The New Empire (I-shinkigen Koukoku)

The New Empire (I-shinkigen Koukoku)

Team Designation: NEWEMPIRE

Threat Level: Beta

Expanded Membership Details:

Okami Hishou (381 points)

Dance Dance Boom Boom (390 points)

Kikuta Makoto (259 points)

Nakamoto Hiroshi (194 points)

Ooarashi (380 points)

Cyberninja (agents) (305 points)

Kokutai (agents) (82 points)


Major Adversaries:

Senshudan One



Base of Operations:

Yokohama, Japan



Dragon Banzai

Okami Hishou (Team Leader)
Dance Dance Boom Boom
Kikuta Makoto
Nakamoto Hiroshi
Cyberninja (agents)
Kokutai (agents)
Japanese culture changed drastically after World War II. The people of the island nation were forced to accept that they would be no military superpower. But through guidance by Americans who introduced modern concepts of economics and industry, Japan quickly adapted. In the following decades, cheap goods were exported and gained footholds for Japanese industry worldwide. By the 1970s, labor and capital costs had caught up with the rest of the world.

But, Japanese industry survived and even thrived by adapting rigorous performance standards at all levels of manufacturing. Japan had once again become a superpower. But this time, it was an economic rather than military superpower. And, once again, people felt pride in being of the island nation.

In the 1990s, things began to turn around and the Japanese economic juggernaut slowed down. Jobs once thought secure for life became lost. The high value of the yen made purchasing difficult. There were many people that wished for the good old days. A group formed, known as the New Empire. It was an underground movement with meetings held out of the public.

Then, a wave of terrorism struck Japan and even spread to the rest of the world. The New Empire was implicated in several dozens of attacks on non-Japanese companies, particularly those that were in the automotive, consumer products, and electronics industries - industries where Japanese products once dominated. But finally, a joint investigation by Senshudan One, Shichinin-no-Yuushi, Uberforce, Sanction, and independent heroes such as Doctor Tomorrow I resulted in the capture of nearly all the leaders of the New Empire including a handful of superhumans.

A decade later, the undercurrent of neoconservatism in Japan has brought new life and new recruits to the New Empire. And it is back.
Area of Operations
I-shinkigen Koukoku currently operates exclusively in Japan although there have been rumors of a conflict between them and some supers of the People's Republic of China. The New Empire that was active prior to the new millenium carried out terrorist activity worldwide.
All members of the New Empire agree that they want to bring Japan to prominence once again. And over half of them believe strongly that having a strong Emperor is the way to do that. Whether economically or militarily, they wish to see Japan dominate Asia if not the world.
The current version of the New Empire generally disavows anything but a tenuous link to the previous version. With the crisis of Chaos and the destruction of Senshudan One and Shichinin-no-Yuushi, the New Empire are trying to portray themselves as Japan's new superhero team. And overtly, it appears that they are such. Some of the people of the country are skeptical and looking for them to show their true colors, but it seems that many others are supporting them either openly or in their living rooms. It helps that a prominent media corporation is working closely with the public relations of I-shinkigen Koukoku and that a handful of politicians have hailed them as heroes.

The rest of the world, especially those who have suffered attacks in the past, are taking a wait and see attitude. People who had suffered at the hands of Imperial Japan - Korea, China, and the Philippines especially - are highly suspicious of the New Empire.