Lost Girls

Lost Girls

Team Designation: LOST GIRLS

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Abby Normal

Abby Normal (350 points)
[Hunts as a team or individual]


Princess (of Darkness) (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


(350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Two Ton Tina

Two Ton Tina (375 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Wicca (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Local Law Enforcement



Base of Operations:

Los Angeles




Abby Normal
Princess (of Darkness) (Team Leader)
Two Ton Tina
What do you want when your one of the richest heiress in Los Angeles, more of course. Venice Sheridan was that heiress. Life was a big party for her, a nonstop roller coaster ride from party to party. It was the partying that had given Venice her powers, someone slipping her a little something special in her drink. Not only had she gained the power over the darkness, but also it gave her a taste, a taste to really be a ‘bad’ girl, the most ‘bad’ girl in all of LA. The good times were just starting.

What do you want when your one of the most powerful female super-villain in LA? You want to have other ‘bad’ girls to party with. Partying by yourself, gets boring after awhile. Venice, of the Princess (of Darkness), as she was known on the super-villain circuit, decided she needed a posse, a party posse. No more like a group of followers. Women like her; sophisticated, super-powered. Not as beautiful perhaps, or as powerful, or as rich (as if). These would be her friends (such an odd word for a girl who had it all). The nightlife would be better still. The parties they’d crash, the headlines they’d create. What is a super-powered heiress to do?

Princess (of Darkness) liked to attend underground sporting events. Some might call them illegal, and some might even call them blood sports but what did laws or morality have to do with it. For Venice, it was all about the fun, and if someone got hurt, was it really her fault. For weeks she had heard rumors of an underground roller derby circuit, one that was no holds barred. This was certainly going to be interesting. At the match Venice certain got her moneys worth. There was blood, there were a few concussions, and maybe even a few broken bones, but heck, it was all for fun to Venice.

It was at a particular violent event in a parking garage that Venice met Rollergirl. The two seemed to have a kinship. Rollergirl liked beautiful women, and Venice like the fact that Rollergirl had special powers like Venice. The two quickly became friends, which was really odd, because Venice couldn’t remember the last time she really had a friend.

The two girls partied across Los Angeles, causing havoc wherever they went. Together they destroyed several nightclubs, and trashed a few high-end restaurants in between. And they never got caught. With her powers over darkness, the duo always escaped. Rollergirl got loot from expensive jewelry stores that they looted, and Venice got the excitement of doing something ‘bad’.

It was later that Rollergirl introduced Venice to Tina, or Two Ton Tina, as she was more affectionately known as. Venice was really impressed with Tina. The girl was so helpless and lost. All Tina really needed was some guidance from a more mature, and more fashion conscious woman. After Venice was introduced to Tina, the trio went on a spree on Rodeo Drive. Unfortunately, most of the clothes there didn’t fit the big boned Tina, but they did look stunning on Venice, so it wasn’t all for naught. Tina certainly did have her uses though, a girl who could easily lift an armored car couldn’t be that bad, could she?

Venice met Lucy Oleander at a club called Goth a Go-Go. It wasn’t a usual place for Venice to party, but Venice was running out of places to party in. The club was a place for Goths, and Goth-wannabes. The music was loud and the mascara thick. Venice thought the place had a certain amount of charm. It was about three in the morning when Venice noticed Lucy. What caught the heiresses’ eye was that Lucy wasn’t dancing alone. Normally this wouldn’t be unusual. People danced with others all the time, except Lucy was dancing four huge guys, if you could call them men at all. One of the guys looked like he was on fire, while another looked like he was a walking mound of earth. The management seemed to not like this, and tried to eject her. Lucy didn’t take this so well, and neither did her elementals. Together they proceeded to destroy the place. Venice thought the girl and her elementals were charming, and afterwards introduced herself. Ever since that night, Lucy, or Wicca as she liked to be called started hanging out Venice, Rollergirl, and Two Ton Tina. LA was certainly rocking with these three girls.

Venice practically tripped over Abby Normal, after she hastily exited a happening nightclub, with a bully of a bouncer hot on her heels. She was tired, so she was willing to let the ‘Roid Ranger have his way. The alleyway she was in dark (not that darkness bothered the Princess of Darkness), but it smelled god-awful. Venice was more worried about what she might step in that where she was going. When she stepped on Abby, she jumped back her heart fluttering. Venice thought she had stepped on drunk or a dead body, yuck! She was just about to grab her cell phone and call the other girls, when Abby came whipping up, a switchblade in her hand.

“Whoa,” said Venice backpedaling, no longer worried about her shoes. In an insane rush Abby normal slashed back and forth. The blade cut into Venice’s hand and blood quickly pool. The pain was intense, odd for such a little cut, and to make matters worst the damn bitch was smiling.

“Bitch!” screamed Venice, “I’ll make you pay for that.” Unfortunately the heel on one of her Italian shoes snapped off, and Venice was unceremoniously dumped on the ground.

“Oww,” said Venice glaring up at Abbey. However, Abbey just stood over her smiling her lopsided smile. This was just too much for Venice. A burst of dark energy burst from her hands blowing Abby ass over teakettle. Limping on her broken favorite shoes, Venice stalked over to stand over the fallen psychopath.

“There,” said Venice as she stood over Abbey, “Teach you to mess with me.” However Abbey just looked up at Venice that stupid smile still on her lips. Somehow the whole situation seemed so ridiculous to Venice and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come one you,” said Venice helping Abbey to her feet. Side by side the two left the alley. It wasn’t long after that, that Venice introduced Abbey to the other girls.

The five of them were unwinding in an all night restaurant. Venice of course was the center of the group. Ringed around her were her new best friends, Abbey Normal the little psycho, Rollergirl, the fastest thing on skates, Wicca, Goth girl and witch to boot, and even the freakish Two Ton Tina.

“Girls,” said Venice, “I think we all make a fine group. I also think we can make this town our own.”

“So,” said Venice, “I’ll be the leader of this merry little band, naturally. But what should we call ourselves?”

Abby was too busy chewing the nubs of her fingernails, while Rollergirl was checking out the waitress, Wicca was busy applying mascara, and Tina just smiled at Venice.

“Okay,” said Venice, “How about Lost Girls?”

So it was Lost Girls. Los Angeles didn’t stand a chance.
Area of Operations
Lost Girls primarily keep their activities in and around Los Angeles. However, this doesn’t mean that they might take a road trip or two. Lost Girls have been known to show up in a few nightclubs across the United States. Hotspots like New York, Los Vegas, and even Seattle. So far the girls haven’t crossed the Atlantic Ocean to sample the nightlife in Europe, but it’s really just a matter of time.
Lost Girls want to party, and if there’s personal or property damage well more the merrier. Typically the girls don’t go in for wanton crime, aren’t above it.
The Lost Girls are mostly known in the United States. They're known for the amount of destruction and chaos they bring. Property damage seeming to be high on their to do lists. Other petty crime like robbery comes a close second. Cute guys sometimes have been kidnapped for a night they won't soon forget. However, for all the damage the Lost Girls do, they haven't really killed anyone that the public is aware of. Abby Normal may be exception to that rule.