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GM: KL Wilson


Campaign Description
Motown Mayhem is a somewhat dark campaign set in Detroit; a city full of crime and corruption. The players will be vigilantes who have grown tired of criminals having all the advantages and have banded together (or not) to take their city back. The task will not be easy as many in the city's police force and government are on the payroll of some powerful crime figures.

This campaign will deal with the darker side of life and the players will find themselves facing drug dealers and corrupt officials more often than super powered foes. The players will not start out as a team and at times, in the beginning, may find themselves working at cross purposes.

While this is a dark campaign, Punisher type characters are discouraged as it would be difficult for the average man on the street to identify with them. This does not mean the characters are forbidden from killing only that it should not be the first or primary option.

Detroit has been on a steady decline in the years since the Leone family took over and is today considered one of the top most dangerous cities in the United States. Citizens live in fear as their elected officials and police do nothing to curb the ever increasing crime rate. Drugs and prostitution flourish while corrupt police and city officials take bribes and make back room deals with the Leoni Syndicate.

Sporting few Ubers, Detroit has fallen under the radar of any of the many Uber teams but now a few of those Ubers have had enough and have decided to take things into their own hands. They may not be able to pack the punch of some of the better known Ubers but they can still make a difference. They can still take back their city.

Area Of Operation
Adventures will take place in Detroit with occasional forays to other locations
To take back Detroit from the criminals who have overrun it. They will have to overcome corrupt police and politicians who seek to maintain the status quo and make the players appear to be the villains.
Among the people of Detroit, the Ubers who have decided to take the law into their own hands are heroes; men and women to be admired for risking themselves to make the city safer. Among the police and city officials it's a different story. Officially the Ubers are considered vigilantes no better than the criminals they seek to stop, though a few on the force are secretly glad to have their help
Building A Character For Motown Mayhem
Base Points: 350                              (175 Base + 175 Disadvantages)
Starting Points: 175
Maximum Disadvantages: 175
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages Other Than Psychological: 50
Maximum Points From Psychological Disadvantages: 75
Maximum Speed: 5
Maximum Active Points For Attacks: 40
Maximum Active Points For Any One Power: 60
Minimum Points In non-Combat Skills And Perks: 30
Other Notes:
  • Required Disadvantages
    • Social Limitaton: Secret Identity (20 Point Disadvantage)
    • Hunted: Police 8 or less (15 point Disadvantage)
    • Hunted: Leoni Crime Syndicate 8 or less (15 point Disadvantge)
  • Recommended Disadvantages
    • Psychological Limitation: Prefers Not to Kill (10 point Disadvantage)
    • Watched: The Media (any level)
  • Disallowed Disadvantages
    • Any Disadvantages that would disallow a Secret ID.
  • Package Deals
    • While this campaign does not have a team package characters may take any package that suits their background. Some recommendations are; Street Detective, Former Police Officer, Former Criminal, etc.

Team Designation: Motown Mayhem

Threat Level:

Alpha Beta GAMMA Delta Epsilon

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Major Adversaries :


Leoni Crime Syndicate



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