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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: The Middle East and Northern Africa

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there
Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Afghanestan)
Capital Kabul Population 29,928,000
Language Persian, Pashtu, Uzbek GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers Mugahid
Information Situated between the Orient, the West, and the Arab world, Afghanistan was once one of the focal points of trade. It is a landlocked country with relatively poor resources and a primarily agricultural economic base. Its history is one of conflict: between the various ethnic groups, between warlords, and between religions. In the 20th century, this nation has gone from rule of a warlord, to rule by invading Soviet communists, to rule by warlords. Recently, the country took a downturn in both civil rights and economically when a group of religious fanatics known as the Taliban took over in 1996. Training grounds for terrorists were scattered throughout the country.

After the Taliban's Al Qaida allies killed thousands of innocent civilians using airplanes to crash into the World Trade Center buildings, the democratic world awakened and took action. Afghanistan was liberated from the yoke of the Taliban. And, since then both civil rights and the economy are doing profoundly better than any time in the recent history of the country.

Still, the Taliban and its allies are not completely erradicated. Numerous bands exist in the mountains of the eastern parts of the country. The superhuman known as Mugahid also has been disruptive of attempts to bring back order to Afghanistan and has interfered with economic growth as well. It is not known at this point if there is any degree of coordination between Mugahid and the terrorist forces. Also, the farming population, who had long grown accustomed to growing opium poppies, continues to do so, creating a continuous international law enforcement problem.

Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of Algeria; Al Jumhuriyah al Jaza'iriyah ad Dimuqratiyah ash Sha'biyah)
Capital Algiers Population 35,532,000
Language Arabic, French GDP per Capita $6,600
Known Ubers Saturne*
Information In the 1990s a civil war swept Algeria. The electoral success of Islamic fundamentalists caused many of the elite to become fearful. Large corporations, too, including a French-Algerian company known as Solutions d'Energie de Saturne, also worried that their assets would be nationalized. The army, with the occasional help of the corporate superhero, Saturne, eventually suppressed the insurrection. Currently, the government of Algeria is democratic.

Although Algeria has large petroleum and natural gas reserves, there is little diversity in its economy due largely to bureaucracy. Further, the cash has not been used efficiently to improve general social welfare and infrastructure. Poor living standard and high unemployment continue to make the populace generally dissatisfied. The Islamic militant movement has taken advantage of this. Fatwa, too, has attacked government and corporate targets in Algeria.

France, Italy, and the United States are the major trade partners of Algeria. The country has a major border dispute with Morocco as each country accuses the other of arms smuggling and harboring militants.

Armenia (Republic of Armenia; Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun)
Capital Yerevan Population 2,983,000
Language Armenian GDP per Capita $4,600
Known Ubers Sky Queen
Information Armenia is a former Soviet country with poor natural resources. Economically, they are heavily tied to Russia who purchases their net energy production. However, their Metsamor nuclear power plant is under international pressure to be closed. Europe and Israel are the other major economic partners for this poor, land-locked nation.

There is a large degree of tension with neighboring Azerbaijan as well as some tension with Turkey. Over 200,000 ethnic Armenians have fled Azerbaijan, and a large number of ethnic Azerbaijani have fled Armenia. Ethnic Armenians in Georgia, Turkey, and Iran are also minor international problems. Government corruption measures have been introduced, but are slow to be enforced. There is also a low amount of drug trafficking in Armenia that continues to plague law enforcement.

Sky Queen is the only known uber to be operating in Armenia. She is generally regarded as an outlaw villain, but because some of her activities, a minority of the populace regard her as a patriot. In fact, Turkey and Azerbaijan both have condemned Armenia for failing to apprehend Sky Queen; this is a sore point in the local foreign relations. Sky Queen has worked with T.I.T.A.N. before as well as Oktyabr and even Russian Dawn. But most of her activities seems to be stealing - especially fashionable women's clothing and accessories.

Azerbaijan (Republic of Azerbaijan; Azarbaycan Respublikasi)
Capital Baku Population 7,912,000
Language Azerbaijani GDP per Capita $3,800
Known Ubers Div*, Uzan*
Information When the Soviet Union economically and politically self-destructed, Azerbaijan was born along with many other small states in the Black Sea-Caucasus-Caspian Sea region. The centuries old ethnic conflicts that had been suppressed, but not resolved, by Soviet reign came to the forefront. Economically, Azerbaijan is blessed with large oil deposits giving hope for its future economy; Central and Eastern Europe is the market for the oil. Unfortunately, there is little other industry.

By and large, aside from a culture of government corruption, the problems that are faced by Azerbaijan are regional. Ethnic Armenian secessionists are supported by Armenia. And the Naxcivan portion of Azerjaiban is physically seperated from the rest of the country by Armenia. Oil rights in the Caspian sea are contested between Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Iran. The other major problem of this small natin is the illegal cultivation of marijuana and opium destined primarily for former Soviet nations.

The superhero team of Div and Uzan have been operating in the country for several years now. They fight crime and have generally stayed away from state officials who wish to bring them under the wing of the government. Young children seem to idolize them in the way that children in other countries idolize sports figures or superheroes.

Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain; Mamlakat al Bahrayn)
Capital Manama Population 688,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $19,200
Known Ubers Pearl, X-ray
Information Once a significant petroleum producer, this island kingdom in the Persian Gulf is transforming its economy towards petroleum refining and international banking. The advanced infrastructure of the country also makes it popular as a business center of the Gulf. Water and unemployment are the other areas of concern for this nation.

In general, the Five Pillars are deemed to be the superheroes of Bahrain (as well as other Arab nations of the region). X-ray is an aspiring hero who has been mentored by Pearl of the Five Pillars. This powerful young uber has been seen fighting crime from time-to-time.

Chad (Republic of Chad; Republique du Tchad)
Capital N'Djamena Population 9,826,000
Language French, Arabic GDP per Capita $1,600
Known Ubers Izhaam
Information This country of desert and arid plains has suffered, since independence from political turmoil. Except for a few years in the 1990s, civil war has been the predominant state of Chad. In 2002, the Sons of Set put an end to the turmoil by invading the country. Its current state of peace is primarily due to driving opposing forces out of the country, resulting in large refugee populations in neighboring Nigeria and Central African Republic.

Due to its economy of subsistence agriculture, Chad has often suffered from drought and famine. Through 2002, some of the population was assisted by international aid. But since then, aid organizations are unable to access the country and it is presumed that the current rulers care less about the population as a whole than the strategic value of bases that can threated central and western Africa. Because of this, the only segment of the economy that has been improving has been infrastructure and the development of oil wells.

Chad has been used as a staging area for Sons of Set incursions into western Africa including the destruction of Africa Force Four. The lone internal opposition (primarily Muslim) has been bolstered by the superheroine known as Izhaam.

Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus)
Capital Nicosia Population 780,000
Language Greek, Turkish, English GDP per Capita $20,300 (south), $7,100 (north)
Known Ubers Agon
Information Since the end of British rule, Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been feuding. In the 1970s and 1980s the Greek and Turkish national militaries became involved further increasing the tensions. Currently there is a roughly East-West dividing line between Greek and Turkish Cyprus, guarded by UN peacekeepers.

The service sector (including tourism and finance) provides the bulk of the Cypriot economy. Both Greek and Turkish Cyprus have been enjoying economic growth, but Turkish Cyprus relies largely on cash infusions from Turkey.

An island already divided, the ethnic violence committed by the uberhuman Agon has strengthened the divisions. Both Greek and Turkish superheroes have attempted to halt Agon, but with little success.

Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt; Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiyah)
Capital Cairo Population 77,505,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $4,200
Known Ubers Ibrahim Al-Hazeem*, Black Scorpion*, Maahes*, Menhit*, (Nephthys)*, Sakhmet*, Scarab*, Sebek*, Veil
Information A land rich in history and culture, Egypt has always been a strategic location desired by the empires of the world. In modern history, after losing two wars to the smaller, but more organized forces of Israel, this country has been one of the most progressive in the Middle East. That is, until recently. It has turned to the distant past of one of the world's first civilizations, being the seat of power for the Sons of Set.

Until the time of the subversion of the government by the Sons of Set, Egypt was fostering a market economy and gaining substantial amounts of foreign investment. Over the past ten years, it has still had modest economic growth. However much of the growth has been invested into infrastructure, particularly infrastructure with neighboring African nations. Nearly all of the strategic industries of Egypt have also been nationalized.

On its face, Egypt appears to be a republic that has recently become strongly socialized even to the point that many analysts suggest that it is heading toward a political and economic model akin to that of Communist China. International and global national security and intelligence agencies have figured out the difference, though. Behind the human faces governing and representing Egypt is the cult known as the Sons of Set. With the subversion of other neighboring countries, they are considered one of the greatest threat to global stability. The Black Scorpion and her followers are the lone dissident voice within the nation.

Georgia (Georgia; Sak'art'velo)
Capital Tbilisi Population 4,677,000
Language Georgian, Russian GDP per Capita $3,100
Known Ubers Coda
Information The Georgian Golden Age ended with the Mongol invasion. Subsequently Georgia has geen ruled by the Persian Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, and the Soviet Union. This Black Sea republic has long sat astride trade routes connecting East and West, and has had a history of mineral wealth and vinyards. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Georgia underwent an economic crisis. Within the past few years, it has has sustained economic growth and has built a reputation as a business-friendly state. However, still struggles with high unemployment and low median income. It depends significantly upon economic ties with Russia, who often dictates to the smaller nation.

The powerful uberhuman, Coda, is credited as singlehandedly bringing an end to the ethnic violence of the 1990s. She has since gone on to become an integral member of the Sentinels. As part of the former Soviet Union, Georgia is sometimes affected by actions of Oktober, and is protected by Russian Dawn.

Iran (Islamic Republic of Iran; Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran)
Capital Tehran Population 68,018,000
Language Persian GDP per Capita $7,700
Known Ubers Flashpoint, Roc
Information Heirs to the storied history of Persia, Iran holds a strategic position both on the Eurasian continent and on the Persian Gulf. The current regime is unique in many ways as it is dominated by conservative clergy. While the majority of the people adhere to the doctrines and propaganda put forth by the clergy, most do so without much conviction. As in many states driven by an extreme ideology, students (and others, but primarily students and ubers - those that have the potential for power) that do not submit to indoctrination often suffer personally as do their families; many leave the country. Oil, the primary driver of the economy is primarily a state industry and has not been effectively used to relieve high unemployment and inflation. Despite Islamic prohibitions, drug use and trafficking persist.

Both Fatwa and the Five Pillars are allowed limited jurisdiction in Iran. With the exception of Flashpoint, in general, the government tends to mistrust uberhumans. This, perhaps, stems from an attempt by the Sons of Set to organize a revolt.

Iraq (Republic of Iraq; Al Jumhuriyah al Iraqiyah)
Capital Baghdad Population 26,075,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $2,100
Known Ubers (Snakeskin)
Information Once the heart of the fertile crescent and birthplaces to the early civilizations of Summeria and Baghdad, this land has changed over the millenia. In the post-colonial era, nominally republican Iraq has been ruled by dictators, the last of which was Saddam Hussein. In 2003 a coalition invaded Iraq due to its failure to comply treaty duties to allow UN inspection of the country. The war was swift, but factionalism and terrorist activity have not permitted the formation of a strong stable government. American-hating Muslim extremist from the region and from farther away bolster the terrorist activity prolonging the difficulties. Popular support for the coalition mission has dramatically fallen over the past years, further exacerbating the stability of the region. Much of the public in the coalition nations favor immediate pull out of all coalition forces.

The economy of Iraq has depended heavily on oil production. Although the destruction and sabotage oil infrastructure have hampered economic growth, high worldwide oil prices have allowed some degree of progress.

With the chaos generated by the terrorism, there is quite a bit of superhuman activity in this country. Fatwa takes action on occasion to support the terrorists. Similarly, Five Pillars and Sanction have taken action, although their actions have been primarily to stop Fatwa and other terroristic superhumans. Others, like Snakeskin have taken advantage of disordered regions to further their own interests.

Israel (State of Israel; Medinat Yisra'el)
Capital Jerusalem (Tel Aviv) Population 6,277,000
Language Hebrew, Arabic GDP per Capita $20,800
Known Ubers Delilah, Desert Falcon*, Golem*, (Merkava), Solomon 9*, (Survivor)
Information This nation was created somewhat artificially from the division of the British Palestine colony. Although well intentioned after the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust, this has caused a significant amount of tension in the Middle East region. Through superior strategy, battlefield tactics, logistics, and (later) technology, the nascent state of Israel enlarged and won both grudging respect and enmity from its Arab neighbors. Indeed some of the policies and military operations carried out on the Palestinians have been considered by some to be immoral. Currently, there are liberal factions that wish to work out a compromise with the Palestinians and other Arabs while conservative factions oppose such moves preferring to rely on armed determent. Still it is notable that Israel is one of the few truly democratic nations in the region. Its economy is roughly equivalent to that of small western European nations.

While the Cabala has faced off with Five Pillars in the past, there have been no such clashes recently. However, they still have their hands full with Fatwa and individual (mostly Palestinian) superhumans.

Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Al Mamlakah al Urduniyah al Hashimiyah)
Capital Amman Population 5,760,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $4,500
Known Ubers Dr. Amalgam*
Information Once a British colony, this Arab country has been stably ruled by two kings since 1953. Both King Hussein and his son King Abdallah have demonstrated great command of diplomacy and administrative skill. Jordan has demonstrated slow steady economic and social progress despite the relative lack of natural resources. Still, it is somewhat dependent on foreign assistance and its economy is heavily tied to the US, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

At one time, Jordan was protected by Dr. Amalgam and his fellows of Al Tauaman. The members of this group have long sinced retired or died. The Five Pillars have taken up the mantle of protectors here.

Kazakhstan (Republic of Kazakhstan; Qazaqstan Respublikasy)
Capital Astana Population 15,186,000
Language Kazakh, Russian GDP per Capita $7,800
Known Ubers Glow Wyrm*
Information A long time vassal of Russia (and the Soviet Union), Kazakhstan became independent after the fall of the communist regime. Having great wealth in fossil fuels and mineral products, Kazakhstan is relatively stable economically as well as politically. In poorer regions away from oilfields, drug production is a consistent problem.

The protection of Kazakhstan has been taken on by Russian Dawn. This group of heroes has fought against activities of Oktober in Atirau and Zartas. The Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site has been rumored to be the center of perations for an anti-Russian terrorist group linked to the uberhuman known as Glow Wyrm.

Kuwait (State of Kuwait; Dawlat al Kuwayt)
Capital Kuwait Population 2,335,000
Language Arabic, English GDP per Capita $21,300
Known Ubers Agent Khanjar*, Dagan Rain-maker*
Information A small Arabian monarchy ruled by the Al-Sabah dynasty, Kuwait was once tributary to the UK (1899-1961) and briefly conquered by neighboring Iraq (1990-1991). The political power has been shifting steadily to the legislature. The economy of this desert nation is dominated by petroleum of which it has 10% of the world's reserves. Food is largely imported; water is distilled as well as imported. There are strong economic ties to East Asia, the US, Western Europe, and Saudi Arabia.

There is a potential for violent political dissent, which is currently nonexistent due to the good economic conditions brought about by high oil prices much to the dismay of Fatwa. Near slave labor conditions exist for some foreign workers. The Dagan Unit, a superhuman team, has served to supplement the Kuwaiti National Police both for internal and external threats. The government also maintains close ties with the Five Pillars.

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic; Kyrgyz Respublikasy)
Capital Bishkek Population 5,146,000
Language Kyrgyz, Russian GDP per Capita $1,700
Known Ubers Berkutchi, Snow Leopard
Information This central Asian land of mountains and mountain lakes was for a long time independent before they were ruled by the Russians and the Soviets. The economy is fairly poor, but slowly developing, consisting mostly of agriculture and hydropower as well as mining. Neighboring countries and Switzerland are Kyrgyzstan's main trade partners.

In recent years, politics has taken on a violent face as four new parliament members were assassinated since the 2005 elections. It is known that organized crime has worked its way into politics and the factions have created a large amount of instability. The superhuman known as Berkutchi vigilante has taken it upon himself to rid the country of organized crime.

Lebanon (Lebanese Republic; Al Jumhuriyah al Lubnaniyah)
Capital Beirut Population 3,826,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $5,000
Known Ubers Al Sumut, Saluqi
Information Land of the Phoenecians, ruled by the Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, and the French, this country became independent at the end of World War II. However, its independence has long been a mixture of peace, civil war, and war with Israel, largely due to religious and ethnic differences of its people. The 15 year long civil war that ended in 1990 substantially damaged Lebanon's infrastructure and foreign investment.

Hezbollah (including the superhuman Al Sumut), one of the major militant factions in Lebanon has been a consistent problem along with Israeli retaliatory incursions. Often, Fatwa has been found to work alongside Hezbollah and Cabala occasionally joins in to counter Fatwa.

Libya (Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Republic; Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma)
Capital Tripoli Population 5,765,000
Language Arabic, Italian, English GDP per Capita $6,700
Known Ubers Kebira Akht
Information A Mediterranean coastal province that has historically changed hands many times, Libya is predominantly populated by Berbers in modern times. Recently, the country has been ruled by the dictator, Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, who has been confrontational with much of the rest of the world until the last few years. Reconciliation with the world seems to have been ultimately signaled by the announcement of the cessation of nuclear weapons research and support of nonproliferation. Furthermore, al-Qhadafi has resolved all outstanding terrorist activity cases and ceased its sponsorship of terrorism. Ironically, the Colonel has entered into a pact with Egypt, which S.A.G.E. believes is strongly influenced by the Sons of Set.

The Libyan economy is strong, but tied largely to fossil fuels which it exports to Europe. Still, the distribution of wealth is largely skewed, with most remaining with those in power and little going to the vast lower classes.

Upon the announcement of the pact with Egypt, the superhuman known as Kebira Akht has become hunted the the army as well as the Sons of Set, who operate openly in this country. She has fled and has become a member of the Africa Force 3 team. In 2006, Fatwa fought against several members of the Sons of Set. Interestingly, the conflict appeared to have been resolved diplomatically.

Mauritania (Islamic Republic of Mauritania; Al Jumhuriyah al Islamiyah al Muritaniyah)
Capital Nouakchott Population 3,087,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $1,800
Known Ubers Faris*
Information Mauritania is a poor nation on the central Atlantic coast of Africa where the North African coast meets the sands of the Sahara and the forest of west Africa. Once the frontier of the Berbers and later a territory of France, for the largest span of time in which it has recently had its independence, it has been ruled by the iron hand of Maaouya Taya. In 2005 a military coup overthrew the dictator's rule and allowed the country to transition to democracy.

Still, there is a large degree of ethnic tension in the country that is intensified by general poverty and a large economic disparity, with Berbers holding much of the wealth. Iron ore and great offshore fishing are the major natural resources of this nation while oil exploration has largely failed. International relations tend to focus on the huge debt of the government.

Human slavery including that of children is prominent and takes many forms. In addition, there are many faction vying for control, whether good or bad for the country. Samba Benyachou, a.k.a. Faris of Africa Force Two, a member of the Benyachou family and a former politician, seeks to bring his team to this nation. At the same time, agents of the Sons of Set have been seen with other prominent politicians.

Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco; Al Mamlakah al Maghribiyah)
Capital Rabat Population 32,726,000
Language Arabic, Berber, French GDP per Capita $4,200
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Oman (Sultanate of Oman; Saltanat Uman)
Capital Muscat Population 3,001,000
Language Arabic, English GDP per Capita $13,100
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Palestine (West Bank) (West Bank)
Capital N/A Population 2,385,000
Language Arabic, Hebrew GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Qatar (State of Qatar; Dawlat Qatar)
Capital Doha Population 863,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $23,200
Known Ubers Iron Amir*, Slick
Information Background and story hooks...

Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Al Mamlakah al Arabiyah as Suudiyah)
Capital Riyadh Population 26,418,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $12,000
Known Ubers Imam
Information Background and story hooks...

Sudan (Republic of the Sudan; Jumhuriyat as-Sudan)
Capital Khartoum Population 40,187,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Syria (Syrian Arab Republic; Al Jumhuriyah al Arabiyah as Suriyah)
Capital Damascus Population 18,448,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $3,400
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Tajikistan (Republic of Tajikistan; Jumhurii Tojikiston)
Capital Dushanbe Population 7,163,000
Language Tajik GDP per Capita $1,100
Known Ubers Sirocco
Information Background and story hooks...

Tunisia (Tunisian Republic; Al Jumhuriyah at Tunisiyah)
Capital Tunis Population 10,075,000
Language Arabic, French GDP per Capita $7,100
Known Ubers Breeze
Information Background and story hooks...

Turkey (Republic of Turkey; Turkiye Cumhuriyeti)
Capital Ankara Population 69,660,000
Language Turkish GDP per Capita $7,400
Known Ubers Saladin
Information Background and story hooks...

Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan)
Capital Ashgabat Population 4,952,000
Language Turkmen, Uzbek, Russian GDP per Capita $5,700
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates; Al Imarat al Arabiyah al Muttahidah)
Capital Abu Dhabi Population 2,563,000 (1.6 million non-nationals)
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $25,200
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Uzbekistan (Republic of Uzbekistan; Ozbekiston Respublikasi)
Capital Tashkent Population 26,851,000
Language Uzbek GDP per Capita $1,800
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Yemen (Republic of Yemen; Al Jumhuriyah al Yamaniyah)
Capital Sanaa Population 20,727,000
Language Arabic GDP per Capita $800
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Source: CIA World Factbook