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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.


Assault those links and break through to great uber action!

Uberworld is but one part of the world wide web, and is supported by a variety of important and useful sites such as the ones below:


  • Jeff Hebert's Blog: A Nerd's Country Journal: A daily journal of one intrepid nerd trying to juxtapose life in the digital world as a designer by day, with living as a rancher in deep rural Texas by night.

  • Rob Rogers' Blog: Door Number 6: Rob Rogers lives in Texas. He is a writer, editor, and project manager by trade. Rob has a beautiful wife named Dina (also a writer and editor), as well as two terrific sons--Alex and Zack. Rob is the creator of many Uberworld characters and organisations, including Hero City, Heroes of Filmland, and many more.

  • Ryan E Stevenson's Blog: Our tale begins in Peterborough, Ontario. ... Okay ... flash forward 26 years, add a lot of pounds, and the proverbial "soul of a jaded poet", and you've got me. Just another nerd in the nerd-soup.

  • The Lair of the Evil DM: This is my Weblog covering the various hobby interests in my life: Gaming, Action figures, Books, Movies, my crazy rants, and the requisite "Hot chick" every Wednesday.

  • This Mutant Life - Champions NPC Project: A project to create at least one NPC from each of the 193 countries listed in my trusty atlas at the rate of one per week. Sure, it's an impossible task, but I needed to start a blog and didn't feel like being philosophical or witty. That will come later - Ben Langdon.

  • Test Link from Jeff: A test link from trying to fix the server move.

Comic-Related Links

  • DC Comics: Home of classic characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many more.

  • Marvel Comics: Originator of the X-Men, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and many more.

  • The X-Axis: Insightful reviews of the X-Men comics, produced each week by the savvy Brit, Paul O'Brien.

Helpful Links

  • Babelfish Translation: The page to go to for translating languages.

  • CIA Factbook: Good for finding information on various countries, and usually updated regularly.

  • The World Clock: Uberworld is an international community, so it's sometimes nice to see what time of day it is for others in the game.

  • Wordsmith: Producers of 'A Word A Day' which provides a new interesting word each day, useful for creating superhero names which sound innovative (as well as having the definition handy).

  • Geography Quizzes: A series of quizzes on capital cities and countries from around the world. Test yourself at different levels.

  • A website with many common words in a whole lot of languages. Great for creating character names.

HERO System Links

  • Hero Games: The creators of the Hero System: role playing rules which can be adapted to a variety of genres including Champions, a superhero system.

  • HeroMachine: Create your own custom character portraits with the HeroMachine.

  • Storn Cook's Art Gallery: Storn Cook has provided illustrations for dozens of super-hero, fantasy, and sci-fi publications including industry giants TSR, Steve Jackson Games, HERO Games, and many many more.

  • Surbrook's Stuff: An archive of source material for the Hero System role-playing game

Other PBeM Games

  • Champions Of The Empire: A mutant/Sci-Fi PBEM campaign based on the Travelers setting but using Hero 5th Edition rules.

  • Global Guardians: A large collection of games set within a single universe, created by Jack Butler. The GGU has been a positive and inspiring influence on the development of Uberworld and for that we are thankful.

  • Olympians: The Olympians were established in 1995 by Diana Gerard, CEO of Olympian Enterprises, under the guise of protecting us from metahuman threat but this very group soon became the most dangerous threat. The constant infighting among the members and the massive property damage were a source of much concern for those interested in the future of the Bay Area and a movement began to put an end to their menace.

  • Ryan Stevenson's Morwold: Morwold is a Fantasy Hero roleplaying setting, designed and structured over years of use by Ry Stevenson in a variety of campaigns. Fashioned from Play By Email, Face to Face and Instant Messenger experiences, Morwold is designed to be as familiar as many other Fantasy settings, while offering unique and counterbalancing facets to make it stand out amongst the crowd. It is a land of high magic and powerful wizardry. It is a land where invention has given us Bangdust (gunpowder), sailing ships and timepieces. It is a world where Men are feared for their expansion, Elves are loathed for their racism, and Dwarves hole themselves up in underground tunnels. It is a world of constant war, strife, and conflict.

  • Legends PBEM: The newest incarnation of Jack Butler's Global Guardians Universe.

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