The Living Dead

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Left to Right:
Manananggal (366),
Splatterpunk (369),
Bai Gu Jing (387),
Conde de la Muerte (479, leader),
Knights of the Living Dead (232, agents)

Bai Gu Jing had worked his terroristic capers throughout Communist China and Japan. Pursued each time by superheroes, alone or in teams, he ended up in San Francisco. Splatterpunk found himself in a similar situation having made his way from Los Angeles through the southern U.S., the Midwest, and then winding up in San Francisco.

The pair found themselves in a graveyard, each running from a pursuer. Working together, they found that they could not only evade their pursuers, but slay both of them. This caught the attention of Conde de la Muerte. He watched them for a while, as they killed and were pursued from San Francisco to Vancouver to Great Falls. At last they were trapped, again in a graveyard surrounded by The Nations.

That was when the necromancer stepped in. He sent a handful of his undead knights as well as Manananggal to provide a diversion - leading the superheroes to another graveyard. Then, Conde de la Muerte introduced himself and offered the fleeing killers sanctuary in his domain of the dead, known as The Graveyard.

Both Bai Gu Jing and Splatterpunk accepted, realizing that they had in Conde de la Muerte everything they needed to really do some damage. They liked the first part of the sorceror's plan: to kill a quarter of the world's population. And, for that they would support the second part of the plan: to use all of the dead to rule the living.
Area of Operations
The Living Dead have killed on every continent of the Earth and will continue to do so. Their operations always begin at graveyards. S.A.G.E. specialist, Dr. Running Bear, believes that this is because of some sort of linkage with a dimension accessible to these killers.
Base of Operations: The Graveyard (Extra-Dimensional)
This group of killers wants primarily to cause as much death as possible. While they will kill just about anyone, they particularly target those that might become earth-bound spirits for any reason. Such undead become servants of Conde de la Muerte. Eventually, the necromancer wants a sizeable population of undead to create an army to rule over the living.
The Living Dead is one of the most wanted supervillain teams in the world. Death follows them wherever they go and the dead rise to their aid. There are few groups, including most of those considered villains, that would work with them. This is especially true after the team, The Crashers, were slain while helping the Living Dead, and then were made into undead.
Major Adversaries: Law Enforcement, S.A.G.E.