessive headmaster.
Like most of the students at Santo Miguel, the members of New Wave are seen as spoilt brats who have outstayed their welcome at home or at other boarding schools.  Apart from Luis, who is adored by the Andorrans, the other members of the team aren't given much respect at all by the residents of Andorra.

However, on the rare occasion when New Wave have been caught by the media, the public of Andorra have applauded their activities.  Admittedly their actions have been tame (pranks or stopping minor crime) the Andorran public seem starved for superhuman activity.  They have resident supers, but the ones who live in Andorra have mostly retired and shy away from any public appearances.  This is mostly because the supers are ex-villains who want to enjoy their fortunes without raising the attention of the authorities.