Motte and Bailey

Motte and Bailey

Team Designation: MOTTE AND BAILEY

Threat Level: Delta [Hunted Value: X] [Contact Cost: X]

Expanded Membership Details:


Bailey (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Motte (390 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Major Adversaries:



Base of Operations:

Mobile, but predominantly in United Kingdom, France or Italy.




Motte (Team Leader)
As well as being members of T.I.T.A.N., Motte and Bailey share a special bond as father and son (although Bailey is still unaware of their relationship). Motte was a seasoned assassin who always worked alone, until he became aware of Bailey's abilities.

Putting aside his reservations, Motte joined forces with his son and the duo have earned a reputation as professional assassins across Western Europe. When they joined T.I.T.A.N., their work as Motte and Bailey diminished, although they still occasionally accept assignments outside of Sterling's influence.
Area of Operations
Motte has always worked in Western Europe, and the duo continue to accept assignments mostly in the United Kingdom, France and Italy, although they are willing to travel across the globe for the right amount of money.
Motte originally teamed up with Bailey so he could watch over his son. Bailey joined so that he could see the world, and get a lot of money and cause a lot of chaos. When they do accept assignments together, it is because Motte still feels responsible for his son, and because Bailey still enjoys working with 'The Strangler'.
Motte and Bailey have accrued a professional reputation across Europe, although it is more because of Motte's involvement than Bailey's. Motte was once known as The Strangler, a fierce and deadly serial killer. He has calmed down in recent years, but still exudes a fierceness which gains fear and respect wherever he goes.

Bailey, on the other hand, is known as a reckless, headstrong young man.