Los Piratas

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Left to Right:
Rey del Cielo (249),
Chispa de Plata (253),
Silicio (257),
Mysterio de la Senora (273),
Capitan Jaguar (265)

Originally, the members of Los Piratas were superthieves that operated primarily locally. Silicio, the sand man metamorph, and Chispa de Plata, the electrical woman, committed many petty robberies in the poor city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Capitan Jaguar stole precious jewels from tourists in the resorts of Belize and Eastern Mexico, leaving a small portion of his heist to the poor. Misterio de la Senora was a semi-famous seeress in Venezuela who had gained a reputation of being fairly good at her craft among the elite in the country and even a few elite from around the world. She used her powers to find information on her clients and steal from them. Rey del Cielo was a tax collection enforcer for Fidel Castro, who didn't steal outright, but did take bribes and skim from the taxes collected. They knew of each other and a few had even met.

Things changed when Jorge Rivera and Isabella Olmero, two workers at a chipmaking factory in San Juan, and who happened to be Silicio and Chispa de Plata, came accross information regarding a special vehicle that could fly indefinitely and could not be found. This was a thing too good to pass up, so they selected and contacted Capitan Jaguar and Misterio de la Senora, whose talents would enable them to pirate the craft. After some planning, the four superthieves set about to steal it.

They were discovered by Rey del Cielo, who had to leave the country. It seemed that while Castro did not mind the taking of bribes, the skimming of taxes did not sit well with the dictator. He threatened to break up the plans of Los Piratas if they did not allow him to join.

After all the planing, the plan actually went off without a hitch. The U.S. Navy's stealth reconaissance dirigible prototype, USS Veracruz, disappeared from its temporary hangar at Guantanamo Bay. And Los Piratas was born.
Area of Operations
The majority of the early Los Piratas capers have taken place around the Caribbean Sea, thus earning them the nickname of the "Flying Pirates of the Carribean". Increasingly, their capers have been worldwide and rarely close in vicinity to the previous ones.
Base of Operations: Nube Nueve (mobile)
These sky pirates really don't want anything else besides enriching themselves and traveling around the world while having fun.
Los Piratas has a reputation of elusive villains. They never work for anyone but themselves and all of their capers are done with the goal of making money. Other than that, their modus operandi is nebulous as they purposely never repeat a crime. The fact that they seemingly appear suddenly, carry out their task, and then disappear makes them difficult to track. They are wanted by law enforcement agencies around the globe for theft, money laundering, and kidnapping, but they have never killed anyone, yet. While they aren't on the most wanted list, a trend has been discovered by S.A.G.E.: all Los Piratas capers involve a major tourist attraction or are done with flash or chutzpah.
Major Adversaries: Law Enforcement